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Michael Lohan Sr. Calls Michael Lohan Jr. A "Pawn"


No one every really hears much from Michael Lohan Jr. He pretty much keeps to himself, keeps out of his parent's and LiLo's craziness.

But this past week, we finally heard from junior, who spoke out against so-called "enablers" and "leeches" that have made his sister's life that more difficult!

Enter the biggest leech of them all, his father, Michael Lohan Sr., who is once again seizing the opportunity to lash out at his ex-wife Dina Lohan, this time through a different spawn of their evil!

Papa Lohan is calling into question the sincerity of his son's remarks. He believes that Junior is only "pawn" and mouthpiece being used by Dina to spread her "BS" about LiLo. Michael explains:

"Being that Dina has been gagged due to her constant lies to the press, media, public, courts and people in general, she is using a normally quiet and innocent person as her mouthpiece. First, to spread her BS, and second as her new pawn…While my wonderful son studied as a straight-A business major in college — and I got him offers from two Wall Street firms — Dina now has been pitching a movie she is 'producing' with Michael as the starring role. Michael is the best person Dina has in her corner and she is even using him. Her own son! And it goes deeper! How sick is this."

Pretty effing sick! Do any of the Lohan children have anyone to rely on for parental guidance?! Anyone?

First, let's state the obvious here! Michael, you don't have enough connections to get him into a screening of Wall Street, must less a job at a firm and the likelihood of Dina getting Junior to be in a movie is as much as Aliana and her eyebrows having a #1 single. Ain't never going to happen.

We want to believe that despite her insane parents, Lindsay has a solid supporter in her brother. Call us crazy, but we think he might not have been passed down the insanity gene. (Maybe he's the milkman's an agents kid?)

[Image via WENN & Ramey Pix.]

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Mo'Nique Stands Up For Lindsay!

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Oscar winner Mo'Nique wants us all to stop picking on poor Lindsay Lohan. She thinks we should all just "mind our business" and let the Lohan family sort this out themselves.

Yeah, not happening, considering that if we left the Lohan family purely to their own devices without any scrutiny, who knows what kind of plagues they will rain down upon us! The thought just gives us shivers!

Regardless, Mo'Nique told sources that she felt it was time for everyone to leave LiLo alone and let her sort through her mess of a life. She says:

"Stop judging her. That baby simply needs some help and if it was your baby, would you want to turn on the TV every night and hear people's horrible opinions and they don't know what’s really happening? So the advice is for us. Stop judging that baby. Let's stop judging that family because we don’t know what's really going on. Mind your business and let them mind theirs and maybe everybody will come out okay."

Um, if we know EXACTLY what is going on, can we still judge? Can that be a rule?

Also, sorry, but LiLo is far from a baby. Girl is 24 years old. She can vote. She can buy alcohol. She rent a car! Maybe if more people stopped treating her like a baby she wouldn't be in this mess!

[Image via WENN.]

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LOLhan's Leave Lindsay!


Where the eff are they going?!

While Lindsay spends her 28th day in treatment, Dina and Ali Lohan were spotted at LAX boarding a plane. And we have no clue why they'd leave El Lay right now!

Hope this isn't some sort of vacation. Show some respect, bitches!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant Loves Her!


Oh, boy.

Lindsay Lohan's assistant Eleonore says that she loves Lindsay and her fucked up family!

"I love Dina and Ali and Lindsay with all my heart. I never told anyone I was unhappy. I want to help the Lohans while Lindsay is recovering," Eleonore said.

Really?! Because we think that must be the worst job ever!

Eleonore adds:

"I love my job. They are like my family. I have never said one bad thing about the Lohans. I don't know if someone wants to punish the family but I would never do anything to hurt them. Why would I complain? I'm not working full-time right now and they are giving me work. Why wouldn't I help them?"

Sounds like someone has been brainwashed by the almighty Orange Oprah!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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The LOLhans Are Press-Thirsty!

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Has it come to THIS?!

Lindsanity and her leech sister Ali Lohan made their own custom milkshake for charity at Millions of Milkshakes on Monday.

And when was the last time a camera was actually filming La Loca acting?!


[Image via WENN.]

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