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Getting Their Gossip Girl On

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Chace Crawford and new Gossip Girl hottie Katie Cassidy were spotted taking a stroll on the set in NYC.

Katie will have a multi-episode arc as a Columbia University student who is a potential love interest for Nate. Oooh interesting!

Ah, the pretty people!

[Images via Ramey Pix.]

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New Gossip Girl Bitch!

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Looks like her Monte Carlo co-star Leighton Meester helped her get a new job!

Melrose Place hawtie Katie Cassidy is moving to the east coast!

She'll be joining the CW's Gossip Girl for a multi-episode arc and will be introduced in the season 4 premiere.

Not a whole lot has been released about her character, but insiders say she “will make trouble” for several Upper East Siders, adding, “She is not what she appears.”

Ooooh, we likey!

[Image via WENN.]

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Three Semi-Famous Girls In Paris


Hey, Leighton Meester! What happened to your music career??? We were all jazzed about it!

Blair Waldorf is currently in France filming a new rom-com with two other fresh, tween star faces and one hunky Gleek.

Yesterday, Leighton was spotted filming a scene near the Eiffel Tower with Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy for Monte Carlo (also starring Cory Monteith!)

We hear from sources that the girls are getting along very well, but the same can not be said of the weather. Apparently, France is experiencing some particularly cold weather this month and the girls are really feeling it.

Sad. If only there were about a dozen people on hand to cater to your every whim and stand in the winds with a parka and UGG boots to ensure that you were warm between takes.

Oh wait, there was!

Even in the cold, though, they all look lovely! Bravo hair and makeup!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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What Happens In Monte Carlo

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Ends up on Twitter!

With a Disney pop Princess on his left and a soon-to-be unemployed CW star on his right, Cory Monteith sure looks pretty happy on the set of his new movie, Monte Carlo.

He, Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy are hopefully having a good time filming in Hungary!

Well, not too good of a time. Selena is the shoe in to replace Miz Hannah Montana as reigning Disney queen teen. Can't mess that up now when she is so close!

Behave, Miz Gomez!

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Chelsea Handler Makes Us Pee Pee!

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Check out Melrose Place star Katie Cassidy's cringe-worthy interview on Chelsea Lately!

Girlfriend came on to promote her new flick, A Nightmare on Elm Street, but Handler decided to steer the interview toward an employee's sexuality and possible attraction to the bewildered and uncomfortable actress!

It was all in good fun, but we have to give props to the employee-in-question and Katie for holding their own! Chelsea is RELENTLESS!



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Selena Gomez Gets Some Glee In Her New Movie


This flick is catering to every taste of tween!

Selena Gomez is slated to star in a new movie called Monte Carlo, an adapted flick from the Jules Bass young-adult book titled Headhunters. Joining the cast alongside the Wizard of Waverly Place is Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, Melrose Place star Katie Cassidy and Glee's hunky Cory Monteith!

Gee, wonder if a certain country singer had anything to do with that! Aren't you two tired of sharing boyfriends???

[Image via WENN.]

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A Melrose Place Reunion We Actually Kind Of Want To Watch!!



This honestly makes us just want the old version back on soooo bad.

The basically EFFED reboot of Melrose Place is gathering familiar faces from the original series for one last hurrah before the CW cancels this mess faster than they evicted ASSlee Simpson!!

The March 30th episode reunites Amanda Woodward with other mid-90s favorites Jo Reynolds, Michael Mancini, and Jane Andrews!!

If it weren't such a sad reminder to how much better the original was, we'd BE LOVING IT!!

In case anyone is still interested - which we DOUBT - here's some dirt on why the gang is all back together! SPOILERS!

Thomas Calabro, who plays Michael, says:

"We have a bit of a reunion episode coming up. There are a couple of old characters in a scene in the show. It involves at least two girls I slept with and one I didn't…Actually there's a thread between me and one of those characters that goes through the entire show. It's not just a scene."

And a source at the show said:

"Michael Mancini is there threatening to out Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen), Jane is there to find out why Amanda hasn't fired Ella (Katie Cassidy) yet and Jo has found out Amanda is up to no good again and confronts her. But they do have fun reuniting and Michael realizes he may have made a mistake letting Jane go."

UGH. That ALMOST makes us want to watch it now. Which is probably why the producers smartly brought everyone back - they must be DESPERATE to keep it on the air.

Unfortunately, we think that the only bitches worth watching are Heather Locklear and the FIERCE Katie Cassidy, but even they can't make up for the rest of the show's BOOOOORING stories.

What do U think?? Do U think Melrose Place is worth saving??

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