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Secret Service Catches Alleged Ivanka Trump Stalker Just One Block From Trump Tower — Scary!

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This is a very scary thing that no one should have to go through.

An alleged stalker fixated on Ivanka Trump was nabbed by the Secret Service in Manhattan just a block away from Trump Tower — and the man's history leaves us VERY glad he was caught before doing anything harmful to anybody!

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Justin Massler, who had already served six months in jail for aggravated harassment of Ivanka back in 2012, had fled a mental health facility in Nevada back in late November and gone immediately to New York City.

It was there, after being rented a hotel room thanks to his brother (who lives in NYC), that police and Secret Service

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Ivanka Trump's Stalker Pleads Guilty! Sentenced With…

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Justin Massler, the man who insisted aliens forced him to stalk Ivanka Trump, pled guilty Thursday and was sentenced to six years in jail and five years of probation with psychiatric help.

He's already served the six months in jail so we're sure he felt great about that!! And hopefully the help he gets during these next five years will get him in a better place.

He used to say he would go down in gunfire before being caught but doctors say when he's on medication, he's totally fine and lucid.

Welp! We sure hope he can get to a place where he doesn't need meds! If U want to see his YouTube confession, click the jump!!

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Meet Ivanka Trump's Stalker!

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This guy has rounded the corner out of Crazy Town and is settled in Bizzaro World!

For the last two years, Ivanka Trump has been plagued by disturbing messages and contact from 28-year-old Justin Massler. As Justin's stalking methods have elevated beyond control and because he failed to appear to face his stalking charges in NYC last Friday, a warrant was issued for his immediate arrest.

Since then, officials have been trying to track him down, but have come up empty. Then this morning, they got their first big lead. Justin actually posted a YouTube video online, discussing in detail why he's been targeting Ivanka for all these years. Rest assured, he has no love for the daughter of The Donald and he isn't after her money. No, it's much worse than that.

Apparently, "mind-controlling aliens" told him to do it.

Yes, this is a "coercion issue," according to Justin. He claims he was like, brainwashed by aliens while like, filming a documentary about the curse on Point Pleasant, West Virginia, a place known for its like, extraterrestrial encounters. While working as a camera man for the flick, aliens like, unhinged his mind and told him he had to harass Ivanka.

Yep, that's his excuse and he is sticking to it. Don't believe us? Watch the video for yourself (above.) The guy is totally bonkers!

Okay, now here's our question: Why would the aliens have beef with Ivanka anyway? Of all the people on Earth, why her?

Could you phone home for us, Justin, and get us an answer, please?

P.S. - We should mention that this guy has been in and out of mental institutions for AWHILE. Take that into consideration while you listen to his story.

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