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New Documents Shed Light On Floyd Mayweather's Attack On Ex-Wife!

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So much for blaming the ex!

Sources have revealed new information about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his alleged beating of his ex, Josie Harris. According to the police report, Floyd came at Josie out of jealousy for her affair with Chicago Bulls player C.J. Watson.

The report explains that Floyd learned of Josie's relationship with the basketball player through text messages he found on her phone. When he confronted her about it, she confessed that she was "seeing" C.J. That, apparently, is when all the trouble started.

Also in the report is a first-hand account from the couple's 10-year-old son, who told the police he "saw his dad was on his mother and was hitting and kicking her."

Poor kid! What a terrible thing for a him to have to see!

Ugh! Shameful!

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Mayweather Arrested For Grand Larceny!

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First Paris Hilton, now this? Who will be the next one to get arrested in Vegas?!?!?

Sure, Paris shouldn’t have used turned herself into a human ziploc product, but at least she wasn’t hurting anyone except her vajayjay.

Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was suspected of domestic violence against his baby mama, Josie Harris, and today he has been arrested.

Harris had called the police at 5 am yesterday, and when they arrived she told them that Mayweather threatened to kill her AND attacked her. Ugh.

The cops booked Mayweather for grand larceny, because he reportedly took personal items of Harris’s out of the house.

He hasn’t been charged with domestic violence YET. We think he may be in some trouble here.

Do U think he really attacked Harris, or do U think she’s lying, like she’s done in the past?

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Boxer's Baby Mama Say He Punched Her In The Head!

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Ugh! This is awful! (If it's true…)

Josie Harris, Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s baby mama, has filed a restraining order against the boxer following an alleged, violent altercation yesterday morning.

In the documents filed, Josie claims that Floyd hit her "multiple times in the head with his fist" and then threatened to kill her!

His rage was supposedly brought on by her relationship with another man, as she claims he viciously awoke her by, "pulling me by my hair and throwing me on the ground in my living room and began punching me in my head." She also claims he continued to beat her even when their battle woke the couple's three children, who entered the room. Josie says that Floyd even threatened the children, saying if they "ran or tried to call the police he would beat them the same way."

Wow! Such violence! Such anger! But is it all for real?!

We've mentioned before that Josie has a history of being a full-fledged liar. She confessed a similar story a few years ago, but then before it went to trial, took the whole thing back and admitted she lied.

We're trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here, Floyd! Don't make us regret it, especially if it is true about what you said to the kiddies. That's really messed up!

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Mayweather Suspect in Domestic Violence Case!

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Uh-oh! This is why they say you don't bring your work home with you!

Sources are reporting that the police showed up at the home of Floyd Mayweather Jr. this morning after responding to a call from Floyd's baby mama, Josie Harris. Josie claimed that her boxer boyfriend attacked her in his home, before being taken to Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas.

The fact that he would do this to her is awful…if it is actually true. This chick has a history of crying wolf when it comes to Floyd. Back in 2003, she told the police that he punched and kicked her while they were driving in his Bentley, but later revealed she was lying. She apparently was just trying to get revenge after she had found out he had left her for another woman.

So, is this round 2 or has Floyd really flown off the handle?

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