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The Thin Ice Trailer Is A Little Fargoesque

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And don't get us wrong, we LOVE Fargo, but the new Greg Kinnear / Billy Crudup movie looks a little like a rehash of everyone's favorite indie crime comedies.

Thin Ice is about a shady insurance agent (Kinnear) who tries to steal a precious violin from one of his clients. But when Crudup's character becomes involved, shiz hits the fan and hijinks ensue!

Oh, but the one thing we're super happy about is that Lea Thompson is back on the big screen!!

Watch above!

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Lea Thompson On Charlie Sheen

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lea thompson on charlie sheen

Looks like Charlie Sheen's Red Dawn co-star Lea Thompson misses the good ole' Charlie from the '80s, and we don't blame her.

Here what Lea had to say about him:

"Bring that Charlie Sheen back. Actually, in my opinion, there’s not that much difference—he was pretty nutty back then, in a wonderful way."

And here's Lea on Charlie's Tweets:

"My daughter was following that yesterday. It’s better than any reality TV."

Ha! And here's Lea on whether or not Charlie is now sober:

"I don’t think you can get sober in three days. Sobriety takes a lot of work on yourself. It was interesting seeing [on TV], this juxtaposition between when he was really sober and now. He doesn’t look as sober now."

We agree with you, Lea! Charlie's got some MAJOR problems right now, and he needs more treatment than three days without drugs, if we ever want to see any hints of that Charlie from the '80s again.

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Back To The Future Cast Reunites!

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While celebrating the release of Back to the Future on Blu ray, the cast of the 1985 film, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Mary Steenburgen gathered to pay tribute to the legendary franchise in NYC on Monday.

We can't believe how good everyone looks! Marty McFly forever!

[Image via WENN.]

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Back To The Future's Michael J. Fox And Lea Thompson Reunite!

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michael j fox and lea thompson reunite

As part of EW's Reunion issue, Michael J. Fox reunited with his Back to the Future costar Lea Thompson with an exact replica of the DeLorean.

Other reunions include the cast of Lord of the Rings, Alias, West Wing and Will & Grace.

Love it!

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