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Watch Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Have A Meltdown Because She Can't Smoke Pot

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Oh boo hoo! Yeah, we really feel sorry for you!

What a friggin' disaster this girl is.

Yeah, being a teen mom can be really hard and having cameras in your face while you're in your most vulnerable state isn't a cakewalk either, but there has to be some boundaries, gurl!

In the latest episode of Get Your Shiz Together 2 Teen Mom 2, mom of the year/decade/century Jenelle Evans has an actual meltdown because she can't smoke pot for a year. After one of her many probation hearings, a judge orders Jenelle to stay off drugs and tells her she is not allowed to be around alcohol or get in trouble - FOR JUST A YEAR.

Can ya handle that??? Guess not!

Meanwhile, her 2-year-old son Jace sits at home with Jenelle's mom Barbara, wondering why the few times he gets to see his mother, she's always fighting, yelling, or crying about some loser named Kieffer, or as Babs likes to call him, Kieffah!

Great job, Jenelle. You know, at first, we were willing to give you a few chances, but this is just downright ridic. And you still WANT custody of your son? Hmm, doesn't really look like it here…

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Holy Shiz!! Watch Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Get Into A Massive Bedroom Brawl!!!

Another day, another brawl for Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans.

Srsly, is there some weird bet on how many fights this girl can get into??

In case you missed last night's Teen Mom 2 (and whoa, was it a doozy), Jenelle gets into a crazy ass bedroom brawl with her roommate Tori. Srly, it gets cray cray!

Not only that, but then Jenelle's BF Kieffer Delp and Tori's BF Tylor start fighting with each other too.

Cuz that's the thing to do when you're in Jenelle's life apparently.

Finding out that Jenelle is involved in a brawl is nothing new to us, but the above footage is pretty shocking. Drumsticks even get involved!! WTF?!

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Baby Daddy Of Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Wants Her Back! Don't Do It, Jenelle!


And we're not even talking about her loser ex Kieffer Delp!

Another winner ex-lover of Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has come back into her life and is apparently trying to win her back.

Charles Andrew Lewis, the father of Jenelle's two-year-old son Jace wants to get back together with her, even though he disappeared when Jace was born and hasn't been a part of his life ever since.

Shady! So so shady!!

Jenelle wrote on her Facebook page:

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Another Teen Mom Arrested!


Yet another shining role model to come out of the Teen Mom franchise!

Jenelle Evans, of Teen Mom 2, was arrested last night for assault after a video leaked onto the internet of the reality star viciously fighting another girl, named Britany Truett.

According to authorities, Truett was originally not going to press charges, but changed her mind over the weekend. Evans is also facing "affray for fighting" charges as well, and will be due in court on April 26th.

Meanwhile, the fight between the two girls allegedly stemmed from a boy, Kieffer Delp, who was also arrested due to an outstanding warrant against him for cocaine charges from last year!

Just lovely!

Well, at least she had the sense to give up custody of her kid to her mother. Clearly, she has no business being a parent until she gets her shiz together.

Here's hoping that she does.

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