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Is Rachel Berry Lea Michele Working On Sex & The City??

lea michele glee season 4 sarah jessica parker

What else could this FABULOUS Twitpic be from??

It's very reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw's Vogue wedding dress shoot in the first Sex and the City movie. Can't you see it???

So what's Lea Michele doing dressed up in all this fluff??

Welll… we think she might be filming her first scenes with Sarah Jessica Parker on Glee. Cuz SJP plays the new editor of Vogue (which makes her Kurt's boss).

And that would explain all of the fab fashion (below)!!

Whatever it is though — we so excited!! Hurry up and get here, Season 4!! WE MISS YOU!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Glee's Ryan Murphy Reveals Long-Lost Klaine Clip!!!

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Oh Gleeks!

Glee creator Ryan Murphy joining Twitter could quite possibly be one of the best things that has ever happened to us!

We’re so glad he’s FINALLY given in and with his newfound account comes all sorts of Glee goodies!!!

Ryan promised he’d only release the special “Box” scene from season three’s holiday episode if he reached 500,000 followers…well, we guess he just couldn’t hold off!

With just over 100,000 following him, he did it anyway!

Check out the long-awaited Klaine scene (above)!!!

Now if you’ll excuse us — our hearts are melting into a GIANT puddle of slush…!!!

That Break-Up episode the writers are working on better NOT be about our beloved Kurt and Blaine!!!

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Get Ready, Gleeks! New Directions Is Going To Be Switching It Up - With Each Other!

glee alternate universe costume switch

There have been a lot of different creative choices made regarding the characterizations of some of our favorite McKinley High students on the series Glee, but we had NOT anticipated the writers of the series to introduce an 'alternative timeline' into the mix!

But lo and behold, we have come across some pretty inneresting photos taken from the show's set, featuring Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, and Jenna Ushkowitz rocking some noticably different clothes - that we'd normally assume are better suited for Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, and Lea Michele, respectively!

Ch-ch-check 'em out (above)!

So what's the story behind the personality-swap?

Apparently, sources close to the series have revealed that this will all be part of a senior prank in the episode filmed after prom, and we CANNOT wait to see which other characters will be joining in the HIGHlarity!

Right now, however, we're just going to retain our focus on the absolutely DELICIOUS Puck/Blaine hybrid before us!

We LOVE his every-day mohawk, but hot damn, are we LOVING in him with hair and top siders!


[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Guess Who's In Bed Together In This New Glee Promo???



God, why is this the first time we are seeing Darren Criss in a tank top! YUM! LICK! YUM!

Tomorrow's sexy episode of Glee promises to be one to remember - and not to miss - but if you don't quiet believe us yes, then we invite you to watch this new promo. A lot of the footage you've probably already seen, but its the stuff you haven't that are REALLY going to excite you!

Enjoy Gleeks! (above)

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Here She Goes Again! Victoria Jackson Claims To Not Be Homophobic, Wants To Prove It!

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Ha! As if anyone even cares about her ignorance enough to want to see her back on TV!

Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live castmember who caused some controversy last month when she criticized Kurt and Blaine's romance on Glee for being "sickening," now claims that she's not, in fact, homophobic, and wants to prove it to the world by going on Wife Swap with a gay couple!

She writes:

“My agent thinks they'd swap me with a gay couple. That would be great because then I could show the world that I love gay people and I'm not the homophobic hate-monger the media are making me out to be. The other perk is that I could afford that Tacoma pick-up truck I want and pay off my credit card.”

She also claims that Glee is a well-written show, but “it's a shame they have to sprinkle immorality all over it.”

Oh, okay. We were confused. You're NOT homophobic and you love gay people, but showing same-sex characters falling in love is immoral?

We can't figure out if she really doesn't realize how ignorant and offensive she is, or if she does, and is just trying to drum up some press for herself!

Either way - it's pretty deplorable!

But good luck paying off that credit card, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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Blaine And Kurt's Big Glee Moment…If It Were Dave Franco And Not Darren Criss!

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Oh man! Talk about taking a genuinely sincere and tender moment and making it absolutely effing FILTHY!

That being said, we're completely obsessed!

Check out this SUPER NSFW mash-up of Kurt and Blaine's first kiss from this week's episode of Glee, dubbed over with some of Dave Franco's more 'colorful' dialogue from his recent Funny or Die sketch (above)!

We're just going to pretend that this is exactly what Blaine was thinking while he was actually confessing his love to sweet little Kurt!

Naughty naughty, boys! LOLz!

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Glee Stunt Casting Celebrity Guest Star Round-Up!


It's official!

After months of speculation, Glee creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the Scottish Sensation that's sweeping the nation, Susan Boyle, will be making an appearance on the smash series' very special Christmas episode!

And apparently, Kurt will be giving her a make-over.

BARF. Of course Kurt is giving her a make-over.

He reveals:

“Susan is on the same label as us and is a fan of the show. She’s coming out with a Christmas album, so the story I want to do in our Christmas episode is to have Kurt give her some sort of fantastic makeover and have her sing a song that’s from her album on the show.”

He also is still unsure on how the eff he's going to throw Javier Bardem into the mix. You know, probably because there's no seamless way to throw this many giant names in as guest stars without compromising the integrity of the story.

He says:

“He requested it. I think he bought the first 13 episodes on DVD and became obsessed with it. He said it was like crack. And he’s such a ham that it totally makes sense to me that he would want to sing and dance. I think he’s going to play some demented Spanish rock star substitute teacher something, but I don’t know — we haven’t figured that out yet.”

However, we ARE excited to find out yet more details about the Brit Brit episode, as well as the upcoming Rocky Horror Tribute airing around Halloween!

And best yet?! Jonathan Groff will be back for two episodes in the Spring!

On Britney:

“She is arguably the most important female, other than Lady GaGa, of the last ten years. Many of the kids on the show went into singing and dancing because of her. Also at the heart of it, it’s a show designed to show off the skills of Heather Morris, who plays [Glee's cheerleader] Brittany. I just think that Britney Spears loves what the show is about, that the show’s about paying tribute to pop culture in a very loving, respectful, kind way. She responded to that.”

On Rocky Horror:

“My favorite thing to do is to torture the boys and claim that I don’t know who’s wearing those gold lamé briefs, because now they’re all on diets. They’re all in terror that I’m going to tell them that they’re the one who has to get naked.”

Yum! Well, maybe the show hasn't COMPLETELY jumped the shark!

And let's hope that our beloved Puck gets to wear the gold undies!



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