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Is K-Fed The Latest Celebrity Hoarder?



Can't you just picture all of that greased up fat, rolling around in his own piles of filth!


The National Enquirer is reporting that K-Fat has become a celebrity hoarder to such disgusting excess that his neighbors are getting concerned!

According to sources, he "fears people will learn personal information from his discarded trash," so he holds on to cigarette butts, rotting fish, old diapers, and the magazines in which he wishes he were still being written about!

And of course, he has yet to accept that he has a problem, so when confronted about this nastiness, "he blows up."


Would someone please remind him that he is COMPLETELY z-list, and therefore, nobody gives a shiz about his personal information, let alone his cigarette butts!

We don't even think Niecy Nash would bother trying to help his ass! Nor should she!

Just let him suffocate under his own irrelevancy trash!

[Image via WENN.]

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KFat Back To Working On His Fitness


Dude, but seriously. Maybe you wanna try some cardio instead?

Don't get us wrong! We're glad Kevin Federline is going out there and attempting some sort of physical activity, besides his daily 30 second walk from his car to the front door at Starbucks, but golf isn't exactly the most calorie-burning exercise out there!

Oh well, you just do you, bb, and we bet you'll be back to your pre-Britney dancer body in no time! We all can dream, can't we??

[Image via GSI Media.]

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KFat Stands Up For Brit-Brit!


Good man! Someone knows not to bite off the hand that feeds him! (And clothes him and pays for his cars and takes care of his kids and what have you!)

Yesterday, an outrageous lawsuit was filed against Britney Spears from a former bodyguard. This obvious money-grubbing fame-whore alleges that he witnessed Brit-Brit brutally beat her boys, engaged in "sexual acts" in front of him and even made "unwanted" sexual advances towards him.

Yeah, right. Let's get real, buddy: Straight, gay, male, female, if Britney Spears is coming on to you, it is NOT unwanted!

Anyway, someone who knows all about Brit's sexual advances is her ex-hubby, Kevin Federline. After hearing the news about the lawsuit, he quickly contacted sources to defend his baby mama. He had his lawyer, Mark Kaplan, explain his position, telling the press that this bodyguard's "allegations are a product of economic motives…They are as baseless as they seem."

His lawyer added that Kevin had the guard's claims looked into and would have most certainly intervened earlier had he suspected Brit-Brit was doing anything wrong.

"I think that the timing of this and the nature of the allegations speak for themselves," Kaplan explained.

We agree! This is a bunch of bull! Just some lame ass trying to extort some money out of our girl!

No worries, BB! The truth will win out! Always does! (Most of the time…) And bravo to you, KFat, for standing by your gal! Sure, it's been a rocky road, but we like to think you guys are friends now. Take care of her!

[Image via WENN.]

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K-Fat Takes The Kiddies (& The Paparazzi) To Disneyland!

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A trip to Disneyland is nothing without the pictures to remember the day with! Thank goodness Kevin Federline had the foresight to call the paparazzi!

K-Fat took his four kids, Kori Madison, Kaleb Michael, Sean Preston and Jayden James, as well as his GF, Victoria Prince, to the Happiest Place On Earth this weekend.

The lil fam enjoyed going on rides, eating some snacks and even meeting the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse!

On the one hand, we're kind of proud of Kevin for stepping up in his father role and taking an interest in spending time with his kids.

Then we remember that he called the photogs to follow them around all day for publicity and then we don't feel so much pride anymore.

Yo! How come Brit Brit didn't tag along???

[Image via GSI Media.]

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KFat Is Back!


Clear the streets! The Doughboy is back in business!

Despite shedding some tonnage (and dignity) on Celebrity Fit Club not too long ago, it looks like Kevin Federline is back to his daily diet of KFC Double Downs and Big Gulp Slurpees.

The man is HUGE!

The hefty papa took all 4 of his children out for a day of fun at a local park, where the kids ran around on the jungle gym and had a picnic with caramel Starbucks drinks.

That's like mother's milk to them now!

At least KFat is attempting to waddle out of doors. Got to keep those cankles in shape!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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