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There's A New Jersey Fashion Week!?!?


Dear lord!

New Jersey Fashion Week kicked off in Hoboken on Sunday night with a runway show benefiting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund.

Here's the press release for the event:

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Real Housewives Of NJ's Danielle Staub's Lesbian Romance Was Just A Publicity Stunt!!

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This is such a surprise to us!!!!

Okay, so maybe it wasn't such a surprise. Suuuure, Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub has been to known to exaggerate and tell little white lies here and there.

So of course it doesn't really come to a shock to us that her lebsian romance with musician Lori Michaels was just a publicity stunt.

A friend confirmed that they were "physical" with one another, but the two weren't in a real committed relationship with each other.

The friend adds:

"They were not a couple. Did they have a connection? Yes. Was it was very strong through work and song? Yes. Did Danielle feel more? Yes. Did she indicate that to Lori? Yes. But Lori was never going to put herself in a place where she was going to run away with Danielle.

It became a complicated relationship. Danielle's an all-or-nothing person and maybe it'll have to be the nothing because Lori's not dealing with the all."

The friend also confirmed what we knew all along. The women parted ways because of "The Danielle Staubness."


Not gonna lie, we're sad that we'll no longer see them connect through "work and song" with another duet performance of their song Real Close. We hope Danielle can cope through this really difficult time.


[Image via WENN.]

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Prostitution Whore Is Getting A Taste Of Karma!

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Uh-oh! Things are going from bad to worse for Prostitution Whore!

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember has reportedly been left without a car and without a lesbian girlfriend for attention!

Sources close to Danielle Staub report that baliffs showed up last weekend to repossess her Range Rover - you know, the one that she wreaked havoc in while riding around Franklin Lakes, like the Wicked Witch of the East on her broomstick!

The insider claims:

“You should have seen the begging. Danielle pleaded with the repo guys but they had their job to do, and they did it.”

To make matters worse, there are also claims that 'Lesbian WhatsHerFace Superstar' Lori Michaels has been cheating on Prostitution Whore with a back-up dancer named Courtney Lynch!

Sources reveal:

“Danielle is crazy about Lori, but doesn’t know she’s seeing another woman. Lori is a proud, openly gay woman, and the relationship with Danielle is just an amusing sidetrack for her. She’s really with Courtney. And if Danielle expects something serious and long-lasting with Lori, she’s going to end up being one heartbroken housewife.”

Ha! We guess all of this bitch's psychotic crazy is finally catching up with her!

What, did you not make enough ca$h off of your 'tortured lullaby' to make your car payments on time, bb?

Sucks, bitch! But we're sure all of that 'love and light' you preach will get you through, won't it?!


[Image via WENN.]

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Prostitution Whore On Maury! And NOT Why You'd Think!

Now where's the part where he cuts her mic and tells her that she's being sent to a boot camp for troubled psychopaths?

Check out (above) evil Real Housewife Prostitution Whore warble her way through the pop remix of her 'smash' single Real Close with her girlfriend for attention, the alleged 'lesbian superstar' - seriously, had anybody heard of this bitch? - Lori Michaels on Maury!

YES, she's singing on Maury!

If she won't go away forever, would she at least have mercy on our ears and stop trying to SING?

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HOrrific! Danielle Staub Performs LIVE On Morning Show

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This truly brings the LOLgasms!

Check out The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub perform her single "Real Close" along with rumored "girlfriend" Lori Michaels on PIX11 Morning News.

THIS is appropriate programming for morning television?!


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Danielle Staub Isn't Ready To Come Out As A Lezbot!

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Could that be because she probably isn't gay?!

Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is saying that she is a member of "the gay community."

She says:

“I want to go to senate, I want to pass a bill and get gay marriage legalized. I go to events, I march in rallies. I’ve been a part of the gay community for 30 years. Since birth, my daughters have been a part of the gay community. From teachers to friends, these are the people they are surrounded by.

"I don’t feel as comfortable around mainstream society as I do around that community. I don’t feel as comfortable around heterosexual people as I do around gay people."

And will she "come out?"

"I'm not ready to say that one way or the other," she says. "Right now my focus is on my kids, but there is room for one more person in my world. Hopefully soon the world will see that."

But what about Lori Michaels supposedly being her girlfriend?

"I met Lori a year ago at a gay pride parade. I fell in love with her music, which deals a lot with the issue of equality. It was very organic for me, that performance."

We think she's full of shiz and just wants some attention!

[Image via WENN.]

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Whoo! Whoo!

Look who is rolling into Desperation Station!

It's Danielle Staub from The Real Housewives of NJ with her "soon-to-be hit" horrifying single, Real Close!

Check out her first live performance from last night, accompanied by "lesbian superstar" (and rumored GF) Lori Michaels. (above)

If your eyes haven't disintegrated and your ears haven't fallen off, share your thoughts!

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