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Fox News' Laura Ingraham Compares Immigrant Child Detention Centers To 'Summer Camps' & Now We're Worried Where She Sends Her Kids

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Feel bad for those immigrant children being separated from their families and put into child detention facilities? Of course you do.

But Laura Ingraham doesn't. In fact, she says you should be jealous of these youths for having the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and memories in such a carefree environment!

On Monday, the Fox News host described the facilities that house immigrant kids as "essentially summer camps" — leading us to wonder what "tent cities" she's been sending her own children to when they get out of school.

Video: YOU Can Help The Border Children & Their Families!

Citing a report in The San Diego Union Tribune comparing one of the facilities to a "boarding school," Ingraham mitigated reports of thousands of separated children sobbing for their parents and being penned in what lawmakers have described as "cages."

But sure, these kids are having the time of their lives. Officials even provide them with foil sheets to pass out on when they get tuckered out from all that crying and screaming!

Watch a clip of Ingraham's delusional take (below).

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Sick Burn! Watch A Non-Profit Founder Slam Laura Ingraham On Her Own Show!

Laura Ingraham is back spewing her hateful garbage on Fox News, and she's looking fighting fit. Almost as if she's lost more than 20 sponsors.

In a debate over sanctuary cities, John Cox, a right winger running for governor in California, clashed with a philanthropist named Enrique Morones, creator of the human rights non-profit Border Angels.

After Cox ranted about MS-13, and how people should be afraid of immigrants, Morones jabbed the politician by saying he's never heard of him. The old Mariah. Nice.

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Ingraham had enough, calling Morones "rude and nasty" — to which he shot back:

"Where's your sponsors? David Hogg got rid of half of them. High school kids shut you down."

Shiiiiit! Not surprisingly, Morones' window quickly disappeared and Ingraham helps Cox finish the debate against immigration by himself.

Ch-ch-check out the slam (above)!

Just a reminder — unless Fox News is losing the sponsors altogether, they aren't going to do shit about her OR crooked ass Sean Hannity. Protest accordingly.

[Image via Fox News/Twitter.]

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Laura Ingraham Loses Even MORE Advertisers After Renewing Her Attack On David Hogg!

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Laura Ingraham returned to Fox News on Monday, as did the backlash over her recent comments about Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

Coming back from her "scheduled" week-long Easter vacation, The Ingraham Angle host offered no on-air apology to Hogg, but instead launched an assault on the left.

In her 10 minute monologue, Ingraham cried about the "Stalinist" efforts by her critics who use terms like "safe spaces" and "white privilege" to "intimidate those who disagree with them from entering the dialogue at all."

LOLz, cuz y'all know how Stalin believed in the power of protest and boycotts.

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Yup, she pulled the "free speech" card — after using her First Amendment to make fun of a teenage shooting survivor for not getting into college. Ingraham really thinks she can say whatever the fuck she wants and continue to have a cable news program.

But advertisers continue to say otherwise. A second wave of sponsors pulled their ads from Ingraham's show following questions from media outlets and angry posts from customers on social media.

Both Blue Apron and SlimFast announced they would no longer sponsor The Ingraham Program in the future, sharing on Twitter:

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Laura Ingraham WILL Return To Fox News Despite Advertiser Boycott — Read The Network's Statement Of Support

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Hide your college rejection letters — because it looks like Laura Ingraham's "pre-planned" vacation won't be an extended one amid her drama with Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

The Ingraham Angle host received a strong show of support from her boss on Monday, who confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that she will return to Fox News next week as planned.

Photo: Parkland Students Given Clear Backpacks Instead Of Gun Control!

Jack Abernethy, co-president of the network, told the paper:

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Laura Ingraham Takes Sudden Vacation After Losing 17 Sponsors For Attacking School Shooting Survivor!

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Last week, Laura Ingraham attacked Parkland shooting survivor and #NeverAgain movement leader David Hogg not for getting his facts or his argument wrong — but for getting rejected by some colleges.

After the despicable move, the high school senior fought back by telling his 600K Twitter followers to show they weren't OK with this kind of tactic — by telling her advertisers.

After just hours, the Fox News host started to lose sponsors. Within a day she apologized for her comments.

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But Laura Ingraham isn't Matt Damon. She doesn't mean well and accidentally say the wrong thing. No, this is the woman who told NBA stars with opinions about social programs to "shut up and dribble." Ad hominem attacks are just standard operating procedure for Ingraham.

So no one is cutting her any slack for saying "sorry" now. At least not these 17 businesses.

Is cancellation coming next??

On Friday night, Ingraham announced she

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Chris Brown! Mariah Carey! The Weeknd! I'm Not Loving All! AND…

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The Weeknd is 'surprise' releasing a new album today and we're not loving that!

We're not loving Chris Brown or Mariah Carey too!

And all of today's hottest topics!

A win for Roseanne is a win for Donald Trump!

Laura Ingraham's controversy!

Donald Glover is a liar!

And much more, including Corey Feldman, Fabolous, Heather Locklear and Cameron Diaz!

Watch! Enjoy! Share!

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David Hogg Rejects Laura Ingraham's Apology — And She Is Losing Advertisers FAST!

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UPDATE 3/30/18 6:29 P.M. EST: Things are only getting worse for Laura Ingraham. Now Liberty Mutual, Principal, Honda, Miracle Ear, Ruby Tuesday, and Office Depot have said they will stop advertising on the Fox News show, putting our count at 17 sponsors.

UPDATE 3/30/18 1:25 P.M. EST: The number of sponsors to drop Ingraham has hit 11, with Atlantis Resorts and Jenny Craig now confirming they are removing their ads.

UPDATE 9:10 P.M. EST: Now Johnson & Johnson, streaming giant Hulu, and subscription clothing service Stitch Fix have also declared they will remove their advertising dollars from The Ingraham Angle.

The right wing has really shown their true colors when it comes to the leaders of the #NeverAgain movement.

Despite the gun control advocates being teens who just survived a school shooting that claimed the lives of their classmates, the NRA and some GOP politicians and pundits have stooped to name calling, lies, and conspiracy theories.

As you may have heard, this week Laura Ingraham sank low by attacking David Hogg for getting rejected by some of the colleges to which he applied.

Video: Rick Santorum Thinks Students Should Just Learn CPR

But these teens know how to use Twitter — and David and his supporters responded by pointing out the gross move to The Ingraham Angle's advertisers.

The Fox News host tried to backtrack on her comments, but only after she saw advertisers fleeing. Hogg responded to the apology, tweeting:

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