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The Dark Knight Lion King Rises!

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This YouTube genius synced the audio Dark Knight Rises trailer to what looks like a 90's trailer for The Lion King to make the incedaballz video (watch above)!

The lip syncing is perfect (well done), but the best part is that when put up next to each other it's pretty crazy how similar all the stories are.

In fact, now that we think about it…. This just proves that Batman is just one big Disney rip-off!! OMGZ!!!

Side note: We know Batman came before the Lion King which was is probably a rip-off of Kimba the White Lion — all of which are kind of based off Hamlet. Let us have our fun.

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Disney Cashin' In On 3D ReReleases, More On The Way!

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Finding Nemo 3d Disney rerelease

We can't say we blame them!

With the stampede of audiences keeping the re-release of The Lion King atop the box office hill for so long, it only makes sense to bring more out the vault.

And Disney has decided four already! Here's the timeline:

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Hakuna MA-MAZING! Lion King Joins List Of Top 10 Highest Grossing Films Of All Time Domestically!

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lion king reaches top ten list

After all this Lion King success, we'd imagine we'll probably be seeing a lot more Disney 3D re-releases soon!

Thanks to the $79.7 million that The Lion King 3D has grossed domestically so far, the Disney classic film has officially entered the coveted list of top 10 domestic highest grossing films of all time, with an overall total of $408.2 million!

Here's what Disney executive vp of distribution Dave Hollis had to say about it:

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Surprise Win: 'Lion King 3D' Beats Brad Pitt's 'Moneyball' At The Box Office

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Lion King 3D Beats Brad Pitt's 'Moneyball'

Sorry Brad!!

Disney’s 3D re-release of The Lion King won the weekend AGAIN!

The animated classic made 22.1 million in its second weekend, beating out some tough competition for the number one spot! Will this movie ever stop making money??

Somehow (perhaps the magic of Disney?) the 20-year-old children's movie trumped the new Brad Pitt / Jonah Hill baseball drama Moneyball, which ended its opening weekend in a close race with 3D family offering Dolphin Tale.

Moneyball grossed an estimated $20.6 million, while Dolphin Tale took in an estimated $20.3 million, but the order of the two films could switch once final figures come in Monday morning.

If this isn't proof that JTT is box office gold we don't know what is!

[image via Disney]

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Disney Mov-eyes!

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katie-alves-disney-movie-eyelid-makeup-2.jpg katie-alves-disney-movie-eyelid-makeup-1.jpg

This girl is crazy talented!

Katie Alves, a 21 year old makeup artist from Canada, is using her brushes to create mini Disney masterpieces. Her canvas of choice: eyelids!

We're blown away by the amount of detail she's able to incorporate into each scene.

Sure, it's not the most practical application, but photographers will go nuts for this.


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Brit Brit Takes Little Ones To Lion King!

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Brit Brit Takes Little Ones To LIon King Show

Awww! How adorbs!

We're super glad that Momma Spears has the time to take her kids out to see a little Lion King action as a family! With the new album and the gearing up for a tour, we bet it's hard!

Best of luck with anything, Brit! Album, Tour, and Family!

If anyone can pull it off, it's you!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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