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Lindsay Lohan 'Happy' About Rehab Stay, Said 'Sorry Mommy' To Dina Lohan?! So Claims Dina!

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lindsay lohan rehab dina happy for daughter

Hmm, we HIGHly doubt Lindsay Lohan is happy about being in rehab seeing as she reportedly doesn't even think she NEEDS treatment for her substance issues…

Although Lilo IS probably over the moon about the fact that Betty Ford is letting her take Adderall!

Mommy Dearest Dina Lohan claims her daughter knows she needs help, is "happy" that she has this time to work on herself, AND that she even apologized directly to Dina because she's apparently "sorry" for all the drama that she's caused.

HA! Likely story.

In a recent interview, Dina explained all the recent rehab drama (or rather, gave HER version of events), stating:

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Lindsay Lohan Hates New Rehab Digs, "Begging" To Leave Betty Ford!

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tumblr ml7x7kakav1rman8co1 500

If this rumor is true… are you f*cking KIDDING us with this behavior, Lindz?

Even though Lindsay Lohan caused mass media frenzy when she randomly PEACED on Morningside Recovery because she reportedly didn't like the facilities AND apparently insisted that her just re-hired lawyer Shawn Holley cut a deal to relocate her to the Betty Ford Center, it seems the former child star is NOT happy with her new home (for the next 90 days) and is already asking to be moved.

In fact, not only Is Lilo repeating her mantra of "I don't need rehab," she's allegedly telling people at the treatment facility that Betty Ford is not the best place for her at this time.

Which we totally agree with, seeing as JAIL would probably be the best place for her at this time… but we digress.

One supposed insider claims:

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Lindsay Lohan GROSSED OUT By Morningside; Wanted Betty Ford Because She 'Knows Everyone'

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tumblr mkk7765pp91rwq92yo1 250

Aw isn't it nice how celebs have SO MUCH CHOICE when it comes to receiving punishment for their crimes? Siiighhhh.

Lindsay Lohan caused mass hysteria yesterday when she fled from Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, CA.

Thankfully, it seems after LOTS of legal drama — which included the firing of Mark Heller and the re-hiring of Shawn Holley — Lilo managed to find her rehab home for the next 90 days at the famed Betty Ford Center.

But WHY was Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos SO against Morningside? And what made her settle on her former rehab haunt?

One insider reveals:

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Lindsay Lohan BEGS Fired Lawyer To Come Back; Makes Last Minute Rehab Deal!

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lindsay lohan reunites shawn holley morningside rehab betty ford

It all makes sense now! Lindsay Lohan is a real life magic maker who bewitches people into doing what she wants…

Because that is the ONLY explanation that would make us understand WHY Lilo's ex-lawyer — who she FIRED — decided to take the troubled starlet BACK last night as a client, especially since Lindz reportedly owes her about $300,000 in legal fees.

But magic or no, it's true. Mark Heller, the man who LIED to the judge yesterday when he claimed Lindsay was ensconced in the bosom of Morningside Recovery when she was really shopping at Fry's Electronics is OUT, and Shawn Holley is IN after some (supposed) excessive begging from Lilo.

And lucky for Lindz, Shawn apparently used her savvy lawyering skills to finagle a rush deal with the LA City attorney for Lindsay to attend the Betty Ford Center…

Although no news as to whether or not Lindz has arrived at THAT rehab location, or if she's pulled another disappearing act.

One alleged insider reveals:

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Lindsay Lohan RUNNING From Rehab! Has NOT Checked In & Could Be Heading Back To NYC!

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tumblr lxe2iz81mi1r8cla5o1 500

We guess the flowery speech that Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Mark Heller gave to the judge this morning about how his client was "ensconsed in the bosom" of Morningside Recovery was just a fantasy…

Because Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos is NOT settling into her new digs at the Newport Beach treatment facility sober living center, because even though she DID show up and went inside, girl apparently left after claiming that she didn't need rehab!

One supposed insider reveals:

"She told people there that she didn’t need rehab. And then she left. Everyone was stunned."

Lilo was also spotted earlier this AM shopping at Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA…

Maybe she had forgotten her phone charger and needed to pick up a spare? But then WHY is she not comfortably charging her phone in her court-ordered state of confinement??

There is now even suspicion that Lindsay is running away and heading back to NYC.

Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White said of the rumor:

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EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer LIED To Her So That She'd Go To Morningside, Or So Claims Daddy Michael!

lindsay lohan michael lohan rehab secret email

A Lannister Lohan always pays his debts gets what they want…

And Lindsay Lohan (and her 270 outfits) do NOT want to go to Morningside Recovery, gosh darn it!

So WHY did Lilo settle on Morningside instead of jetting off to her rehab of choice AKA the Lukens Institute located in Florida?

In an exclusive new email written by Lindsay's Daddy Dearest Michael Lohan, the Lohan patriarch claims Lindsay's lawyer Mark Heller pushed Lilo into agreeing on Morningside by claiming it had already been judge approved, and that she'd be arrested if she didn't go!

Mike alleges:

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Lindsay Lohan BAILED On Flight Out Of NYC, But See Her Swanky Cali Rehab Center HERE!

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lindsay lohan rehab late morningside pictures

And so it begins.

Lindsay Lohan is required by law to be sitting pretty at a stay-in rehab center TODAY (May 2), but in typical Lilo fashion, girl will be arriving at her rehab of choice later than expected as she MISSED her initial flight out of NYC and had to borrow a friend's private plane instead.

But WHERE is Lindz going to spend her 90 days of mandated confinement?

It seems the former child star has settled on the very luxurious Morningside Recovery center in Newport Beach, Ca., and we bet Daddy Michael Lohan isn't too happy about that.

But we imagine Lindz is delighted about the prospect of staying at a place that houses patients clients in private homes right across the street from the bay AND which boasts such activities as hiking, kayaking, and trips to Disneyland.

Dayum, who knew reckless driving, lying to a police officier, and soaking oneself in booze would have such comforting consequences? LOLz.

Actually, no it's not even funny… just crushingly depressing.

The facility also allows

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