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More Legal Woes For Danielle Staub!


Here we go again! The lawsuit is officially on!

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Danielle Staub's ex-husband, Kevin Maher, has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Simon & Schuster, the publishing company responsible for the reality star's tell-all, The Naked Truth, because he believes that they knowingly published false information about him!

According to the legal documents, Maher claims that they "failed to use reasonable care to determine the truth or falsity" of several claims Staub made, including that he beat her so badly she had to be hospitalized with a concussion and "assorted contusions."

Why anyone would willingly publish anything that woman wrote under the assumption that it was the truth is beyond us, but who knows?

It will be very inneresting to see how this case develops!


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Prostitution Whore Settles Defamation Suit!


She's as slippery as a pathologically lying, mentally unstable eel, that Prostitution Whore!

Merely DAYS before The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub was to take the stand in the $5 million defamation suit filed against her by ex-husband Kevin Maher, a settlement for both parties has been reached!

Although the terms are confidential, a source reveals that "cash was involved in the deal."

Maher explains:

"It's interesting that the case gets settled the day before Danielle was supposed to be deposed … it was going to be the worst day of her life."

Too bad!

We were looking forward to hearing how much this psycho would try and deny under a court of law! Shiz was gonna be GOOD!

LOLs! Oh well!

Prostitution Whore is sure to be up to her old tricks at some point soon, so we doubt this is the last we'll hear from her delusional, she-Grinch ass!


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Jersey Housewives' Laurita Does NOT Want To Testify In Prostitution Whore's Defamation Case!


We don't blame her! Poor thing only JUST got that psychopath out of her life!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's super villainess, the mentally unstable Jafar lookalike Danielle Staub, is currently in a nasty legal battle with her ex Kevin Maher, who is suing the Prostitution Whore for defamation!

We reported that Maher intends to use Staub's former castmates Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita to testify about her "dishonest reputation," but according to the latter Housewife, she wants to avoid that mess at all costs!

Laurita reveals:

"I didn't even know I was on the list … it's not really a list I want to be on … can I be taken OFF the list? I really don't want to go back to that dark place. Every time I've moved on the tide tries to pull me back in. I'm enjoying the sun. Let me be."

Sorry, bb! But at least you have a few months of zero crazy from Prostitution Whore before she slithers back into your life!

You're not expected to take the stand until February!

And we PRAY that production of season three is underway at that point, so we can it all go down for ourselves!

We know. We truly sympathize with Jacqueline and feel bad that she has to do this shiz, but c'mon! It will make for AMAZEBALLS television!

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EXPLOSIVE New Testimony About Prostitution Whore's Past! Drug Cartel Wanted Her DEAD After She Screwed Them Out Of $100k!


This is getting completely out of control.

Everyone knows that former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Danielle Staub was a drug-addicted, psychopathic prostitute who, but according to court documents regarding the $5 million defamation suit filed against her by former husband Kevin Maher, she was involved in such a bad drug ring that she nearly got herself killed by the notorious Medellin cartel!

Daniel Aguilar, who knew Danielle when she was a Miami prostitute in the 80s living under the name Angela Minelli, revealed under oath that she began hanging around his house, while he was working as an "enforcer" for the drug suppliers, and watched her do cocaine "more than 50 or 100 times."

He explains:

"We became intimate friends… she would do her drugs… and sometimes I'd wonder was she hanging out for the drugs, which most girls back then did. She started talking about, you know, 'I need to get money. I need money to do things. So she came to me and she says, 'I have this guy and he wants to buy big weight… four kilos of cocaine."

He agreed to let her do the deal, which of course, according to her, went bad, and she came back without $100,000 worth of blow claiming she'd been "ripped off."

He continued:

"Even my men were saying, 'We should just kill her. Get her out of the way. She's nothing but a prostitute and a bitch.' I cared about this woman at the time and I believed her at this point. I didn't want her life to end… I still thought that it was going to work out."

However, as we all know, the FBI intervened and that's when Staub turned her back on Aguilar, and was spared jail time for her testimony against the cartel. Aguilar, who ended up going to jail for nine years, covered her missing $100k because he still thought he loved her, which ultimately spared her life!

