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Blackfish Says SeaWorld Has Been Lying To You!!

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The new documentary Blackfish is all about exposing the cruelty that really goes on at places like SeaWorld.

They think there is nothing crueler than imprisoning an animal, who should have full run of the oceans, in a small aquarium.

The animals are literally said to be driven insane by being locked up!!

The doc really debunks a lot of the "facts" that SeaWorld has been telling people.

Apparently, whales don't live longer in captivity and the stats about dorsal fin collapse are even falsified!

They've been lying to us all for YEARS!!

Check out the clip from Blackfish (above) to learn exactly what lies you've been fed!

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Advice Time

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ask dr J advice on word keepers

It's time for another Q&A With Dr. J!

This time, Dr. J tries to tackle the ever present frustration with some people to keep their word and produce the promised results!

- Why is it so hard for people to do what they say and keep their word?

Once upon a time in this wonderful world, Straight-Shooters not Verbal-Polluters roamed the Land. Today, we live in a world where some People can only hear and speak in sound bites and spend decades debating about who is wrong and who is right! Keeping one's word toward others builds character, credibility and value. Keeping one's word toward thyself puts more steam in one's self-esteem. When you do what you say, you create a trust-fund that can grow exponentially. If people truly recognized the Power of how our words and actions can either build or destroy our dreams, perhaps Fibbing and Flaking would be a thing of the past. Reap the rewards and keep your word in ALL Areas of Your LIFE, especially, when No One is listening nor looking! The remedy for some will be the greatest challenge of a lifetime: "TAME YOUR TONGUE" (Think & Re-Think before You Speak).

For more answers tweet your questions to @askdocj !

Thanks Dr. J!

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