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Mark Sanchez Behind The Scene Interview During Commercial Shoot

This man is yummy!

While shooting a new NFL TV spot for Pepsi MAX, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez took a few minutes to talk about his latino roots, the upcoming season, and his pregame locker room rituals!

Check out the interview above and be on the lookout for his latest Pepsi MAX commercial!

Good luck this season, Mark!

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Exclusive! Introducing….Eduardo Fresco!!!

He's putting Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias to SHAME! LOLZ!

We'd like to introduce you to the musical stylings of Eduardo Fresco. Eduardo, God bless him, is a talented new Latino artist that is both funny, sexy and mucho sensual!!!

He MAY look familar to you, but trust us, what you are about to see is brand new! Exclusively here on PerezHilton.com, we present to you Eduardo's debut music video, The Way I Fiesta!

We'd fiesta any time with you, boy!!!!

Check out the video (above) to hear his sweet, smoooooth music and see the excellent job Lonely Island's Akiva Shaffer did in directing the video!

We kinda love this!!! Enjoy!!!

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Obese Mothers And Children More Likely To Underestimate Weight

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Obese children and mothers underestimate weight

A new study presented at the American Heart Association conference in Atlanta on Wednesday shows that obese mothers and their children are more likely to underestimate their own and each other's weight.

Columbia University researchers found 82% percent of the obese women in their study underestimated their weight, compared with 43% of overweight and 13% of normal-weight women.

Similarly, 86% of overweight or obese children failed to correctly estimate their weight, compared with just 15% of normal-weight children.

This suggests that with roughly two-thirds of adults and one-third of children in the U.S. now overweight or obese, those in that category are more likely to perceive their weight as "normal".

The study's lead author Nicole E Dumas, M.D., said, "A lot of their misperception has to do with the fact that overweight and obesity is becoming the norm."

That's a little unsettling.

Dumas continued to explain:

"There was a trend that showed that as women became more and more overweight, and then obese, the larger the misperception of true body weight was. Unfortunately, we found this was the case with the children as well."

Since most of the participants were Latino mothers and children in urban settings, other medical experts believe the study was too small and too ethnically homogenous to support any firm conclusions.

However, the study author points out that other studies have found similar trends among African Americans and Caucasians.

Either way, it's a little scary to think that obesity is becoming the perception of what is "normal".

[Image via AP Images.]

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Bosley Found For Charlie's Angels

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Rodriguez Cast As Bosley

Sweet justice, Bosley has been cast!

It's been announced that Ramon Rodriguez has been cast along side the beauties of Charlie's Angels!!

Like we said, he'll be playing Bosley: the man who helps the Angels and is the middle man between them and the higher-ups at the secret agency. The young actor has been seen in The Wire and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen most notably, and we think will be a fab fit for the role!

It's about time! We need more Latinos in mainstream television!!

Best of luck, bb! You are TOO cute!

Thoughts on Rodriguez getting the role??

[Image via WENN.]

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Dear ABC, NBC, CBS, And Fox…This SUCKS!

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Boo! We do NOT like this one bit!

The National Latino Media Council announced today during a press conference that according to the Annual Television Network diversity report card, there has been a decline in Latino diversity on FOUR television networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox!

This means that not only are there less Latino characters in scripted and reality television, but also less writers, producers, and directors in the 2009-2010 season!

Alex Nogales, the President and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, says:

"This was a terrible year for Latinos at the networks. African Americans and Asian Pacific Americans posted impressive gains in most categories, but when it came to Latinos, the networks failed us. Don't misunderstand, we don't want what African Americans and Asian Pacific Americans received, the pie is much larger than that, we only want what we deserve as the largest minority consumer population in the nation."

Well said!

This is truly unacceptable!

We sincerely hope that the aforementioned networks take this report very seriously, and make the proper changes necessary to improve for the 2010-2011 year!


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When Bad Makeup Happens To Good People

eva longoria bad makeup

Eva Longoria looked beautiful at the Latinos Living The American Dream premiere in Hollywood on Friday, except for the fact that she didn't look Latino.

Poor think was covered in white makeup that didn't match the rest of her!

We know she'll redeem herself next time!

[Image via WENN.]

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Not Cool, Google

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Where’s the love for the Latinas, Google?

Google launched a new feature last month which allows users to search for a phrase and instantly suggestions will appear.

Google Instant shows the search results as you type before even hitting Enter or Search. But it seems the Internet giant decided to exclude some words from their instant search including teen, adult, playboy and meat.

Though they also decided to exclude the word Latina. Not Latino, but just simply Latina. Not good news for Latina magazine and the thousands of other legit, non-porno sites.

Apparently it's nothing intentional, as the words chosen to be excluded are determined based off some Google algorithm.

What do U think about not including the word Latina?

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