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Former USC Running Back Files Lawsuit Against University

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Former USC Running Back Files Suit Against University

Stafon Johnson, a former USC running back is filing a lawsuit against USC over a weightlifting accident that almost killed him. He claims that the weightlifting coach recklessly hit the bench press bar, causing it to crush his neck.

Johnson says he was benching 275 pounds when the assistant strength coach, Jamie Yanchar, struck the bar that Johnson was lifting, causing it to slip out of his hands and onto his neck. The accident ended Johnson’s college career.

According to the suit filed, Yanchar's "negligent, careless and reckless" action in striking the bar "substantially increased the risk inherent in Mr. Johnson's bench pressing."

USC has since released a statement saying, "USC firmly believes it was not at fault in Stafon Johnson's unfortunate weightlifting accident. We are sorry that Stafon was injured."

Ugh, this is going to get ugly in court!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Driver In Fatal Connecticut Crash Sues Victim's Parents

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Connecticut driver is suing the parents of Mathew Kenney, after he struck and killed the boy with his car.

Wow! This guy has a lot of nerve.

David Weaving, currently serving a 10-year manslaughter sentence for striking and killing 14-year-old Matthew Kenney (pictured above) while driving 83 mph in a 45-mph zone, is suing the victims parents for allowing their son to ride his bike in the street without his helmet.

We thought suing McDonalds for coffee being too hot was silly, but this takes the cake for the most ignorant, repulsive, and blatantly delusional abuse of the United States civil court in recent memory.

The convict responded with the suit several months after the victim’s parents sued the 48-year-old driver for more than $15,000 in damages, saying he’s endured “great mental and emotional pain and suffering” and the loss of his “capacity to carry on in life’s activities.”

We hate to break it to you, David, but that is kind of the point of prison. You lost you’re right to carry on those activities when you committed manslaughter.

Although not charged with drunken driving, Weaving has 5 drunken driving arrests and 4 convictions on record, which begs the question: Why was he still allowed to drive in the first place?

This is the most ridiculous, but saddest thing we have read in a long time. We wish the victim’s family the best as they deal with not only their tremendous loss, but this ludicrous law suit against them.

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IHOP Is Suing International House Of Prayer!

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Let's Go To IHOP!

….you were thinking pancakes right?

Well, it turns out that a church based in California, the International House of Prayer has been using the coined phrase IHOP as well.

The pancake house has issued a law suit against the church, asking it to stop using "IHOP," since they are violating a trademark.

Along withe protecting its trademark, pancake IHOP does not want to appear that is supports a particular faith. They want to be able to get their hands on the domain name ihop.org so the church can't use it anymore.

Apparently IHOP had contacted the church asking them to stop using the term, however they refused.

IHOP does not want any money or problems to come from this suit, they just want the church to stop using "IHOP."

This is kind of silly.

What do U think should be done??

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Hilary Duff's Hockey Hubby SUED!

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Mike Comrie, veteran NHL player is being sued!!!

Turns out he failed to pay installments for his 2009 Mercedes-Benz CL550 in 2008. Uh oh!

Apparently the company tried to repossess the car, but Comrie “refused to allow Plaintiff possession.” Now, they are demanding Comrie pay off the rest….which comes to $103,398.


We don't think Hilary will like this!

[Image via Michael Wright/ WENN.]

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