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Iowa Judge Denies Chris Soules' Motion To Dismiss Felony Charge Against Him In Deadly 2017 Wreck

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Looks like one way or another, Chris Soules is going to have to face down some tough time in court.

Nearly a year ago now, the former Bachelor star and Dancing With The Stars alum was involved in a car accident in rural Iowa which left 66-year-old tractor driver Kenneth Mosher dead at the scene.

Soules left the scene of the accident early, and was later arrested for doing so.

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After entering a not guilty plea back in May to the charges of leaving the scene of an accident — which is a felony — Soules' legal team has been filing motions to delay and dismiss various charges and other court hearings around the case.

Well, just a couple weeks ago, Soules again filed a motion to dismiss the felony charge against him, and now, we can report that

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Former Bachelor Chris Soules Motions To Dismiss Hit-And-Run Charge, Says He Didn't Technically Break The Law

Chris Soules

Chris Soules is still dealing with the aftermath of his deadly car crash back in April.

As we reported, the former Bachelor was arrested after he allegedly left the scene of a fatal accident after his truck rammed into a John Deere tractor trailer, sending it into a ditch. Kenneth Moser — the driver of the tractor — died as a result of his injuries.

In September, the former reality star appeared at a five-minute pre-trial hearing in Iowa, where his attorneys asked the judge to dismiss his charge, which is considered a class D felony.

Rank: The All-Time Worst Bachelors & Bachelorettes!

On Monday, Soules appeared in court once again — and his lawyer Robert Montgomery argued that the charge of failing to remain at the scene of a fatal collision should be dismissed because Soules did everything required of him by law. In the argument, the rep said Soules identified himself to a 911 dispatcher, provided aid to Mosher, and waited until emergency responders arrived.

On the other side, prosecutor Scott Brown refuted that argument by saying the law implies that drivers responsible for fatal crashes must remain until they speak with an officer. Brown insisted Soules took off in his truck, leaving before even the witnesses.

Whether or not the motion to dismiss the case will be determined by Judge Andrea Dryer at a later date. The trial is scheduled to start January 18.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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Former Bachelor Chris Soules Accused Of Buying Alcohol Just Before Fatal Accident

chris soules accused of buy booze before accident

Chris Soules' lawyers must be sweating right about now.

On Tuesday, a troubling update for The Bachelor alum's felony hit-and-run case dropped and things aren't looking good for the 35-year-old. As we previously reported, Mr. Soules is currently trying to have the felony charge for the fatal accident he was involved in dismissed as the reality TV vet supposedly did "everything right" following the crash.

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The disgraced ABC celeb claims not only did he call 911 after the accident and wait for the EMTs to arrive, but he also checked the victim Kenneth Mosher for a pulse. However, prosecutors are telling a different story; they've since accused the Iowa native of buying booze and possibly consuming the said alcohol just before colliding with the now deceased 66-year-old.

The prosecution states in new legal document that Chris went out of his way to

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A Chris Soules Source Claims The Former Bachelor Wasn't Drunk During Fatal Car Crash

Chris Soules sources say he wasn't drinking during crash.

Someone has Chris Soules' back.

A source close to the former Bachelor star has stated that the 35-year-old was not drunk at the time of the crash that killed 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher in Aurora, Iowa on Monday.

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The source told ET:

"The truck Chris was driving was one of the old work trucks they had on the land there. Not his everyday truck. He was near his land when the crash happened."

Another source claims Chris was not wearing his seatbelt during the crash, and that he was knocked against the dashboard of his truck.

The source said:

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Chris Soules: Cops Obtain Search Warrant For Blood Test Results & Getaway Vehicle

Cops want Chris Soules blood test results.

Looks like police are ready for a fight.

Even though Chris Soules has assembled a powerful legal team to help with his recent car accident that left 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher dead, police are also doing their part to gather evidence about the night in question.

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TMZ reports cops have obtained a search warrant for the red Chevy the former Bachelor star allegedly left the scene in after checking Mosher's pulse and calling 911.

However, the accident occurred Monday, and any alcohol found in the Chevy would be irrelevant since there would be no way to prove that it had been in the vehicle during the accident.

The authorities also want the results of Chris' blood alcohol tests taken at the hospital hours after the accident. This too, however, may prove not so helpful, as Chris refused to come out of his residence until cops got a search warrant. Thus, his blood alcohol levels would not accurately depict what was in his system at the exact time of the crash.

We'll keep you updated.

[Image via WENN.]

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911 Call Reveals Bachelor's Chris Soules Checked The Victim's Pulse Before Fleeing Fatal Car Crash Scene!

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It appears Chris Soules did try to help the injured driver before fleeing the scene of a fatal car crash.

According to a 911 audio obtained by TMZ, the Bachelor star called dispatchers at the scene of the crash to let them know "I rear-ended a guy in a tractor."

The Iowa farmer said the tractor driver was injured, unconscious, and bleeding from the mouth after being thrown in a ditch. He said the driver, Kenneth Mosher, didn't appear to be breathing.

The distraught 35-year-old was breathing heavily during the Monday night phone call, seemingly emotional and ready to break down in tears to the dispatcher.

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At the operator's request, Soules asked another unidentified person at the scene to perform CPR on the victim, saying he didn't know how.

Soules then checked the 66-year-old's pulse before saying they'll call back and hanging up on the dispatcher. He then reportedly left the scene before police arrived.

On Tuesday, the reality star was arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal car accident, and according to The Buchanan County Sheriff's Office, refused to

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