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The Mama Drama Is Over! Leighton Meester Prevails In Court!

leighton meester mama drama is over

Leighton must be so relieved!

To recap, Leighton Meester used to generously give her mother $7,500 a month to help with her brother's medical bills, but her mom claimed Leighton had actually agreed to $10K/month…AND didn't pay up!

Then, Leighton went to court to have a judge declare the claims to be untrue, and as a result her mother Constance filed a lawsuit over "a non-existent management agreement," "an alleged support agreement" and "an alleged settlement agreement."


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Leighton Meester's Mom Accuses Her Daughter Of Abandoning Her

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Oh man. This is so sad.

Leighton Meester has had an ongoing battle with her mom, Constance Meester.

In fact, Leighton is even currently going through a stressful legal battle with her mother, whom she accuses of using the money to buy frivolous things such as cosmetic surgery, instead of spending the money on Leighton's younger brother, Lex.

So now, Constance is attacking Leighton, yet again, and blaming her for financially abandoning her and Lex. She says:

"My car was taken away. My house has gone into default, and we can’t afford food. I only have $26 left. If something doesn’t happen soon, we’ll be homeless by the holidays. I just got blood work done, and the doctors are pretty sure that I have lymphoma.

I knew that she was going to be a star and I devoted my life to making sure that happened. I never told Leighton this, but I worked as an exotic dancer to make ends meet.

The other night, I was looking at homeless shelters, and Lex showed me photos he’d found of a million dollar house she bought in LA and said, 'Mom, how can she do this to us?'"

The sad thing is that her mother has been known to have a past with drug use and has even been incarcerated on drug-related charges.

While Leighton did end their informal business relationship back in 2008, she still sent over $7,500 every month to help both her mother and her brother out.

It's sad that money has come between Leighton and her mother. It sounds like she's been willing to financially support her as long as she uses the money wisely. Not sure if we entirely trust Leighton's mom, especially with her shady past.

So, so sad. We hope they can resolve their issues one day.

[Image via WENN.]

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Leighton Meester Sues Her Mom


It's sad that it's come to this.

Leighton Meester is suing her mom, Constance Meester, claiming that her mother used money on cosmetic surgery instead of whom it was intended for, her little brother Lex.

Leighton and her mom have been on the outs, but she felt sorry for Lex who has severe medical issues. The worst part is that Leighton's mom doesn't work so Leighton sent over $7,500 a month to provide for him.

Instead of using the money on her son, Constance spent the money on several cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery, Botox, and hair extensions. She even argued that she had an oral contract that required Leighton to pay her $10,000 a month and threatened her daughter with a $3 million lawsuit if she didn't pay up.

Leighton says that her mom is a complete lair and wants a judge to declare that there is no contract between her and her mom.

So frustrating! How could her mom do this to her own daughter? We hope Leighton prevails and that her brother Lex is given proper care.

[Image via WENN.]

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