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Is X Factor Getting A FIFTH Judge?!

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According to rumors, yes!

After last week's episode, when Cheryl Cole controversially refused to vote off proteges Katie Waissel and TreyC Cohen, the series execs are reportedly considering adding a fifth judge to the panel, and Simon Cowell even allegedly held an emergency summit with fans to hear their response!

The rumor is that the bosses are considering a different guest judge each week, but we think we have the solution: BRING ON PEREZ!

We're EXACTLY what the judging panel needs!


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MORE X Factor Drama! Katie Has Another Meltdown!

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Another one?!

This girl is having some serious problems in the spotlight!

Katie Waissel has reportedly had another meltdown - between landing in the bottom two during Sunday's X Factor, having a chest infection, and receiving internet death threats - and is threatening to leave the reality competition!

A source explains:

‘She’s very fragile and we are very concerned. We are considering asking her to step aside because it is really affecting the show. She would still be able to do the X Factor tour if she is strong enough. Her well-being is our priority. She has been in tears and saying she can’t carry on. Producers gave Katie maximum opportunity to turn up, but had to shoot some scenes without her. When she did arrive, she was given a very icy reception by her fellow contestants. Katie was really hurt by the reaction because she had been up all night, having panic attacks, and crying hysterically.’

We understand that this is a lot to deal with, but unfortunately, this is a part of being in the industry!

If she can't take the pressure that comes with success, then we think she better seriously re-evaluate her pursuit of this career!

It's not always going to be an easy ride, bb, but you always have to put your best foot forward!

What do U think?? Do U agree with Katie's attitude??

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X Factor: Did Katie Waissel Push Her Ex-Fiancee To Attempt Suicide??

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And the controversy keeps following this one!

New reports have emerged that X Factor's Katie Waissel was so awful to her former fiancee that he attempted suicide!

32-year-old Gareth Russell claims that he got together with her in 2006, and was instrumental securing her first break as a supporting act for Andy Abraham, but the opportunity went to her head, which affected her attitude and how she treated him!

As a result, Russell endured constant bullying from the contestant while the two were together, and explains:

"She'd call me overweight, fat slob, a fat bastard, a waste of space. She'd complain that I was 'too Northern' and dressed like 'Northern riff-raff.' this went on pretty much every day. People will think I'm an idiot for putting up with it. But she just pickled my head. She was like a little devil child."

He even claims that she would ridicule him when he watched The X Factor!

He continues:

"She always slated it. She'd say 'Why are you watching this rubbish? They're all wasters.' She called them 'a joke'. And she'd say the judges didn't know what they were talking about."

In April 2007, Russell overdosed on pills, and had to be rushed to the hospital. Luckily, he survived, although Waissel was with him during his recovery, they broke up two days later after a huge argument.

In light of these new reports, a spokesperson for The X Factor released the following statement:

"Katie had a relationship with Gareth that ended some time ago. She was supportive as possible during his difficult time."

Just awful.

But we certainly think there is more than this side to the story.

Obviously, we sympathize with what he endured, but Russell is a grown man, and even if Katie treated him as poorly as he claims, we hope he takes accountability for his own actions in the relationship. Nobody forced him to stay with her as long as he did and certainly nobody forced him to attempt to take his own life.

But abusive relationships, even if they're verbal, can be tricky and difficult to get out of in their own right, so who knows what really went on?

We're just thankful that nobody was seriously hurt and that these two are not together anymore!

What do U think?? Should Katie be held accountable for what happened to her former fiancee?

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Seriously? Katie Waissell 'Collapses' In Topshop!

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It never ends with this one!

X Factor's Katie Waissel reportedly caused ANOTHER scene today when she collapsed while shopping at Topshop!

Sources claim that the reality contestant was spotted lying against the wall with her head in her hands. However, she recovered quickly enough to collect a bag full of freebies before she left!

An X Factor spokesperson explains:

"Katie felt unwell and there were trained first aiders on hand to look after her. She is feeling fine today."

Shady shady!

Hm, we hate to have to speculate…but we wouldn't put anything past this one!

What do U think?? Was Katie being legit??

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X Factor Contestant Aiden Grimshaw Getting Down With Back-Up Dancer?!

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Finally! Some X Factor dirt that doesn't involve Cher or Katie!

Fellow contestant Aiden Grimshaw has reportedly been spotted getting busy with one of the show's back-up dancers, Caoife Coleman - and she allegedly looks like his ex-girlfriend of three years, Lara Hendrickse!

A source reveals:

"They were all over each other backstage and didn't seem to care who saw them. He seems rather smitten with Caoife. She looks an almost spitting image of his ex - it's rather strange. Lara may not be too happy were about the situation - he's moved on very quickly. Eyebrows have been raised."

Oh shiz! The scandal!


We wonder how this little 'development' will affect his performance this week!


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MORE X Factor Drama! Katie And Cher Feuding!


Yup, it's these two again!

Despite playing nice for the cameras, sources at The X Factor are reporting that contestants Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel are butting heads big time behind closed doors!

Insiders explain that they're both so determined to win that they've begun bickering with each other, and alienating themselves from the other contestants!

The source reveals:

'Cher's determined to win it, no matter what. It seems she's deliberately put a wedge between herself and the others. She's not there to make friends. Cher is very much the type to want to be the prettiest and most talented wherever she goes. She started wearing quite a lot of make-up and making her hair big because she got attention. It makes her feel…that no one can mess with her.'

Meanwhile, Lloyd's ex-boyfriend, Alex Wallis, only fueled speculation that she and Katie were at odds when he commented with:

'Katie, she says, is a bit hit and miss and can be two different people, a bit 50/50.'

And even Waissel's mother, Diana, verified the feud, and elaborated:

'Katie’s not confrontational. She’s very diplomatic - if she was in a situation, she would walk away. She’s all about karma. She doesn’t like bad karma. But you’re talking about two different people: one’s 24 and one’s 17. I think you learn how to handle things in life the older you get. Katie likes her time alone. She’ll be quite happy to go into her bedroom and shut the door – it gives her inspiration to write her music when she’s like that.'

We can't say that we're particularly surprised!

These two seem to cause the most drama behind the scenes, so it's only natural that they'd be at each other's throats!

Too bad, too! Especially because they're letting all of this nonsense take away from the reason they're on the show in the first place - talent!

Get your acts together, girls!

It's too late in the competition for you two to be pulling this shiz!

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Did Katie Waissel Spread False Rumors That She And Matt Cardle Are Together?

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We're beginning to think that this girl is Trouble (with a capital T)!

X Factor contestant Matt Cardle is reportedly livid with Katie Waissel for allegedly spreading rumors to the press that the two are an item!

According to a source, he confronted her on the matter yesterday, and said:

“What do you think you’re doing? We were only watching TV – now it looks like we were an item. I’ve just come out of a relationship and I’m not about to get into another right now. Especially not with you. You’re not my type. Stop making this stuff up. You’ve humiliated me and you won’t have done yourself any favours.”

The source explains:

“Getting close to Matt can make her look popular. Everyone loves him. But you can’t go around making stuff up.”

No, you certainly cannot!

We've had about enough of this girl's nonsense - especially given her less-than-stellar performances on the show!

What do U think?? Is it time for Katie to be eliminated??

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