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Now Lindsay Lohan's JUDGES Are In Trouble, Too!

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Everything - and apparently, EVERYONE - with which Lindsay Lohan gets herself involved turns to TROUBLE!

Even the folks administering her punishment!

That's right, Judges Marsha Revel and Elden Fox have apparently been disciplined by the California Commission on Judicial Performance for their methods while overseeing the actress' 2010 DUI case!

According to newly filed legal documents, the oversight panel was none too pleased with Miss Revel for meeting alone with Robert Shapiro, who was briefly acting as Lohan's defense attorney, as well as Fox's decision to deny her bail on a minor charge!

Luckily for them, the punishment

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Reunion! Michael Lohan To Appear In Front Of One Of Lindsay's Former Judges!


It's a small town…and the Lohan's have had WAY to many run-ins with the law.

Sources revealed that since Michael Lohan has been officially charged with domestic violence, he will now have to face a judge to be arraigned. The two fine, established judges up for the job are none other than Lindsay Lohan's old friends, Judge Elden Fox and Judge Marsha Revel!

Ooo! Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! We've missed her!

Her eyeliner is mighty than any sword! Ha!

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Lindsay Could Go To Jail Without A Trial!

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Uh-oh, this could be a major setback for LiLo.

Sources say that Lindsay Lohan could go to jail for more than a year without even getting a trial!

In fact, the D.A. could drop the felony charges in the stolen necklace case and Linds could STILL go to jail!

Prosecutor Danette Meyers can cause some major trouble for Lindsay by going to court and telling the judge that Lindsay violated her DUI probation by stealing that necklace.

In a probation violation case, a jury isn't involved, so if the judge thinks there's a 50.1% chance that Lindsay could have stolen the necklace, she could be thrown in jail for more than a year.

And since the case would go back to Judge Elden Fox who brought the hammer down on Lindsay during her last probation violation case, things could could go from bad to worse.

Yikes!! Whether or not Lindsay stole that necklace, she deserves a fair trial, right??

What do U think??

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The Luck Of The Lindsay Strikes Again! Meanie Judge No Longer On Her Case

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Well, what do you know? Another lucky break for Lindsay Lohan.

Time to fire Sir Charms, General Mills! Lilo should be peddling your hearts, stars and horseshoes!

So, Lindsay has two major hearings coming up: one for her felony grand theft charge and one hearing in regards to her thievery being in violation of her probation. The latter was supposed to be handled by Judge Elden Fox. You'll remember him as the judge who looked LiLo square in the eyes, pursed his lips and told her if he ever saw her in his courtroom again for any unruly shenanigans, he would lock her up and throw way the key. (Cue menacing cackle!) However, unfortunately for him, he won't get that chance.

LiLo's savior attorney Shawn Holley explained to sources that Lindsay's "Beverly Hills case has been transferred to the LAX courthouse and will, from this point forward, be handled by the judge [Judge Keith Schwartz] who is handling the new case."

Look how skillfully that bullet was dodged, huh? It's almost too easy for them now, they're such pros!

So with Judge Fox out, all that's left for LiLo and Co. to do is prove that her sticky fingers never took that necklace without permission. After everything else they've managed to pull off, that shouldn't be so difficult.

Unless, she really is guilty. The truth has a funny way of always making an appearance…always!

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Judge Fox NOT Taking Action In LiLo Betty Ford Assault Case!

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Things might actually - dare we say it? - be turning around for Lindsay Lohan!

In light of the actress' much debated alleged assault against a staffer at the Betty Ford Center a month before her release, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox reviewed her criminal file regarding the incident, and has determined to take no immediate action against her!

However, if the Riverside District Attorney DOES decide to press charges, Fox may be forced to give the file a second look!

A source explains:

"Judge Fox read the report, and put it back in Lohan's file. Right now, based on what he has read, he won't be taking any action against Lindsay. Judge Fox is waiting to see what, if any, charges Lindsay will face in connection with the incident at Betty Ford. If she is charged, he will take immediate action. Lindsay is scheduled to appear in front of Judge Fox on February 25th for a progress report hearing. At the last hearing, Judge Fox told her if she cleaned up her act and completed rehab, she would be taken off supervised probation, which would mean no more random drug tests, among other things. Lindsay is almost there, the only thing that could change that is if Lindsay is charged by the DA in Riverside, or if she violates other terms of her probation before February 25th. Lindsay received a glowing discharge letter from Betty Ford, which Judge Fox also has in the file by now. Lindsay's counselors conveyed how impressed they were with the progress she made at Betty Ford, and her commitment to her sobriety."

Let's hope for her sake, and everyone else's, that nothing more comes from this silly incident!

Everyone connected to her has commented on how well she's doing, she LOOKS much healthier, and even the staffer doesn't want to press charges!

Let this silly case go! We're tired of hearing about LiLo drama!


Thoughts?? Is Lindsay really on the mend??

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