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Karen Klein To Meet Her Money Maker!!!


Mad Sidorov, a Toronto nutritionist, who saw what happened to Karen Klein as she was bullied on her bus route decided to gather money together to send her on a vacation. Little did he know that those donations would go way past $600,000.

Now the man with the plan will get to meet the woman who has changed his life almost as much as she changed his.

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Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Is Gonna Share Her Money!!!

The time are changing for Karen Klein - they're changing really, really fast!!!

The bullied bus monitor has received incredible amounts of emotional and monetary support from people around the world since her bully video went viral.

An online fundraising effort for the upstate New York bus monitor has raised more than $645,275 for Klein!!!

She deserves all of the support she gets and even more than that for dealing with those monsters on the bus - no one deserves that, especially this sweet old granny.

Check out the video (above) for more on Karen's plans for her money!

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Calvin Klein's Boyfriend Threatens Playgirl Rep?

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Somehow we think Calvin Klein isn’t going to be too happy about this negative press.

Turns out his boytoy, 21-year-old Nick Gruber, had a bit of a confrontation with Playgirl’s Daniel Nardicio.

All via text. Hah! Nardicio reveals:

"I kept trying to meet up with him and he kept blowing me off, with monosyllabic texts, yet he said he'd do Playgirl as long as he got the cover.

Finally, in frustration I texted him to forget it, and he came back with 'You only want me because of my fame, so you can go fuck yourself.'

To that I told him that in three years when Klein tired of blowing him, he'd be just another bottle blond looking for work, so he should be more respectful of people trying to give him work.

Sounds like a high school texting war of words. Though it gets a bit more interesting when Gruber apparently threatens him.

Adds Nardicio:

"He then texted, 'Calvin is my partner — you don't understand because you don't have that.' (Uh, I do.) He added, 'I am famous now, and people want me for my fame, and you should be careful ’cause of the people I know and what they could do to you.'

A threat from an ex-porn star, currently overly botoxed boytoy???? Should I be scared??"


[Image via AP Images.]

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