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Mitt Romney Tries To Get A Crowd Of Supporters To Chant His Name…And Fails Miserably

Romney/Ryan! Romney/Ryan! Romney…no? Just Ryan? Okay.

That's pretty much what happened to Mitt Romney when he was campaigning outside Dayton, Ohio this past week.

The crowd began chanting Paul Ryan's name, but then the Republican presidential candidate tried to step in and steal some of the glory (above).

In a HIGHlarious turn of events, the crowd didn't seem to like chanting his name very much because they, well, they just didn't. LOLz!

Like every good politician, he pretended to hear what he wanted to. Despite the super awkward silence, Romney quipped, "There we go, that's great!"

Based on the priceless reaction from Joe Scarborough, the Republican host of Morning Joe, the moment was a far cry from "great."

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50 Cent's 4-Step Guide To Quitting Masturbation

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueSilly!50 CentTwitter

50 Cent is a lot of things:

Rapper, actor, entrepreneur, businessman and spokesman to name a few — but did you know he gives sex advice too?

After labeling masturbation as "a sin" on Twitter, 50 decided to help out all of his followers with step-by-step directions to quit the habit once and for all!

The list is as follows:

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McDonald's Manager Calls Police On A Man Burger King For Handing Out Free Burgers

Filed under: Silly!Legal MattersYouTube

A McDonald's manager got so mad over a man, dressed as the Burger King mascot, handing out free burgers in her restaurant that she called the police on him this past Monday.

…AFTER he was on his way out of the parking lot.

What!? LOLz!

Her logic makes zero sense to us, but we're assuming she was just peeved that a competitor's food was being given to potential customers in her store for free.

Don't get us wrong, we understand why a manager would ask this guy to leave the store. The problem is, she waited to confront him until he was in his car and driving out of the parking lot!

In a HIGHlarious exchange (above), the prankster tells her he's handing out free burgers to raise money for a children's charity. When she questions why he didn't ask for permission, he counters that he doesn't need to when he's doing "anything for the kids."

As he starts to drive off, the perturbed managed announces she is calling the police.

What they could possibly do in this situation? We have no idea, but we're guessing absolutely nothing.

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Jimmy Fallon Takes It Upon Himself To Apologize For Mitt Romney's 47% Comment

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Is it just us or is Jimmy Fallon's impersonation of Mitt Romney actually more likable than the man himself?

Using lots of pop culture references, NBC's Late Night host took a moment to deliver a special message to the American people and apologize for Romney "not caring about 47% of the country because they're all basically freeloaders sucking off the teet of the rich."


C-c-check out the HIGHlarious press conference (above)!

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Watch Chad Michael Murray And Rachel Leigh Cook Suck Face For 2 Minutes Straight

Filed under: Silly!

Now THIS is the kind of acting we'd like to start doing! LOLz!

Chad Michael Murray and Rachel Leigh Cook teamed up (and never separated) for Funny or Die's latest celebrity sketch in which she got to suck on his luscious lips all damn day.

We'd say they need to get a room…but the video proves even walls can't protect the public's eyes from this ridiculously long make-out sesh.

Any chance we can take over Cook's role in the sequel? Ha!

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Al Roker ATTEMPTS To Explain RoboRoker

Al Roker revealed his true self during The Today Show last week and now he's trying to assure the public that it wasn't an electronic glitch in his robotic brain.

In an effort to explain the sudden appearance of RoboRoker during a 17-second staring contest with his viewers, the weather anchor said (above):

"I don't know, I just — you said the — I just kind of…I don't know. I just — it happens all the time."

What!? LOLz!

Nice try, Al, but we're still on to you…

While trying to

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Al RoboRoker Breaks Down On TODAY

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We knew it. Al Roker is a robot!

Don't believe us? Check out his major malfunction during last Thursday's broadcast of The Today Show (above).

The television personality's personality turned off for an incredibly awkward 17 seconds during which he simply stared into the camera without moving or blinking.

Maybe he was challenging America to the greatest staring contest ever OR maybe he just revealed NBC's deepest, darkest secret — they don't hire anchors, they build them.

The best part is that Matt Lauer and the gang were busy bantering about being "awkward" seconds before RoboRoker's face turned off for an awkwardly long time.

Needless to say, this video is pretty great, but U know what would make it better? Laser beams coming out of Roker's eyes!

Get on it YouTubers! LOLz!

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