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What To Do With Your Pet When You Go On Vacation

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What To Do With Your Pet When You Go On Vacation


Going on summer vacations are fun for owners, but… not so much for the pet we leave behind.

Here are some options for those not able to travel with your furry friends:

- Take your dog to a kennel.
A kennel provides a safe place with dog runs and/or cage options. Your pet will be by itself on a hard surface.

- Schedule someone to come to your house, feed your dog and let him out daily.
Be aware that your dog will likely be alone for 21 to 23 hours a day. If your dog can last 15 to 18 hours a night without having an accident and is not stressed out by being left alone, this option might be for you.

- Find someone to stay in your house with your pet.

Dogs spend most of the time watching the door and waiting for you to return. They may have stress reactions to your absence even though someone else is there. Ask how much of the day he/she will be at the house with your pet. Have the pet sitter come over, visit with your dog and ask any questions prior to your trip.

- Have a pet sitter watch your dog at his/her house.
Dogs do well with this type of care. Unlike at your house, you don’t belong there. They do not keep looking for you. They attach themselves to the sitter and adjust to a new routine.

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Kennel Club Launches Doggie Dating Website

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dog dating website

This isn't doggie-style!

It may sound absolutely barking to some people but an online 'dating site for dogs' goes live today in a bid to improve the health of pedigree animals.

The Mate Select service, now available through the Kennel Club website, enables owners to assess how a proposed mating of two registered pedigree dogs will affect the genetic diversity of the whole breed.

It will also allow breeders and prospective buyers to check official health test results of all Kennel Club registered dogs, to see whether the puppies from two adults are likely to be healthy.

The service is another step by the Kennel Club to tackle concerns over genetic diseases in pedigree dogs, sparked by a BBC documentary which claimed animals bred for shows such as Crufts were suffering a high degree of genetic illness.

Is it really that hard to meet a bitch in a bar?

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Animal Lovers Risk Radiation To Save Stranded Dogs

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lost dog pack

Our Heros!

A pack of dogs were left abandoned in an evacuated Japanese town.

Sources say that the dogs were waiting for their owners, who left them with plenty of dry food, but a HUGE risk of radiation.

When one animal lover saw a news photo of a pack of shelties wandering through an abandoned town near Japan's tsunami-damaged nuclear plant, she thought of her own 13-year-old canine and jumped into action.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, seven brave volunteers left Tokyo and drove over broken roads and past demolished houses to meet three other volunteers in the ghost town that Minami Soma has become.

Some had prepared radiation suits and others wore simple vinyl raincoats.

It took a while to entice them with snacks, and six or seven were bundled into each car. The group saved 20 dogs in all.

We are happy to report all 20 pups are save, either reunited with their owners or in a kennel.

We are so proud of the volunteers who risked their lives for these precious pooches!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Results From The 2011 Doggie Census

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Results From The 2011 Doggie Census

Congrats German Shepherd!

The big dog is the most popular dog in the states - both as purebreds and mixed-breeds.

The Chow Chow was a popular purebred in the 80s - but is now only commonly found at the grandparent or great-grandparent level among mixed-breeds, reported MSNBC.

In addition, breeds weighing more than 80lbs represent around one in ten of all mixed-breed dogs and nearly nine in ten mixed-breed dogs are neutered.

The cutest fact: half of owners (48 per cent) said their dog slept with them.

Top 10 Breeds Found In Mixed Dogs:

1. German Shepherd (2nd most popular AKC breed)
2. Labrador (1st AKC)
3. Chow Chow (63rd AKC)
4. Boxer (7th AKC)
5. Rottweiler (13th AKC)
6. Poodle (9th AKC)
7. American Staffordshire Terrier (70th AKC)
8. Golden Retriever (5th AKC)
9. Cocker Spaniel (23rd AKC)
10. Siberian Husky (22nd)

Top 10 Registered Breeds with American Kennel Club:

1. Labrador (pictured)
2. German Shepherd
3. Yorkshire Terrier
4. Beagle
5. Golden Retriever
6. Bulldog
7. Boxer
8. Dachshund
9. Poodle
10. Shih Tzu

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The Xolo - America's Newest Breed Of Dog

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Xolo - New Breed

That's one cool looking pooch!

The latest additions to the American Kennel Club (AKC)'s official list of dog breeds is perhaps one of the most rare and exotic of them all (even if just in name): the Xoloitzcuintli (SHOW-low-eats-QUEENT-lee), or for short, Xolo.

The Xolo originates from Mexico, dating as far back as 3,000 years ago. The Aztec had considered the Xolo a sacred dog, with the power to heal and guide the deceased safely to the underworld.

And it is said that Christopher Columbus had written about the breed in his field journal, commenting on their unique look.

The breed has also long been the centerpiece of Mexican artwork, including that of Frida Kahlo, most likely due to its distinguished physical traits.

Because of its shape and disposition, the Xolo has often been mistaken for a Chihuahua, another breed native to Mexico.

Although this new interest has increased the world population to 30,000, there are currently fewer than 1,000 of them in the U.S.

But let's try to keep this Xolo on the DL.

We don't want Paris Hilton stuffing one of these cuties in her purse!

[Image via pbase.com.]

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Jet Wins World's Largest Dog Show

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Cruft 2011 winner jet

Congrats Jet!!!!

We hope fame doesn't change him.

The Flatcoated Retriever won "Best in Show" at the Crufts festival, Sunday.

The British dog earlier won the Best Gundog category before being crowned champion ahead of 21,000 other dogs at the NEC arena in Birmingham.

The nine-year-old's breeder, Jim Irvine said:

"We're delighted, absolutely delighted to win this show. There's been lots of good dogs here over the last four days, but he has a very happy and outgoing personality, and it shows in the ring."

The show, which is organised by The Kennel Club, celebrates its 120th anniversary this year.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Q & A With Our Very Own Dog Trainer

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Inger the Dog Trainer

This week we have a question from a reader for celebrity dog trainer, Inger Martens about a destructive german shepherd.


For the most part, my year and a half german shephard is a good dog. However, she has a couple of problem habits that lead her to be not trust worthy while we are at work or sleeping, having to be in a kennel.

My dog will go for a significant stretch of time (2week+) with no incident, then she will suddenly chew up a shoe she managed to get a hold of, or the corner of a large pillow on the couch. She once got a hold of a leather leash that was dangling from the coat rack a bit too low and literally shredded it.

I give her the large dog rawhide bones to chew on, but sometimes she will ignore the rawhide and destroy something else. Recently it was a couch cushion while we were sleeping.

I can try to remove shoes, leashes, pillows, etc from a room but I can't put her in a room with no couches,etc, so I need a way to correct the behavior when rawhide just isn't cutting it?

How can I try to correct this behavior?

Here's Inger's Paws for a Minute™ quick tip:

Chewing is a function of a dog NOT a behavior.

What they chew on overtime becomes the behavior. Get it?

Part of the problem is that often owners don't correct the behavior. So, you need to calmly go over to her and put the leash on and guide her over to the chewed item. Now you can show her and say no!

The leash helps you guide her over to the chewed item and helps her not to have a misunderstanding by being able to run away. What you are saying no to is her saliva on and the scent of the chewed item.

Dogs sense of smell is crazy strong, what your saying no to is the pillow or whatever else. Remember, the reprimand has to have a positive ending. After saying no, walk her over to the chew bone and say o.k (in a really happy voice) then take off the leash. You might want to try bully sticks as an alternative chew bone. Dog's LOVE them.

They're kind of pricey but they rock!

all my best,

For more of my training tips and bully sticks! Check out www.pawsforaminute.com

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