The deposition goes on:

"I was told by my people that she was dead. My people are my cartels. Her life was about to end. (I'm told) she's flipping (and) turned federal witness… that's when my people wanted her dead; they had called me weak for letting her live… (and) they told me, we should have had her dead to begin with. What I did was to protect her, protect me. Ain't nobody that stupid enough to make themselves publicly known after doing what they did."

Holy shit!

We've heard a lot of fucked up things about this woman's life, but…wow. This definitely takes the cake!

Uh-oh, Prostitution Whore! It's all coming out now!

Thank goodness Bravo got rid of her when they did!

We cannot wait to hear what she has to say for herself during HER deposition in October!

Shiz is going to be EXPLOSIVE!

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Prostitution Whore's Ex Is Coming For Her!


Uh-oh! It looks like she's going to get what's coming to her this time! Shit is getting real!

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey's Prostitution Whore is in the middle of a nasty legal battle with her ex-husband, Kevin Maher, who is none too pleased about the allegations the sociopath has made about him, and is suing her for defamation!

As we've reported, Danielle Staub has claimed that Maher killed her dog, shoved a gun in her cooter, and raped her on a bed of glass.

She filed a motion earlier in the week asking the judge to exclude "any evidence that the Defendant was a prostitute, or a stripper, or is promiscuous, or has been featured in sex tapes," but Maher has had enough, and is ready to fight to prove that his ex is a pathological liar!

He reveals:

"Since this woman put these serious rape and molestation charges against me, [information about her past] is relevant…What this woman has done to me…I can't even describe how she has ruined my life. She's without conscience. She lied from day one and I'm going to prove that she's a pathological liar. She's been ducking and hiding from her deposition since this lawsuit has been filed. Oct. 5 will be the worst day of her life, when she is confronted under oath with all her lies. She's going to be destroyed."

Oh shiz!

Those are some fighting words!

If he wants to prove that bitch is a pathological liar, why don't they just show the judge the last season of Real Housewives?

That'd be proof enough for us to award this guy $5 million!

LOLs! But we're VERY much looking forward to seeing this monster try and squirm her way out of this deposition! We have a feeling this is going to be TEN TIMES more ridiculous than every episode of the reality show combined!

What do U think?? Team Prostitution Whore or Team Ex??

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Jersey Housewife Gives Bravo A Staub-Related Ultimatum!

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While giving a deposition in Danielle Staub's defamation lawsuit against her ex Kevin Maher, Caroline Manzo revealed that she gave Bravo an ultimatum for Real Housewives of New Jersey's 3rd season.

She said:

"I did tell Bravo and Sirens that there is no amount of money you could put on the table for me next year. If Danielle Staub is on the show, I am out because my integrity means too much to me … so for Season 3, they know it's either Danielle or myself."

Ha. Who knew the Jersey Housewives had so much integrity?!

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Wowza! Caroline Manzo Dragged Into Danielle Staub's Defamation Case By Stauby's Ex!


This takes things to a whole different level. Anyone who's watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey knows that Danielle Staub is a liar, but this is a little sick, even for her!

Sources have learned that Danielle's former costar, Caroline Manzo, was summoned to give testimony in the ongoing court battle between Danielle and her ex-husband, Kevin Maher. It seems Kevin wanted Caroline to give a deposition in the defamation case as she was privy to most of Danielle's horror stories. Caroline complied and began retelling the laundry list of stories Danielle had confided in her about her former marriage.

We warn you now, some of this is pretty graphic and gruesome. Proceed with caution.

The bulk of Caroline's deposition revolved around a handful of stories, stories that Kevin and his lawyers have denied and denied. According to Caroline, Danielle told her that during their marriage, Kevin supposedly raped her atop of broken glass, shot or hanged her dog and worst of all, played Russian Roulette, with the pistol inserted in her vagina!

Deplorable! Caroline didn't know and offered the court only the claims that Danielle shared with her. At one point, she explained:

"She depicted him as a monster. She depicted him as someone who would beat her daily, as someone that put her in the hospital due to the beatings, I want to say on more than one occasion…She claimed to have been hiding in a tree at some point, afraid that when he came home he would find her and beat her. She claimed to be the victim of prostitution due to his demands, that he put her into that world, again depicting him as an absolute monster. And the only reason she stayed with him, because she feared for her life if she left."

Wow! That's pretty effing awful!

Call us crazy, but we have a hard time believing her. Then again, perhaps it was this kind of abuse that turned her into what she is today.

Sad situation, regardless, though.

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