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Jessica Simpson’s Parents Are Officially Back On The Market!

joe simpson tina simpson divorce final

The divorce is final!

After a whirlwind split that involved rumors about Joe Simpson being gay, he is now free to be whatever he wants.

Joe’s divorce with Tina Simpson is final as the judge closed the book on the 34-year marriage.

Another one bites the dust…

It’s still unknown why Jessica Simpson’s parents ended their relationship, although Tina had cited “discord or conflict of personalities” in the original filing.

Although now that it’s final, we might just find out who what got in between them!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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Joe and Tina Simpson with AshleeJoe and Tina Simpson with family

Jessica Simpson Develops Genius Plan For Feuding Parents To Attend Baby Shower!

jessica simpson baby shower conundrum tina joe split custody plan

Problem, meet your solution!

Earlier this week, a pregnant piece of perfection we call Jessica Simpson was totes worried about pleasing everyone at her upcoming baby shower!

Her parents haven't gotten along since news broke that Joe Simpson cheated on Tina with a 21-year-old male model, so Jess was reluctant to invite them both!!

Thankfully, she found a solution sure to bring a smile to everyone's faces!

Jess's parents will

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Jessica Simpson Wants Her Mom & Dad At Her Baby Shower — But They Don't Wanna Be In The Same Room Together!!

jessica simpsons parents dont like each other(1)

There's nothing like some dramz to make baby showers run smoothly. LOLz

Jessica Simpson is currently caught up in a huge dilemma. The 32-year-old starlet is throwing a baby shower and already has all the deets worked out except that she wants to invite her mom, Tina and dad Joe to the bash, but they don't get along!!

We just learned that Tina threatened to kill herself and her hubby because he had a gay affair with 21-year-old model Bryce Chandler Hill last year, so because there's still a lot of problems that need to be worked out, we doubt that they want anything to do with each other.

Unfortunately for Jess, a source is revealing that

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Jessica Simpson’s Mom Threatened to KILL Herself & Husband After Discovering His Gay Affair?!

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jessica simpson parents murder suicide after affair

Holy shizz!

We’re so glad nothing horrible happened during this break up because it sounds like a terrible disaster was right around the corner for Jessica Simpson’s parents.

Tina Simpson’s life fell apart after she discovered Joe Simpson’s homosexual affair, but what we didn’t know until now was just how hard it was on her.

In fact, we're hearing that after discovering Joe’s relationship with Bryce Chandler Hill, Tina apparently wrote a suicide note where she also threatened to take Joe’s life!


A source revealed the deets that could have led to an absolute tragedy, sharing:

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Tina and Joe SimpsonTina and Joe SimpsonTina and Joe SimpsonTina and Joe SimpsonTina and Joe Simpson

MAJOR DRAMA For Jessica Simpson And Her Family!

This is like a real-life soap opera!!!
This is like a real-life soap opera!!!
This is like a real-life soap opera!!!

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Jessica Simpson's Mom Promises Joe Simpson HALF Of EVERYTHING To End Divorce Battle!

Jessica Simpson family fortune divorce settlement

It always comes down to the $$$!

Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson's mama, Tina Simpson, wants to put her ugly divorce from Joe Simpson behind her, but that also means losing a FORTUNE.

Wait, wasn't he the one who cheated on her???!

While Tina previously offered Joe a VERY generous $100 million settlement, that just wasn't enough for her money hungry ex-hubby. Now Tina has come back with an even BIGGER offer.

A source close to the family revealed:

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Ashlee Simpson Going CRAZY With The Booze?!

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ashlee simpson drinking out of control rumor

Ooo this sounds bad!

It's been a pretty rough slew of months for Ashlee Simpson.

Not only did her parents split, rumors of her father's secret love for the boys reportedly threw her and sister Jessica in a tizzy of confusion.

And THEN she broke up with Vincent Piazza!

So to cope with all the emotional chaos, an eyewitness says she's been going crazy with the cocktails!

After seeing her go wild at Pink Taco

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ashlee simpson drinking boozeashlee simpson drinking out of control rumor 4ashlee simpson drinking out of control rumor 2ashlee simpson drinking out of control rumor 5ashlee simpson drinking out of control rumor 3