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Too Cute! A Cat Takes A Dog For A Walk!

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What's up pussycat!!

Check this out - a feline was walking a canine with a leash!

That's just crazy!

Crazy, but true.

Apparently the doggy and the kitty are best friends, so the pup doesn't mind being lead around by a cat.

That's a better dog than us!

You know, if we were dogs or something.

Check out the amazingness by watching it (above) !!!

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Chicago's Oldest Pet Store Won't Be Buying Puppies From Pet Mills Anymore


Chicago's oldest pet store is switching things up!

Sonja Raymond and her family have been the proprietors of Collar And Leash since 1956, but they have announced they will no longer be buying puppies from puppy mills.

Here's what the store owner said:

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How To Keep Your Active Puppy Safe At The Dog Park

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Socializing your dog from a young age is very important.

The average dog gets tons of time meeting new humans.

But not all dogs get a lot of one on one time with other dogs.

And that can lead to a human-friendly pup, who either is overly aggressive or afraid of other dogs.

So how do you keep a happy, hyper puppy safe while socializing at a dog park?

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How to Leash Train Your Active Puppy

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A new puppy is a wonderful thing!

But it is also a BIG responsibility!

One of the biggest responsibilities though is training your puppy to go on a walk with its leash!

Which is why we found one fantastic list to help you leash train your active puppy!

Check out the list:

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Teaching Your Dog To Walk On A Leash!

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Every dog needs to learn to walked on a leash right?

So how do you do it? Should the leash be loose or tight as whip!

Follow these steps from ADW to learn how to loose lead your doggie!


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