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Katie Couric 'Felt Liberated' After Leaving CBS

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Katie Couric is moving onto a new frontier in September with the launch her new daytime talk show, Katie.

While she was the first woman to ever anchor a weekday network news show alone, she didn't have any problem giving up her CBS gig. In fact, she felt "liberated" when she left!

In a new interview with Good Housekeeping, the television personality revealed that she was actually "constrained" by the network, but explained she did get "an ultimate sense of satisfaction," as she told the magazine:

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Kathy Griffin Is Proud, But Scared For Anderson Cooper After Coming Out

Kathy Griffin on Anderson Cooper coming out

Kathy Griffin is "immensely proud" of her dear friend Anderson Cooper for finally deciding to publicly come out of the closet.

However, she is completely aware of a sad reality that the LGBT community still faces in this day and age. In an article for the Daily Beast, the same publication in which Anderson declared he was gay, the comedian wrote:

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Beyonce Wins Top Honor… In Journalism!!!

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beyonce journalism award honor

The New York Association of Black Journalists has recently named Beyonce one of the year's top scribes!!

Wait, sorry… what!?!

Oooo… that's right!! She did write that Essence article back in July, didn't she??? What was it called again?? Oh, yeah… EAT. PLAY. LOVE.

That's riiight! We totally forgot all about her diary entry!! LOLz!

In the piece, she poignantly expressed how wonderful it was when she took a lil' break from her hectic music career to just enjoy time with herself.

Here, we'll share a bit of it with you:

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CBS News Correspondent Mike Wallace Passes Away At 93

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Mike Wallace passes away

Aw. This is sad, but nobody can say this guy didn't live a good life!

60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace passed away on Saturday night at 93-years-old. The newsman was the first staff member on the CBS show when it began in 1968 and earned 21 Emmy awards before retiring in 2006.

His merciless reporting became part of major Hollywood productions like The Insider, in which Russell Crowe played tobacco industry whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigandwhere, who was interviewed by Wallace on 60 Minutes in 1995. The reporter was also a character in the stage production of Frost/Nixon.

He is survived by an outstanding legacy in journalism — including five Peabody awards — as well as a wife, a son, and two stepchildren.

Rest in peace, Mike!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jonah Hill Teams Up With Brad Pitt And James Franco For A True Story

Hill Pitt Franco need oscars

Jonah Hill got a taste of what it's like to be nominated for an Academy Award this year and it looks like he wants another shot to win one!

The actor has re-teamed with Moneyball star and producer Brad Pitt for True Story, a real life drama about a disgraced New York Times Magazine writer who is faced with the task of unraveling the mystery behind an accused murderer using his identity while hiding from the law in Mexico.

Jonah will

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BBC Journalists, You Have Been Warned: No More Tweeting Exclusive Breaking News!

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Everyone who has one (and who doesn't have one by now) knows that Twitter is the fastest way to stay up to date with current events. The micro-blog has completely changed how we all get knews and realizing that, journalist have now taken up using it as a tool to share breaking news stories with the world.

Or at least, they did. Seems big news corporations are cracking down on their staffs to ensure that their network gets all the coverage and hits from a story, not their team's Twitter pages. With that in mind, BBC sent out a memo to their staffers yesterday, announcing that reporters are NOT allowed to break news stories on Twitter before they tell their newsroom colleagues.

Chris Hamilton, the BBC's social media editor, elaborated on the decision, saying:

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Haitian Journalist Arrested For Taking Pictures Of Oprah In Port-au-Prince

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As of this week, Oprah Winfrey is in Port-au-Prince with Sean Penn to try and offer aid to the poor souls who were made homeless due to the 2010 earthquake. However, it seems her presence has done more harm than good, at least to one journalist who was caught in the crossfires of her security detail.

It seems Big O's camp didn't realize the man was a legit journalist, not a paparazzi. A fellow member of the press actually saw a guard drag the Haitian photographer into a small police station at the camp where Sean and Oprah were visiting. The police interrogated him for over and hour and a half, insisting that he erase his camera memory if he was to be let free. Finally, a senior police inspector arrived ordered the photographer released.

Winfrey's spokesman

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