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Lindsay Lohan's Childhood Home In Foreclosure?! Dina Lohan Found Out WHEN!?!

Lindsay Lohans mom Dina Lohan home foreclosure

Uh oh! More trouble in the Lohan family!

Dina Lohan has reportedly been served with foreclosure papers for Lindsay Lohan's childhood Long Island home.

It seems JP Morgan Chase filed the papers back on Aug. 28…two weeks before Dina's DWI arrest.

Guess we know why Dina was drinking!

It's also not the first time Dina's been served with a foreclosure on the home. Dina's been struggling to make payments for YEARS.

Come on, girl, get it together!!!

Even LiLo is calling you out on your shiz!

Let's hope that Dina can learn from Lindsay and try to clean up her act to save her home AGAIN.

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN.]

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All The Icky Details Leading Up To Michael Lohan's Latest Arrest! Super Gross Deets Inside!

Kate Major Michael Lohan Arrest Fight Domestic Violence

Eww. Eww. and Eww.

The thought of Michael Lohan having sex really creeps us out, but it's part of the details so we'll have to be strong.

According to the report, this is what happened leading up to Mike's latest arrest.

Kate Major says Michael "repeatedly pushed her, squeezed her arms and told her he would slit both his wrist and her wrist."

She then says he threatened to throw her off the balcony, but instead threw a remote control at her…and missed.

Later, they ended up making up and having sex. The police continue to say:

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Trump Wouldn't Hire Lindsay For Celebrity Apprentice


There were rumors for a time that once Lindsay Lohan was out of rehab, she'd make a transition back into Hollywood the way most celebs who've faced their demons have - through reality television.

A lot shows were tossed around, but one that we've just learned was under serious consideration was Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. Upon announcing the upcoming celebs this season, Trump was asked to confirm or deny that Lindsay was in the running for this latest season. The Donald admitted:

"[The Lohans] approached me, and we did talk about it. It's just not the right time. Lindsay has to straighten herself out first. And I know Dina, she's a really lovely woman. I don't think she gets very much credit — she's tried. I know Michael a little bit. It could happen in the future, but right now we need to see Lindsay get straightened out."

A sensible argument, Trumpster. The last thing you want on your show is an unstable personality who's a risk of flying off the handle at any moment and making an embarrassment out of your empire.

By the way, exactly who's idea was it to hire Gary Busey this season?

[Image via WENN.]

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Judge Unimpressed By LiLo's Rehab Stint

Filed under: Lindsay LohanLegal Matters

probation office putting pressure on judge fox to give lindsay lohan jail time

As the sun rose over the dusty plains of Rancho Mirage, Lindsay Lohan was awoken this morning by the sound of birds chirping and her Blackberry blowing up like Hiroshima. As she scrolled through her messages in her morning haze, she was thrilled to see so many well wishes from "friends" in regards to today's crucial probation hearing.

One person who didn't bother to call was Judge Elden Fox, as we hear he is preparing to read Linds the riot act when she steps foot in his courtroom. Many had speculated that her time in rehab might have soften the judge up and that he might consider giving her a lighter sentence for her crimes. (Right now, she faces as little as 30 days in jail for failing her drug test or a full year should the judge revoke her probation entirely.)

But that just ain't so. Sources suggest that the Probation Dept. is putting the pressure on Judge Fox to make an example out of LiLo and recommends he give her some form of jail time. They're looking for her to get the 30 day sentence, but Judge Fox gets the final call.

Things aren't looking good for you, girl. We hope her people are preparing her for the worst.

[Image via WENN.]

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Sage Advice From Elton To Lindsay!

Filed under: Lindsay LohanElton John

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

Listen to him! He got through to Eminem!

Sir Elton John shared some of his advice for Lindsay Lohan, who is currently watching Mean Girls in the movie room at the Betty Ford Clinic, while on the red carpet to his AIDS Foundation fundraiser in Manhattan.

One thing really resonates with us and we hope it does for her to. Elton says: Ditch the fam!

And we agree!

Check out what else Elton has to say to Lindsay! (above)


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The Lohan Bunch Head To Betty Ford For A Visit!

Filed under: Lindsay LohanDrugsDina LohanAliana Lohan

lindsay lohan's mother, dina lohan, and siblings visit her for the first time at the betty ford center

Lindsay Lohan has something rather interesting to look forward to today. Her yoga class has been pushed back to make room for her first scheduled "family day" since having checked into rehab.

Sources report that her mother, Dina Lohan, has flown out from New York just for the occassion and is bringing along with her other three offspring Ali, Michael Jr. and Cody.

On the schedule for the reunion is what sources are calling a "jam-packed therapy session," but somehow, we think its going to turn into the Michael Lohan Bashing Variety Hour.

It's good to get ALL your feelings out, no matter what they are!

Hope ya'll have a nice visit!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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Living Lohan: Dina Vs Michael! (Who Else?!)

dina lohan denies seeking conservatorship over lindsay lohan calls michael lohan a liar

And they're at it again!

Lindsay Lohan, who is currently losing against Tom Arnold in marathon game of Connect 4 at the Betty Ford Center, might have the most upsetting set of stage parents we have ever seen. Back and forth they go in their constant game of attention-tennis and right now, the ball is in Dina Lohan's court.

About a month ago, Michael Lohan revealed to the press that Dina had plans to established a conservatorship over Lindsay, similar to what Papa Spears did with Brit-Brit. This was bad news bears for Michael, mostly because he was pissed he couldn't do it himself. Now, Dina is coming forward to defend herself and confirm that she has no plans to secure a conservatorship. As per usual, she is calling Michael a liar! She explains:

"Absolutely not true. My ex is trying to start a smear campaign against myself, my daughter and my family because he can’t get into rehab to see Lindsay. And because he can’t, he’s trying to ruin all of our lives.”

We're not naive enough to truly believe that these two will ever get their problems squared away so that their daughter can lead a normal life, but we still kind of wish they could find a happy medium to live by, for Lindsay's sake.

And in fact, if they could prove that they really cared about LiLo, a conservatorship wouldn't be such a bad idea.

They don't, so it won't. Hopefully, it won't come to that!

[Image via WENN.]

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