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Jose Canseco Got Pulled Over With Diaper-Wearing Goats In The Back, SERIOUSLY

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jose canseco diaper goatsJose Canseco is a legend for a whole slew of reasons, mainly baseball-related.

He's now going down in the annuls of history for a very different reason: he was pulled over by cops while transporting goats, goats that were wearing diapers.

And then he tweeted a picture of it (above).

And we don't know what to do with our lives anymore.

We understand it was necessary so the goats wouldn't pinch goat-loaves all over the car, but why is he using a car to transport them?? It can't be safe for either Jose OR his goats!

He tweeted this along with the photo:

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Jose Canseco’s Rape Charges Have Been DROPPED! Now He’s Looking To Makes Some Ca$$$H!

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jose canseco rape charges dropped selling polygraph test

This is like something right out of Hollywood.

Jose Canseco has been in the midst of battling rape charges, and on Friday he got vindication when they were dropped.

The Las Vegas detectives closed the case, leaving the former slugger as free as a bird.

Then things got a little weird.

Canseco has been making use of his Twitter throughout this saga, and he did it again, tweeting:

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Jose Canseco PASSES Rape Polygraph!

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jose canseco lie detector tweets accused rape las vegas drugged sexual assault legal matters

According to Jose Canseco, he has passed a polygraph test in Texas — with flying colors! He's trying to use it to prove that he's innocent of the rape charges lobbied against him in Las Vegas.

The only problem is, as of right now we're having to take his word for it. We haven't seen an official police report or anything… and we all know that polygraphs aren't 100% accurate. They CAN be beaten! Here's what he tweeted:

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Jose Canseco Can't Stop Tweeting About Rape Charges!

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jose canseco tweets accused rape las vegas drugged sexual assault legal mattersJose Canseco is in a bit of trouble right now, but if we're to believe his hard-to-read tweets, he's pretty sure he'll be exonerated from the rape accusations and sexual assault charges brought on him by a woman in Las Vegas.

While we're not 100% convinced, we'd like to assume that Jose wouldn't be dumb enough to tweet all of this stuff at his accuser during an OPEN INVESTIGATION if he wasn't telling the truth.

Here are some of the more recent things he's been saying on the social media network:

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Jose Canseco Accused Of RAPE!

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jose canseco accused rape las vegas drugged sexual assault legal matters

Well, you can pretty much count out any running for political office now!

Jose Canseco is currently under investigation for sexual assault! The report was filed in Las Vegas, and Jose says it's a bunch of bullshizz!

Of course he's gonna say that, though — would anyone who sexually assaulted some other person be all about saying they did it??

The report says the incident went down on May 10, so Jose decided to plead his case in the best arena he could… Twitter:

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Jose Canseco Still Signing Autographs!

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Jose Canseco Autographs

Don't call us mean if we were a little surprised that people still turned up to get Jose Canseco's autograph… we just figured he'd want the ones that he already did to have more value!

Isn't that what happens?? They stop signing to make the ones that do exist rare??

Who knows!

But Jose was out and about and looking pretty good as he signed autographs for his fans!

Keep those signatures safe, guys!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Jose Canseco's Ex Gets Restraining Order Against Him

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Jose Canseco's ex-girlfriend Leila Shennib had to get a restraining order against him after she alleged that he threatened and harassed her over Twitter and Facebook.

She explains:

"I broke up with him six months ago and he’s been harassing me and threatening me ever since. One day he’s proposing to me and sending me flowers and teddy bears, and the next day he’s slamming me on Twitter, putting my phone number up there and saying hurtful things.

I just can’t take his torture anymore. He’s so manipulative. I really did love him, so all of this is hard for me."

She's also asked that her mother is protected under the order and that he stayes away from her home, car and workplace.

Jose denies the charges. A court hearing has been scheduled for August 11 to determine whether or not a permanent order should be granted.

Yikes. Super scary. If he's really behaving this way, we're just thankful you got out, honey.

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[Image via WENN.]

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