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First Time Mom Relentlessly Live-Tweets Her Home Birth — With NSFW Pics!

mom live tweets instagrams birth realtime

If you want to document childbirth and simultaneously try and dispel rumors and misinformation of what actually goes on in those birthing rooms… what better way than to live Tweet/Instagram the ENTIRE THING without flinching??

That's exactly what first time mom Ruth Iorio did when she went into labor on Christmas night!

If you followed the designated hashtag, #ruthshomebirth, you could've watched the whole thing in realtime. For 12 hours.

That must be one long phone battery her husband had — because he was

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Hit The Thrift Shop With Ellen DeGeneres!

We'll never stop thanking Ellen DeGeneres for introducing the world to Sophia Grace & Rosie!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the British belles dropping mad new beats on the Macklemore megahit Thrift Shop!

We had to listen twice just to catch all the new lyrics! This might be even better than the original! Well, cuter anyway.

This really is pretty awesome! LOLz!

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Hospital Tweets LIVE C-SECTION!! Wow!!!

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People ask for transparency in government, but in medicine??

Houston's Memorial Hermann hospital decided to open its operating room to the public via GoPro cameras and share an entire Caesarean section with the public!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the first incision, but:

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Toy Story: Check Out The Shot-By-Shot Live Remake!!!!!

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Fact: One of the greatest movies of all time is Toy Story.

Fact: Two now-college students spent two years recreating the Pixar film shot-by-shot with only a shoe string budget and plenty of heart.

Fact: After they released their live action remake, the video went on to be seen by more than

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Kerri Walsh Jennings Learns Baby Gender LIVE On Today!!! It's a…

As an Olympic gold medalist volleyball player, Kerri Walsh Jennings really knows how to execute a set-up!

Only this time she's going to spike the news of her baby's gender!

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Celebs & Their Kids Love Disney's Phineas and Ferb!!!

Disney had a special evening for celebrity parents and their children. For those who were in the know, Friday was the opening night of Disney's Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!

Here's a rundown of the stars who RSVP'd for the event:

- Dean McDermott and kids, Liam, Hattie and Stella

- Dylan McDermott and daughter Charlotte

- Kit Hoover and her children Crowley, Hayes and Campbell

- Tia Carrere and daughter Bianca

- Jamie Pressly and son Dezi

The real stars are most certainly the celeb kids who were obviously thrilled and excited in that way which only kids can be, and some of the images from the event are just incredible!!!

Hopefully, we'll see more of everyone associated with this event. Good job, Disney!

P.S. Check out more pictures of these amazing celebrities and their cute-as-a-button children (below) !!!

[Image via Aaron Poole for Disney Live! / Feld Entertainment.]

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Chicks In London: Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple See Jay-Z Live


Apple and momma Gwyneth Paltrow ch-ch-checked out the Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne tour last Saturday night in London.

The two seemed to have a jolly good time with Apple even throwing up the rock symbol a few times (it's where you put your hands in a diamond shape for those who aren't in the know.)

The star family is known to be good friends with Jay-Z's also star family, so we bet there was some backstage access happening after the show.

Here's what Paltrow said during the show on Twitter:

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