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Miley Cyrus Swapped Spit With Model Cara Delevingne! See The Tongue Kiss Photo HERE!

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miley cyrus cara delevingne tongue kiss photo

Does Miley Cyrus Adore Cara Delevingne as more than friends??

The Wrecking Ball singer demolished our minds with this brand new pic of what looks like a makeout sesh with the Brit model! It was so hot it made Cara put on a bikini in December!

Whoa! What about her rumored relationship big hunk of burning muscle Kellan Lutz?

Well, this probably isn't as salacious as it seems. For Miley, licking is practically like shaking hands! But she did send a sweet message with it! She tweeted:

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Miley Cyrus Licks Miley Cyrus! Fill In The Blank!


She's lookin' at the tongue in the mirror! She's asking it to change its wags!

We hope that mirror was heavily washed both before and after this photo, as Miley Cyrus totally licked this reflective surface in an Instagram photo she posted to promote her Bangerz tour!

Well, if she asked this mirror, mirror on the wall who the twerkiest of them all was, it would definitely choose Mileybird!

But what Miley was really thinking while making out with the mirror was ___________________________.

[Image via Instagram.]

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Wild Cheetah Randomly Licks GoPro Camera!

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Wow, that is super cute!!

Matthew Copham, a Safari Footprints guide, takes people on private tours of the African bush.

He had set up his GoPro camera in the wilderness and left it there.

Ahmayzingly, it caught a wild cheetah approaching it!

We expected the big cat to just walk on by but the curious guy spotted the camera and decided to investigate!

How do animals investigate? By sniffing and licking of course!

It's so super cute!

Check out the video (above) or else you'll regret not watching a wild cheetah lick a camera!

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Taco Bell Doesn't Like That Guy Licking Their Tacos Either!

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taco bell responds lick food gross disgusting fast food

When you lick a stack of tacos at Taco Bell as an employee, we hope you know you're gonna get fired!

We couldn't care less if the tacos weren't going to be served to customers, because the consumers have to take your word for it! If you're hiring people who lick stacks of tacos for any reason in the first place, why would anyone take your word for anything??

Corporate totally got the message about that clever employee who posted a picture of egregious taco-licking yesterday, and they are understandably not happy! In fact, they responded by saying this:

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Taco Bell Employee Licks Tacos In A Way We All Find Disgusting!

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taco bell lick food gross disgusting fast food

Licking taco: sometimes it can be a very good thing for certain people! Wink wink!

Licking actual Taco Bell taco shells in a Taco Bell restaurant as a Taco Bell employee? F***ING DISGUSTING! LOLz!

Not only is that super high in sodium and could lead to future cardiovascular problems for this young man down the road, but we have no idea if this guy was planning to sell these!

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Jenny McCarthy LICKS Bradley Cooper's Face And Praises His "Hairy Ballz"!

jenny mccarthy licky bradley coopers face

Jenny McCarthy's devious tongue is at it again!!!!

First it attacked Justin Bieber's delicate neck at the 2012 AMAs, and NOW Jenny's mischievous mouth is all OVER Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper!!!

Ok… it was technically only a picture of the studly stud that she was laying her tongue all over, but still, celebrity men BEWARE!

In the SAME installment of Jenny's cray cray shenanigans, the new talk show host dished about Cooper's genitalia!

Jenny expressed:

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Hunger Games Hottie Makes Our Mouths Water


Aloooooha, Alexander Ludwig!

No, this isn't a dream. Those abs ARE real and they are on a Hawaiian beach!

The Hunger Games' yummiest tribute (sorry Peeta) spent Wednesday afternoon standing in the Pacific Ocean splashing water on his perfect torso.

Luckily for us, Alex and all his muscles love us just as much as we love them! He said so on Twitter, writing:

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