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Lindsay Lohan Has A Baby Brother!! Michael Lohan & Kate Major Welcome Brand New Son!


The miracle of life! It always warms our hearts!

Though it started off as one of her worst days in recent memory, Lindsay Lohan has cause to celebrate tonight because she has a new little brother!

Michael Lohan's on-again, off again girlfriend Kate Major gave birth to a beautiful little boy this afternoon, Landon Major Lohan!

LiLo obviously spent a HUGE part of her day dealing with court room dramz, so we bet she's relieved to focus on something so wonderful!!

Landon is a decent size fella, too,weighing in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces! His parents must be positively ecstatic to welcome him into the world!!

We only hope just Lindsay stays out of prison long enough to be a good role model for her lil' bro!!

Congratulations Michael & Kate — and good luck with the parenting!!!

[Image via STS/WENN.]

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Michael Lohan Is Finally Paying Up His Child Support!

Well isn't this inneresting!!

Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael Lohan may be behind $300,000 in child support payments, but his baby mama Kristi Horn isn't even sweating it!!


Apparently the ex couple came to an amicable agreement out of court, but recently filed court documents state that Michael has been owing

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Kate Major's MAJOR Baby Bump! A Future Lohan In The Making!


Bing-bong, hello!

Someone isn't afraid to flaunt what Michael Lohan gave her!

You'll recall that we very recently reported that Kate Major is filled with the seed of Papa Lohan and is growing the next generation inside her tummy-tum as we speak.

Well, yesterday, Kate decided to make her grand debut as a new mom, as she was snapped working on her at the beach in LA.

Take a gander, Lindsay. That's your new half-brother or sister in there!

You know what? Let's all take a closer look!

CLICK HERE to check out a gallery of pics from Kate's day in the sun!
CLICK HERE to check out a gallery of pics from Kate's day in the sun!
CLICK HERE to check out a gallery of pics from Kate's day in the sun!
CLICK HERE to check out a gallery of pics from Kate's day in the sun!
CLICK HERE to check out a gallery of pics from Kate's day in the sun!

[Image via Globo Comm LLC.]

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Michael Lohan Says Kate Major Is Trying To Trap Him With A Pregnancy!

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Lohan Major Bicker

Honestly, at this point we take all the things that Michael Lohan says with a grain of salt.

But lately he's been talking about the trials of Kate Major, and how she's apparently broke and trying to trap him with a pregnancy!

According to Michael, Kate fell off the bandwagon a few days ago and has since been acting insane!

Here's what he said:

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Kate Major Is Facing Jail Time After Drunkenly Beating Up Couple!


She may not be involved with the Lohan family anymore, but she sure is still acting like she is!

Michael Lohan's ex-girlfriend, Kate Major, has been charged with three counts of battery, one count of resisting arrest and one count of disorderly intoxication, after being arrested on January 14th after drunkenly beating up a Latino couple in Florida, and then calling the arresting officer a "fat f*ck!"

How classy of her!

So classy in fact, that she has landed herself a sweet four year vacation behind bars, as she's been convicted on all counts!

Geesh. Somebody put this gurl away so we don't have to deal with hearing about her anymore!

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New Screwed Up Details Revealed About Kate Major's Messy Arrest!

new kate major arrest deets

She clearly needs a much more extensive stay in rehab and/or jail! This is NOT good!

To recap - Michael Lohan's ex-GF Kate Major was arrested on Saturday in Boca Raton, FL for assault, resisting arrest, and hitting an officer.

Now, new details about the arrest have been revealed, and according to the police report - it's BAD.

The report claims that Kate attacked married couple Rosario Tapia and Juan Jimenez at an apartment parking lot around 9:45 p.m Sat night.

Kate was reportedly yelling at Rosario, calling her a "fat f**k" and a "b**ch."

The report also indicates

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Kate Major Arrested After Hitting A Police Officer!!!

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Hasn't she been arrested before for hitting someone?? Didn't she just get out of rehab????

The answer is YES, to both questions.

In a srsly WTF moment, Michael Lohan's ex GF Kate Major was arrested early Saturday morning in Boca Raton, FL for assault, resisting arrest and hitting an officer.


It's not known whether or not Michael was involved, but Kate is currently being held on charges of

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