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CUTENESS: Maine Coon Kitty Vs Maine Coon Kitten

Filed under: YouTubeCat

So cute and stupid!

This little kitten thinks she can take on a 15lb cat! LOL!

Maine coons are our all-time most fave kind of cat cause they're America's largest and cutest breed!!

The kitten in this video is 7-weeks and the big girl is 1 1/2 years-old — they have a long way go cause main coons don't stop growing till they're 5!

Click HERE to see the world's largest living Maine Coon!

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Vintage LOLz: Garfield Is Real!

Filed under: YouTubeCatFunny

We LOVE so much about this piece of vintage youtube gold!

1) It teaches us that there is a real Garfield - and he is adorable.
2) It shows us a normal sized and acting cat to compare it too, and
3) WTF is on TV ?? "She one of a rag tag of a group of dreamers who thought there should be more than 3 repetitive channels" LOLZ!!

We hope he's still out there somewhere enjoying a large trey of lasagna. He's earned it!!

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LOLZ: Evil Cat Shoves His Buddy In A Box

Filed under: YouTubeCatFunny

"This is what you get stealing my man!!"

This bully cat not only shoves his friend in a box — he sits on it so he can't get out! LOL.

Luckily, a wise old cat with a beard (this cat actually has a beard) comes over and reminds him cat on cat violence is wrong.

Cats should only fight dogs. THIS is more like it.

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CUTENESS: OCD Cat Has To Close The Lid

Filed under: YouTubeCatFunny


This cat's owner should know that KCOCD (kitty cat obsessive compulsive disorder) is a serious and should not be toyed with!!

Ya know… unless it's cute — then we encourage it.

Like when owners messed with This KCOCD Cat's need to follow a laser!

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Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' VMA Performance Recreated By A Cat

Filed under: TV NewsMusic MinuteCatAmazing

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

ZOMG! That that is one talented pussy!

Tuesday MTV gifted the world with this video — the first of series — that recreates unforgettable VMA moments using animals. (Don't ask why. It's awesome so just go with it.)

Today, EW was nice enough to post this fantastic creature doing Madonna’s iconic and 1984 Like a Virgin performance! HAWT AS HELL!!

Ugh, we LOVE IT. This cat is just as tackless as queen Ester herself! LOLZ!

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LOLZ: Creepy Sneaky Dog

Filed under: Silly!YouTubeDog

Stop following us!!

Geez, either this dog is training to be a nija, or he has no concept of social norms. Corgi best learn so manors soon! LOL!

As weird as he this pup may be, he's not as unsettling as our most fave Creepy Cat!

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China Creates A Cat Army

Filed under: Silly!CatRat

China Creates A Cat Army

What haven't we thought of this??

Over 150 stray cats have been drafted into a prestigious special ops unit the Chinese media has dubbed "The Cat Army."

From what we understand they're a lot like Seal Team 6 — only instead of destroy terrorists they're battling rats. LOL.

Yes, the rodent problem has become such a huge issue pasture lands Bole that the government has had to intervene.

The Huffington Post says that the cats were brought in, along with tons of poisonous rat pellets, and May from June that rat holes had decreased by more than half!!

We are totes impressed! 'Merica needs to get onto of this new military intelligence.

[Image via WENN.]

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