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Texas Needs More Strippers!

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Alicia Machado In Super Bowl Stripper Flyer

Arlington Texas, is hosting the Super Bowl and needs 10,000 dancers — and not for the half time show.

John Walsh, a Dallas - Forth Worth Cabaret manager, hopes to add 50-70 lovely ladies to his 50 current employees for game weekend. To get the word out Walsh made this adrobs flyer promising “Big money” and a random pic of Ms. Universe winner Alicia Machado.

According to Walsh, the 60 local clubs in the area will need a total of 10,000 extra girls to meet lap dance demands.

Arlington city officials expect to host 300,000 visitors that weekend — which puts the tourist to stripper ratio at around 30:1… road trip Charlie Sheen anyone?

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Mascot Gets Lap Dances At Half Time

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Oh my!

The mascot for the Boston Blazers (a lacrosse team), received a few lap dances during the half-time show at a recent game, shocking everyone in the audience.

Yikes! Who knew lacrosse could be so scandalous!!

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Miley's BF Defends Her Grinding Vid

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Of course, he did! We all know Slutty wears the pants in this relationship!

After the controversial video of Miley Cyrus' impromptu lap dance came out, her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth has finally come to her defense.

“Everyone gets criticism, it’s kind of what comes with this job … everybody’s trying to bring you down. She’s got a good head on her shoulders," he said.

And he's obviously blinded by love!

“We get along great, she’s a great girl. We work great together,” he continued. “I think her new video’s great.”


[Image via WENN.]

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