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Oprah's Family Secret Revealed!

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Earlier we told you that Oprah will reveal a family secret on Monday's show.

And now it's been revealed by her unauthorized biographer, Kitty Kelley, that Oprah will be reunited with the half-sister that was given up for adoption as a baby.

Kelley says that Oprah's mother, Vernita Lee, gave birth to a daughter named Bunny, whom she "gave away shortly after she was born because she couldn't afford to take care of her."

Bunny, who is now a grandmother, will appear on the Oprah Winfrey show on Monday.


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Oprah To Reveal Huge Family Secret On Monday's Show!!

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What could it be??

Oprah has helped many families reunite with their loved ones on her show, but this time it's all about her.

Oprah told her viewers on Thursday that she will have a reunion of her own, but isn't saying with whom.

In a promotional spot for Monday's show, Oprah says:

"I thought I’d seen it all. But this, my friends, is the miracle of all miracles. I was given some news that literally shook me to my core. This time, I’m the one being reunited. Only a handful of people in my life know about this. I’ve been keeping a family secret for months, and you’re going to hear it straight from me."

According to Oprah's unauthorized biographer, Kitty Kelley, Oprah may discover her actual father's identity, alleging that Vernon Winfrey isn't her biological father.

Scandalous! Could this be the person that Oprah will be reunited with?? What do U think?

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Kitty Kelley's Oprah Biography To Be Made Into A Movie!

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TV movie producer Larry A. Thompson has acquired the rights to turn Kitty Kelley's Oprah: A Biography into a TV movie or miniseries to coincide with her departure from her talk show in September 2011!

He says:

“I happen to be from Mississippi where she is from, and I know her career very well. I think it's a fabulous story, and it's certainly a challange, but Kitty Kelley’s extensively researched book offers us the factual foundation to frame our cinematic portrait of this powerful and beloved icon. Oprah Winfrey is a very powerful woman, and that’s also something that will make our movie great."

So who will play the Big O?

Thompson is leaning towards casting an unknown actress. He says, "Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous faces on the planet, and if you have an actress people know, it may make it more difficult to get into the character as the face may block the icon."

Who do U want to see as Oprah?

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Oprah's Aunt Speaks!

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Oprah's going to stay mad about this for a long time!

Kitty Kelley did a slew of interviews for her new biography, one of which was with Oprah's 82-year-old cousin Aunt Katherine. Sources had suggested that it was Aunt Katherine who supposedly told Kitty who the talk-show queen's true father is, but Aunt Katherine is denying everything.

Katherine Carr Esters told a local Mississippi newspaper yesterday that she wants to talk to Oprah and explain why she talked to Kitty. She insists that she got confused and misquoted by Kitty during their interview.

Apparently around the same time that Kitty visited her, a professor from Harvard, Henry Louis Gates, was attempting to trace the Winfrey roots and had visited her. This is where Katherine received her misinformation from, as she thought the two were working together. Katherine told the paper:

"I'm sorry this book portraying her falsely was ever written and that I participated by answering questions."

Ah, she's old O and actually family. We'd cut her a break, even if she is lying out her dentures, as Kitty seems to think. She provided the paper with a prepared statement saying:

"While I found [Esters] to be a strong woman with the courage to speak her mind, I gather that she may have come under some pressure."

Uh, yeah! Only you seem to be unfazed by the wrath of O! We certainly wouldn't mess with her… to that degree!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Here, Kitty Kitty! Oprah Reacts To Biography!

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But you aren't going to like what she has to say!

Oprah Winfrey was at the Matrix Awards today, where her good friend and lover Gayle King was being honored. In the speech she delivered to the crowd about Gayle, she took a jab at Kitty Kelley's unauthorized biography of her life, which is the first time she has made any mention of it since it's release. Oprah said:

"Last week was a rough week for Gayle when a so-called biography came out. Every day she's getting herself more and more worked up about all of my new daddies that are now showing up. New daddies who are saying, 'Hello daughter, call me, I need a new roof.' Well, this too shall pass."

That's right, Kitty. Oprah don't sweat you, but the world sure does sweat O!

BTW, how goes promotion for this book, Kitty?!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Oprah Was A Prostitute?!

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At least that's what she called herself!

According to biographer Kitty Kelley, Oprah's family denied that she was ever sexually molested. The TV queen has been through a lot in her life and Kelley gives the deets that she found tragic.

Kitty said:

"Her family, I think, is in great denial of her sexual molestation. I believe Oprah. Now, her family doesn’t believe her, but that’s part of her life story. That she wasn’t believed, that there was nobody she could confide in. I happen to believe she was and that comes through in the book.

We’re talking about her secrets and at one point in her life, she was ready to get rid of some of those secrets when she was writing her autobiography. She was going to talk in detail about the men who had abused her, and she was going to name all of her abusers. And she was going to lay great blame on her mother for not taking better care of her. And she was also going to reveal that she was, in her words, a prostitute. I felt that was really a very harsh description that she would give herself.

She was literally saying that she was a prostitute. You know, she had talked about her sex abuse and her promiscuity in the past, but she had never used the word prostitute.

We can't believe what she's been through. So sad.

[Image via WENN and AP Images.]

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The Buzz Worked!

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There was too much juicy gossip in there for you to resist!

Oprah by Kitty Kelley is #1 on Amazon and is poised to take the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller list!


Did U get your copy?

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