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Amanda Bynes Drives BLINDLY With Suspended License AND A Scarf Covering Her Face

Really, Amanda Bynes? REALLY!?

Hard to see the car in front of you when you have a SCARF AND DARK LENSES CONFLICTING YOUR LINE OF VISION, RIGHT?!

It's bad enough this gurl is driving with a suspended license while toking on the reefer, but now she's impairing her vision as she blatantly disregards the law and safety of others too.

As we reported earlier, the actress who refuses to take a taxi got into ANOTHER automobile accident on Thursday night in West Hollywood. She was pulling out of a parking lot and collided with a car in front of her.

Which she could've avoided … if she didn't have THAT SCARF OVER HER FACE (above)!

Peekaboo! We see you!

We just wish she could see us too. You know, so she doesn't run us over.

Oh and are those sunglasses she's wearing? At night? Underneath a piece of cloth covering her face? The answer to all of the above is, unfortunately, yes.

Watch out, El Lay. Until the law decides to start tailing her so paparazzi don't have to, we're afraid Mz. Bynes is a danger to the entire city.

[Image via Splash News.]

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SHOCKING Photo Of Amanda Bynes Blatantly Disregarding The Law

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This is just sad to see…

As we reported earlier, Amanda Bynes was cruising all around El Lay on Tuesday with a suspended license WHILE she was smoking what looks like marijuana.

The photo (above) is cold, hard proof that after a DUI and TWO hit-and-run charges, she just hasn't learned her lesson.

Time to get off the road, gurl. And whatever else you might be on!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Amanda Bynes' Driving License Suspension CONFIRMED

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Uh oh.

Amanda Bynes is in trouble.

Due to another run-in with the police, the D.A. has put on record that Bynes was ordered not to drive without a valid driver's license and valid insurance.

The only reason she wasn't arrested on the scene of her last run in was because the police did not scan her license. If they had, it would've come up as suspended.

Bynes' next hearing is set for September 21st where the conditions of her freedom and her bail will be addressed by the presiding
judge who said:

"It would seem like Ms. Bynes would need to be here in court on that day."



Is Bynes going to get some jail time?

We hope she doesn't, but we also hope she doesn't get behind the wheel of a vehicle again for a long time.

We're very conflicted.

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Amanda Bynes In MORE Trouble As Prosecutors Reopen ANOTHER Hit-And-Run Case

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This is just not Amanda Bynes month year!

The actress is facing a DUI, to which she pled not guilty to in June, and a hit-and-run car accident which went to the El Lay City Attorney earlier this month. NOW, however, the attorney's office is re-opening a hit-and-run case involving the actress from April!

Just days after she was

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Louis Tomlinson's Lead Foot Gets Him Busted For Speeding!


Yeesh! Tough break!

No one is above the law, not even the boys of One Direction!

And unfortunately, member Louis Tomlinson learned that lesson the hard way when he was pulled over and cited for speeding this past weekend…while on his way to perform at the V Festival in Chelmsford!

Guess the "rushing to not disappoint his fans" excuse didn't fly, either, because although he was only going 48mph in a 40mph zone, the 20-year-old received three points on his license and an £80 fine…which would equal to around $130 in the states!

A source reveals:

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