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Ryan Reynolds & Olivia Wilde Are NOT Dating

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So run and tell that … to Sandra Bullock. Cause, you know, she might be interested in that tidbit of information. Maybe. Sort of. Probably.

Though the pair were spotted in New York this weekend all smiles and giggles, sources report that Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde are NOT dating. The insider insist that

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EXCLUSIVE! Zac Efron Out With A New Lady … Rumer Willis!

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It's a good thing you and Zefron are just friends, Tis - because he is stepping out with another girl!

Zac was at Dillions on Thursday night, an Irish Pub on Hollywood & Vine in El Lay. Joining him for a late night cocktail was none other than

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Introducing…JUSTIFER! It's SO ON Between Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux!

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jennifer and justin go official

Guess they took our advice to give it a chance!

Last month, Jennifer Aniston was seen spending a lot of time with actor/writer/producer Justin Theroux, and although we were hearing they were JUST FRIENDS, we thought we smelled the beginnings of a relationship, and we were right!

It became increasingly clear that these two were an item when we learned that Jen had brought Justin out to meet a group of her friends last week.

Last night, they were seen out together at The Tower Bar at Sunset Towers in El Lay, and then at the end of their THREE HOUR DATE, she left the restaurant with Justin in the SAME CAR!

Yeah, it's totally on between these two, and we're in full support! Get ready for the summer of JUSTIFER! LOLz.

What do U think of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux as a couple? Good match?

[Images via WENN.]

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JT and Ashley Olsen NOT Hooking Up??

JT AO Not Hooking Up Now We Guess

Well if they are, it's not too serious!

Everyone has been talking about it, and we guess that both camps have caught wind of it. Some statements through reps (of course) have been made:

Eyebrows were raised when the duo was spotted taking in an off-Broadway performance of Sleep No More on Friday in Manhattan, but a rep for Timberlake, 30, says, "Justin is not romantically involved with anyone."

A source close to Timberlake, who split from Jessica Biel last winter, adds that he and Ashley, 24, "have mutual friends. They were hanging out as a group."

We suppose that clears things up… oh wait, no it doesn't because boom:

An Ashley source says she and the actor are more than just friends.

"I'm not sure if Ashley is serious with Justin or not – they aren't dating but they have hooked up recently. Ashley is a relationship person, much more than [her sister, Mary-Kate], so we'll see."

So who do we believe? A source close to Ashley, or a rep who could have been told to squash the story??

We don't know, but you best believe we'll be keeping our eye on those two!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Just Friends, Huh? Justin Theroux Thinks Jennifer Aniston Is Fantastic!

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justin says jennifer is fantastic

Come on, Jennifer…just admit it…you know you like him…

Last week, we heard that Jennifer Aniston went out to dinner with Justin Theroux, and we were wondering if there was something going on there.

Now, we've got even more evidence pointing to a possible romance, because during a recent interview, Justin had lots of VERY complimentary things to say about Jen:

"She was fantastic, the classiest lady I know."

And here's what a friend of Justin's had to say about the actor/writer/producer's feelings towards Jen:

"Justin has always had a thing for Jennifer. He thinks she's very sexy, and when he spent time with her on Wanderlust, he thought she was even hotter in person. He was infatuated with her the whole time during filming."

"I have never seen Justin this way with a girl before. He was always so quiet and private about Heidi. He never raved about her. But with Jennifer, Justin can't say enough good things."

And here's more from Justin on his time with Jen while on set together:

"Jen would take care of me a little bit. When I would feel low, she had all these Chinese herbal medicines she'd give me. If I caught a cold, she'd make blueberry smoothies with antioxidants. She was a fantastic blender chef."

Adorable! Sounds like she really cares about you, Justin.

If you two are in fact JUST FRIENDS, you should say screw it and go on a date anyway! Go catch a movie together, grab some dinner, or get a cup of coffee…just the two of you!

Def sounds like the chemistry is there. We say give it a chance!

What do U think? If they are just friends, should Jennifer and Justin try taking things to the next level?

[Images via WENN.]

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Justin Timberlake And Olivia Wilde Left The SNL Afterparty Together!

justin timberlake and olivia wilde afterparty it up

You can't deny it forever…

Last we heard about rumored Justin Timberlake/Olivia Wilde romance, JT's rep was saying that the two are JUST FRIENDS, and we were NOT convinced.

Then we heard that the two were seen partying with Mila Kunis at last weekend's SNL afterparty, "chatting" the night away and then leaving the party "at the same time."

Now we're hearing that JT and Olivia did, in fact, leave the event TOGETHER.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

“They weren’t really flirting but they left together. There were other people with them when they left, but something tells me they are more than friends.”

The evidence is piling up. At this point, we'll be pret-ty surprised if we find out that nothing's going between on these two.

Do U still think there's any chance that Justin and Olivia are just friends?

[Images via WENN.]

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Is Something Going On Between Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux?

jennifer and justin go to dinner

We know, we know…they're JUST FRIENDS!

Ya know what, though? Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde were supposedly "just friends," and look at what's been going on between those two! LOLz.

We've heard it all before, but then again, this MAY just be platonic. Here's what a source had to say about Jennifer Aniston and actor/writer/producer Justin Theroux's dinner together:

"They are great friends. When Justin is in L.A. from New York, he and Jen have spent a lot of time together lately."

"Jen was in a great mood and seemed happy to take Justin to her favorite restaurant. They seemed happy and were flirty, but didn't act like a couple."

They may not have acted like a couple, but according to the source, they both ended up back at Jennifer's place after their three hour meal. Hmm…

Here's what Jennifer's rep had to say about the two:

"It was a group dinner with six people. It was not a romantic dinner."

All right, all right, so maybe they're just friends….

…Wait, they didn't share food, did they? Because if they were both eating off the same plate, that's a PRET-TY solid indicator that there's something more-than-platonic going on there. Ha!

Do U think there's anything going on between Justin and Jennifer? Or are they simply BFFs?

[Images via WENN.]

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