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Lindsay To Be Charged With Felony In Stolen Necklace Case!

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Oh crap.

Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft in the case of the stolen necklace.

A jewelry store claims that Lindsay stole the $2,500 necklace that she's been pictured with (above), however Lindsay says that she took the jewelry on loan.

And she's still sticking with that story.

The case will be filed as early as Monday. If convicted, Lindsay could face a maximum of three years in state prison.

Here we go again….

[Image via WENN.]

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Store Owner Calls Bull Shiz On LiLo Taking The Necklace Out On Loan!


Uh-oh! Has she been caught in another lie?!

Despite Lindsay Lohan claiming that the necklace she allegedly stole from Kamofie & Company was actually on loan to her, the store owner, Sofia, revealed that for that to have actually happened, the actress would have needed to follow an extremely strict procedure that never was taken!

She explains:

"When we loan out jewelry, we have a whole procedure that needs to be done. There is paperwork that needs to be filled out and there needs to be insurance information given or credit card information in case something happens with the jewelry. The stylist will come in and ask to borrow the jewelry for a shoot or an event."

Furthermore, the paperwork includes an itemized list of what the customer is taking on loan and a signed contract that claims responsibility for the item while it is out of the store!

Uh-oh - we'll be curious to hear how she plans to make up excuses explain herself for this one!

Meanwhile, although the case was submitted to the D.A. by the LAPD yesterday, a spokesperson from their office reveals that they're going to wait until next week to decide whether or not to persecute her for the stolen necklace. If they do, it could either be a charge for felony grand theft or a misdemeanor grand theft charge!

Better behave yourself this weekend, bb!

We think you've had enough trouble to last yourself a LIFETIME!


[Image via WENN.]

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LiLo Readies Her Defense In Stolen Necklace Case!


Sneaky, sneaky!

Just as we suspected, Lindsay Lohan has once again found a way to weasel herself out of trouble for her latest drama, involving the allegedly stolen $2,500 necklace that could ultimately get her thrown in jail for violating the terms of her probation!

We're hearing that the actress' defense is that she was told by the owner of the store, Kamofie & Company, that she could take the necklace on loan - and because the surveillance video doesn't have audio, there's no proof otherwise!

Other factors that may hint that Lohan didn't do anything wrong was that the store owner knows where she lives, and had not tried to get in touch with her personally about the missing necklace, and that she wore the stolen item, well aware that it was one of a kind and that she would probably be photographed with it on!

Um…yeah! But didn't she do the same thing when she 'borrowed' that mink coat?!

The only reason the original owner found out she had it was because gurlfriend was snapped wearing it!

Frankly, with her track record, we're not completely sold that she's innocent - but we hope that she is!

We truly do want to see a reformed LiLo!

What do U think?? Is Lindsay just making up excuses again??

[Image via WENN.]

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Octo-Mom Faces Eviction In 2011

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octomom faces eviction in 2011

What an awful way to start the New Year! Really, really sad.

Back in October, we reported that Amer Haddadin, the man who owns Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman's house, was gearing up to take action against her for not paying the MAJOR debt she owes to him.

Since Octo-Mom still hasn't made the effort to pay up on the $450,000 balloon payment that she owes Haddadin, it looks like he's decided to officially start eviction proceedings against her if she doesn't take care of the entire payment.

If Suleman is unable to pay off her loan by Dec 31, Haddadin plans to sue her and start up eviction proceedings on January 3rd.

This story gets worse and worse. We hope she's able to work something out quickly, although we can't imagine what!

[Image via WENN.]

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Atlanta Real Housewife NeNe Leakes FURIOUS At Estranged Husband

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atlanta housewife nene furious at her husband gregg for lying about a loan

We can't blame you, NeNe! This is messed up.

Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes is furious at her estranged husband Gregg Leakes, for lying about a loan he claimed to have received from castmember Dwight Eubanks.

Dwight had reportedly lent Gregg $10,000, but Gregg claimed it was only $500 when confronted by NeNe.

According to sources, Gregg did in fact borrow $10,000, and he lied straight to NeNe's face.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

“Gregg lied to NeNe because he did get a $10,000 loan from Dwight and now she is really pi**ed at him."

More from the source:

“Money is a sensitive issue between them and NeNe cannot believe that Gregg would lie to her. She feels it has put her in an awkward position with Dwight because they are really good friends who confide in one another both on and off camera.

NeNe confronted Gregg about the money off camera and she was not happy with his response - and to make matters worse she no longer knows if she can trust Dwight either.

She felt betrayed when he announced on the show that he spent $30,000 on Sheree’s fashion show and now she does not know what kind of deals he has been doing with Gregg behind her back.”

Way to dig yourself into a MASSIVE hole with NeNe, Gregg. Not cool.

How would U react if U were in NeNe's place?

[Image via WENN.]

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Steve Madden's The Proud New Owner Of Betsey Johnson


Betsey Johnson has handed over her trademarks to Steve Madden, which officially makes him the owner of her company.

But it's not because Betsey couldn't pay him back.

As we mentioned last month, Steve took over the $48.8 million loan BJ defaulted on. To secure the loan, the designer used intellectual property as collateral, which would become Madden's if she didn't pay him back by August of 2012.

However, the two have come to an agreement that's has made Steve Madden the owner.

The COO of Betsey Johnson couldn't be happier, saying:

"Whenever you come out of a situation with a good partner, cash coming into the business and the elimination of all debt, what’s not to love?"

Fair enough.

Now that Madden's in the drivers seat, he wants to make shoe sales 30% of the business and expand the daytime dress collection.

We're sure he won't have any problems with the shoes.

[Image via Flashpoint/WENN.]

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Steve Madden Help$ Out Betsey Johnson


There's good news and bad news for Betsey Johnson.

On Thursday, papers were filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission that Steven Madden Ltd. will take over the $48.8 million loan BJ has defaulted on.

However, if Betsey can't pay back the copycat by August 20, 2012 Madden could end up owning the brand because the company's intellectual property was used as collateral to secure the loan.

Other items used as collateral include "personal property, accounts, deposit accounts and cash, equipment, fixtures, general intangibles, goods [and] inventory."

Wow, that's a lot to lose.

Lets hope she can pay it back!

[Image via Flashpoint/WENN.]

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