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The LOST Boys! Ian Somerhalder Leads A Sexy Ensemble At The Lost 10th Anniversary PaleyFest Panel!

ian somerhalder lost 10th anniversary paleyfest 2014 panel hot guys

They may not have been dead the whole time, but they were certainly HOT for all six seasons!

The boys of Lost were reunited for a 10th Anniversary panel at PaleyFest this weekend with The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder (Boone) leading the pack.

Hunks Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) were also on hand, as well as cuddly-as-ever Jorge Garcia (Hurley).

Little Malcolm David Kelley (Waaaaalt!) is all grown up and looking damn fine, if we do say so ourselves!

Even co-creator and showrunner Damon Lindelof was looking geek chic! Good thing we weren't on hand! Our dignity might have been Lost! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below) to see all the sexy survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 together again!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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Once Upon A Time Has Lost Found Its Giant!

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Oh Hurley, how we've missed you!!

While we already knew Lost alum Jorge Garcia would be joining pals Emilie de Ravin (Claire from Lost) and showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (former Lost producers) on fantastical series Once Upon A Time, we didn't quite know in what capacity…

Well, it's apparently going to be a rather extreme situation, ’cause Garcia is supposedly playing Jack's humungous nemisis, The Giant from the top of the beanstalk!

Which obvi means there will be

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Hugo To Star In Once Upon a Time!

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Once Upon a Time is starting to look like another Lost sideways world!!

The Fairytale drama that stars two ex-Losties, Emilie de Ravin (aka crazyass Claire) and Alan Dale (aka Charles Widmore), is now in talks to sign add on another castaway!

We hear, Once producers are doing everything in their power to see that Hugo Jorge Garcia gets on their show new show.

Since the lovable actor's last show (Alcatraz) got dumped, ABC and Lost-producers-turned-Once-creators are begging him to stay on the network.

And why stop with Jorge??

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Set Your DVRs!! Hurley's Coming Back To TV!

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He'll be guest starring on not one, but TWO shows!!

Our favorite lovable Lostee, Hurley - we mean, Jorge Garcia - we'll be making guest appearances on CBS's How I Met Your Mother and ABC's new show Mr. Sunshine.

Garcia will play Blitz, on HIMYM. His character is a college buddy that went to school with Ted, Marshall, and Lily, and has the "uncanny ability to leave a room right before things finally get interesting."

On the new Matthew Perry comedy, Mr. Sunshine, "Garcia will play a staffer at the second-rate San Diego sports arena that Perry's character manages."

Perry is said to be a huge Lost fan and pulled some ropes to get Garcia on his show. The best part is that he'll be one of the first things you see on the pilot episode!

We can't WAIT!! Jorge is super talented and such a funny guy! We want him to come back to television permanently!

[Image via WENN.]

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Hurley On Hurley!

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Jorge Garcia is thrilled that Weezer decided to use his friendly face as the cover of their new album Hurley in homage to his character on Lost!

"How awesome is that! It totally put a smile on my face, to say the least," says Jorge. "It ranks right up there with getting my own action figure."

So how did this deal go down? Well Jorge met lead singer Rivers Cuomo backstage at The George Lopez Show and asked if he could take a picture with him. Jorge adds:

“And then two months later I get an email from my manager saying, ‘Listen, Weezer contacted us and they want you to be on the cover of their new CD…I thought that was really cool.”

It is cool…and different!

Hurley comes out on September 15 — will U be checking it out?

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First Look! The Cover Art For Weezer's New Album, Hurley

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No, Losties, your eyes are note decieving you. What you are looking at is the actual cover art for Weezer's next album:

A big ole picture of Jorge Garcia aka Hurley from Lost!

Yeah, we're not so much getting it either, but we'll roll with it for now. Apparently, it will make sense once we've heard the album.

Rivers Cuomo explained to New York Magazine why this particular pictures was chosen for the cover. He said:

"I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia — it just had this amazing vibe. We didn't want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as 'the Hurley record' even if left it without that title, so we just called it 'Hurley.' No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face."

Wow. Um, okay. His amazing face it is then. Certainly it's a risk, something different.

Course, no matter what this Hurley business is, it'll never be as good as Buddy Holly, so….

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Lost's Jorge Garcia Loses His Dog

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So sad!

We feel so bad for him!

Jorge Garcia from Lost announced some terrible news yesterday. His beloved dachshund-Chihuahua mix pup, Nunu, was run over by a car and killed by a motorist on Sunday. Poor Jorge had to watch the pooch die in his arms.

He posted the news on his blog, saying:

"It breaks my heart to tell you that yesterday as we were preparing to all go to the airport Nunu was struck by a car as she crossed the street. She died in my arms.

We are burying her in the Pet Garden at Valley of the Temple in Kaneohe. Nunu hated the water so we couldn't bring ourselves to (have) her ashes scattered in the ocean. Three months from now you'll be able to find a bronze plaque inscribed with just her name there. If you'd like to leave a flower or a toy, I'm sure she'd love it.

We love and miss her very much."

Heartbreaking! How sad he must feel! We can't even imagine!

We send Jorge and his love ones our deepest condolences for their loss.

[Image via WENN.]

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