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Gross: New KFC Brain Meal Not Official, Rolls Out Anyway


Have you ever been in the UK, just munching away on your "Gladiator Box Meal" like you do, and think to yourself that the only way things could get better for you is if you had some surprise brain in your food?


But it happened to this kid!

Here's what he says happened:

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Nick Cannon Talks Lupus And What's Important

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Nick Cannon will go down as one of the nicest, most hard working guys in Hollywood — which is not too shabby at all as far as a legacy goes!

Luckily, he's still with us after a health crisis this year, and we as a world can continue to know and love him.

Here's what he said about being diagnosed with Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease with no cure that caused his kidneys to shut down earlier this year:

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Phillip Phillips Pushing Himself For Recovery!

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Phillip Phillips Recovery

Not many people have to go through even one kidney stone surgery, but American Idol winner Phillip Phillips has gone through SIX of them!

Luckily, though, he's okay now:

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Phillip Phillips Is Out The Hospital!

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We previously mentioned that Phillip Phillips finally got the surgery he needed.

He had huge kidney stones that were too large to pass via the pee pee method.

Well after the 6 and a half hour surgery he's feeling

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Phillip Phillips FINALLY Has Surgery!

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Phillip Phillips


Man, it's been forever! He must be so relieved.

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips has been suffering from HUGE kidney stones throughout pretty much all of the competition.

Now, after having all sorts of treatments to alleviate the stones, he's finally gotten the surgery he needed.

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American Idol Champ Phillip Phillips Healthy Enough To Tour

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As we previously mentioned, Phillip Phillips had some pretty serious kidney issues and almost had to drop out of American Idol!

It's a good thing he didn't or else he wouldn't have won!

His doctors told him

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Toxic Everyday Foods Can Poison You!

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It's important to eat your fruits and veggies but did U know that there are certain parts of them that could be toxic and cause some serious harm to you??

We don't want you to stop eating your favorite healthy foods, just be more careful when preparing them.

Here's a list of potential toxic foods to be careful around:

Yuca (A starchy root, that if eaten raw, can be highly toxic and even cause cyanide intoxication!)

Kidney Beans (Raw, they contain enough toxins to cause symptoms after eating only a few beans.)

Cheery Seeds (When crushed or chewed on, even a little, they release prussic acid, also known as hydrogen cyanide. Don't eat seeds.)

Green Potatoes (Green spots indicate the presence of a nerve toxin that can literally cause paralysis.)

Elderberry (Berries are fine; the leaves, stems and seeds aren't. You wouldn't eat them anyway, so don't start now.)

Apple Seeds (The seeds are literally poisonous. Don't eat them. Why would you anyway? They're terrible.)

Lima Beans (Same as kidney beans, don't eat these raw unless you enjoy being poisoned by only a handful of beans.)

Tomatoes (They're totally great. Except the leaves. They'll make you crazy nervous and turn your stomach over.)

Rhubarb (The plant is great, the leaves are dangerous. This seems like common sense. Don't eat leaves.)

Peach Pits (Full of cyanide. The hard shell would protect you from it should you swallow one. Even if you crack one and eat it, it's only enough to cause stomach upset.)

So stay away from the toxic parts of these awesome plants and you can keep eating your veggies without all those annoying side effects like cyanide poisoning!

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