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Justin Bieber's Monkey Moved To His New Home!

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justin bieber monkey

We've been following the story of Justin Bieber's monkey Mally for a while now.

We previously mentioned that he failed to claim his monkey after he was seized at Germany's border, so now he belongs to Germany.

It's probably for the best, now Mally can live with other monkeys and be social!

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Justin Bieber Has A New Kitten?!

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, what are you thinking??

It seems like we've literally done nothing but talk about how Justin recently abandoned his pet monkey Mally in Germany.

Now he's already moved onto another pet??

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Justin Bieber's Monkey Now Officially German Property!!

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justin bieber monkey abandoned

We previously mentioned that Justin Bieber missed his midnight deadline for getting back his monkey.

Now, Mally is a German.

But it might not be the end for Justin and his monkey! If he actually wants him.

German authorities said:

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Ian Somerhalder Calls Out Justin Bieber For Monkey Drama On Twitter!

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Ian Somerhalder wants Justin Bieber to take some responsibility for his monkey!

Bieber has been in the news recently for the monkey of his that has gotten stuck in Germany.

And Somerhalder, a big animal rights advocate, wants Bieber to handle his shizz!

Here's what he tweeted:

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Justin Bieber ABANDONS His Monkey In Germany! Misses Midnight Deadline To Re-Claim The Pet!

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justin bieber monkey abandoned

Honestly, this is just so sad and unfortunate.

Especially with how easily preventable this whole debacle could have been!

After being foolish enough to try to bring his pet Capuchin monkey, OG Mally, into Germany two months ago without the proper paperwork, Justin Bieber left the poor little guy there…and had until midnight yesterday to re-claim him before he became the country's property!

Now, the deadline has come and gone,

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Justin Bieber Only Has HOURS Left To Claim His Pet Monkey!!!

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justin bieber monkey mally germany release fine pay punishment

C'mon, Biebs, get that rear in gear!!

Justin Bieber literally only has a few hours left before his pet monkey Mally becomes property of Germany!

We previously mentioned that Justin's monkey was detained at German customs because he didn't have proper documents, but now, German officials are laying down the law and giving

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Justin Bieber Shot A Wild Elephant!! (With His Camera Phone)

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is currently in South Africa, playing two stadium shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Aside from doing whatever it is he does to prepare for a big show (reread lyrics/stretch his pelvis for panty melting dance moves) he's getting in some relaxation time.

By relaxation we mean he's exploring Africa's wild side!

He instagrammed a pic of a wild elephant (above) and wrote:

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