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Songwriter Linda Perry Defends Xtina

linda perry defends xtina

Beautiful songwriter Linda Perry has come to Xtina's defense, specifically talking about her last album, Bionic, and why it didn't sell very well.

Here are some highlights from a recent interview in which Perry talks about Xtina in a very positive light:

"I think Christina’s awesome and a very talented person. She definitely doesn’t care — and that is a fact. You know how some people say “I don’t care” and they really do? I can tell you that Christina really doesn’t care…. because she learned very early on that critics are critics, people will say whatever they want and it’s up to her to decide what is the truth and what is not. She stands true to what she knows."

"It’s not all about selling a bazillion records to her. She just wants to be able to stand behind it. In the end she did say to me, 'Maybe I did release the Bionic record too soon. Oh well. Now, I wanna make a rock record!' I was like 'Oh, God!' She’s gonna take everybody for a ride. So, ultimately, why she gets put down I don’t know. You’ll never know, I’ll never know, only Christina will ever figure that out and get the answer."

Very nice, encouraging words from Miss Perry.

We're sure Xtina appreciates it!

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Courtney Love Wanted To Sing Xtina Anthem Beautiful


Could you imagine Courtney Love singing Christina Aguilera's Beautiful??

We know! Bizarre, right??

Well according to Miz Love, if she had had her way, the track would have been hers!

Thankfully, the song's writer, Linda Perry, told her the two weren't the right fit!

She reveals:

"In my entire life I've never wanted a song fully rendered, that someone else has written - ever… [the song] was 11 years old at the time… and she ended up giving it to Christina Aguilera, but I begged her for it. She said to me at the time… 'You're not ready for top 40; you will be. You'll hate this song because you didn't write it' - which is totally true… and then we got into a fierce fight about whether she should give it to Britney [Spears] or Christina. She said, 'Someday, you and me are gonna write a song that's better and better suited for you'. Again it's an old song… She just whipped it out one day."

We think that it was a pretty smart move! Courtney's take definitely would have been interesting, but Xtina OWNS that song!

We just don't think we would have it any other way!

What do U think?? Would have liked to hear Courtney Love sing Beautiful instead of Xtina??

[Image via WENN.]

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