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Emma Watson Shoots Down Brown Bullying Rumors Again, Reveals She Threw Parties There!

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Damn! We want to party with Hermione Granger! LOLz!

Emma Watson has once again opened up about her decision to transfer from Brown University, but once again wants to ensure that everyone knows that it had nothing to do with rumors that she was subjected to bullying while there.

In fact, she even threw a rager for her classmates!

She explains:

"It made me so sad when all this stuff came out that I left Brown because I was being bullied. It made no sense at all. Brown has been the opposite. I've never even been asked for an autograph on campus. I threw a party for nearly 100 students and not a single person put a photo on Facebook. Anyway, even if I was being given a hard time, I wasn't going to wuss out of university because someone said 'Wingardium leviosa' to me in a corridor, or 'Ten points for Gryffindor.' I've been dealing with the media since I was nine. If I can't stand up to a few people giving me a hard time, it's a bit pathetic, really. I've had so much worse. I say to my friends, 'Why hasn't X called me? Why doesn't anyone ever pursue me?' They're like, 'Probably because they're intimidated.' It must be the fame wall. It must be the circus that goes around me. Me, as a person, I find it hard to believe I would be intimidating. Sometimes, maybe because they feel intimidated, they feel they have to knock me down. They know perfectly well who I am, but they'll ask me, 'How are the Narnia films going?' I'm single at the minute."

Oh man!

We cannot get over how smart, well-spoken, and HIGHlarious she is!

Not only do we doubt that anyone would try and seriously bully her, but we wouldn't put it past her to seriously put anyone who tried in their place! As they should!

Do NOT disrespect the Granger! Ha!

And don't worry too much about the dating, gurl!

Sometimes it just takes a little while to find the right person! They'll come around!

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Johnny Depp Is NOT Cheating On His Lady Friend!

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Phew! We're glad to hear this!

Reports in the French press have been circulating that claim that Johnny Depp was spotted kissing publicist Robin Baum, but according to his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Pardis' spokesperson, it's not true!

She says:

"It's lies, you heard rumours but it is not true."

We certainly hope it's not!

We wouldn't expect that kind of behavior from him!

Hope you guys aren't taking this nonsense too seriously!

[Image via WENN.]

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Katie Holmes NOT Pregnant, Despite Reports That Say Otherwise!

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No more changelings children on the way! Oh well!

Despite numerous reports that Katie Holmes is pregnant with her second child with husband Tom Cruise, her representative has denied the claims, and says:

"She is not pregnant."

Well, there you have it!

No brother and sister for Suri right now!

Perhaps someday, though! You never know!

[Image via WENN.]

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Gretchen Responds To Lawsuit Reports!


And the plot thickens…

We reported earlier that The Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi and her boyfriend, professional Real Housewives dater Slade Smiley, were being sued by her former make-up artist, Ron Ann Myers for breach of contract, fraud, deceit, and conspiracy after she claimed that they screwed her out of the profits for their make-up company.

However, a representative for the reality starlet has responded to the allegations with the following statement:

Please note Gretchen has not been served and her attorney's have not been contacted regarding this. It is apparent it was designed specifically for press. Please also note Ron Ann Myers has been selling random cosmetics to her clients for years. She claims to have a make up line that never took off. She is just one more greedy person trying to attach herself to other people's hard work.

Oh, snap! That's pretty to the point, don't you think?!

We're not sure who to believe on this one! But like we mentioned earlier, if there was no written agreement, we're not sure how Ron Ann's case is going to fly in a court of law - if it gets that far!

What do U think?? Is Gretchen at fault or is this lady just a famewhore?

[Image via WENN.]

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James Blunt NOT Performing At The Royal Wedding!


We guess that Prince William and Kate Middleton won't be sharing their first dance as a married couple to You're Beautiful, then! Boo!


James Blunt recently told a reporter that he'd be playing at the upcoming Royal Wedding in April, but apparently, he was merely practically joking!

His rep has confirmed that he said it in jest, and in reality, he'll be busy on tour over here in the states on the exciting day!

Fair enough!

Besides - and this is no offense to James - we'd be SHOCKED if he was confirmed before Elton or Macca!

But who knows who'll be confirmed to get the honor? We can't wait to find out though!

[Image via WENN.]

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Zacquisha Holds Hands With Man! Gasp! So What????

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Thanks for the good, early morning laugh, National Enquirer!

Check out this story recently published in the tabloid, which alleges that our beloved Zacquisha has been spotted out having trysts with Perez a gentleman caller (above) - and even in front of his ex Vanessa Hudgens!

Ha! As much as we fantasize about this becoming true and that seksi little piece running into our arms, we're gonna have to call bull shiz on this one!

But check out the full article anyway! They give us a shout-out!

Thanks, guys! LOLz!

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Jersey Shore's Angelina's Engagement Is A Publicity Stunt!

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Gross. But we suppose this is to be expected from the Staten Island Dump!

Although former Jersey Shore castmember Angelina Pivarnick was reported to have gotten engaged on the red carpet of a New York Fashion Week event to fiance Dave Kovacs, sources have come forward to admit that the entire thing was nothing more than a publicity stunt, and the pair not only attempted to use it as a means to get back on the smash reality series, but that he doesn't even LIKE her!

The insider revealed that Kovacs just wants to be famous, and Pivarnick is using him to try and secure a reality show - as well as his apartment and his Porsche - while she secretly dates a Staten Island firefighter!

They explain:

"They aren't even friends on Facebook. The whole thing is weird. But Angelina is also seeing this guy Ivan, a firefighter from Staten Island. The day she got engaged to Dave, she put photos of herself and Ivan together on on her twitter with their shirts pulled up leaning up against each other in his bedroom."

However, it appears that Kovacs must have realized he was in over his head, because merely hours after he proposed, he sent a text to the source claiming that the guidette is "a bad evil person."

Wowza! A little harsh, don't you think?! Especially from someone who was willing to get into a fake relationship just to leech on to her long-expired 15 minutes of fame!


Whatevs! The saddest part of this whole mess is that they actually thought this would help them get a reality show!

Ha! Laaame.


[Image via WENN.]

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