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Jay Z Denies Love Child, Claim Is Retracted

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Jay Z Love Child Not So

Well, that was easy.

Malik Sayeed didn't think his kid looked like him, so he claimed he had DNA evidence that it was Jay Z's and not his. Sounds fishy, right?

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Jay-Z Reportedly Has A Secret Son!!


Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's this??

According to a man named Jerald Andrews, who is the father of the ex-boyfriend to Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott, Jay-Z has fathered a secret love child and even paid her $1 million to keep her mouth shut.

Andrews says that his son Malik Sayeed thought he was the actualy dad of Scott's baby, but when the boy was born, he looked nothing like him so ordered his girlfriend at the time to get a DNA test.

Andrews says:

"Malik threw [Shenelle] a baby shower and bought all this stuff to prepare for the arrival. However, after the baby was born, friends and family told him he needed to get a DNA test.

Everyone knew she was sleeping around and sleeping with Jay. There was a good chance it was his.

At the time [he] was born, my son Malik thought he was his child, but they did DNA tests. Maybe two weeks later, he called me and said, 'Daddy, I got some bad news. [He’s] not my son.' I said, 'How do you know, Malik?' He said, 'He doesn’t look anything like me!'

It’s been determined that [the child is] Jay-Z’s baby."

Thankfully, Andrews says Jay has been responsible and is paying child support, adding:

"Shenelle told me that Jay-Z gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut. My understanding is that he’s paying her child support. Shenelle took the money and bought herself a really nice house in Trinidad that the whole family lives in now.

She says he’s a good father and he has a lot of interest in [the boy]. It was a big old mess at one time, but I think once they resolved the issue of fatherhood, of paternity, I think things started to level off."

So, what does Beyonce think about this, especially since she herself is pregnant with Jay's baby??

A source says that she was "livid" when she first found out, but she's decided to stick by her man.

No details have been released on how old the boy is or how long Jay knew his mother. We're just glad he owned up and accepted his responsibilities. As for Bey, we know this is probably tough for you, but stay strong, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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Booked! John Edwards Is All Smiles During His Mugshot


Judging by that huge grin on his face, it seems former Presidential hopeful John Edwards doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.

The adulterer was taken in earlier this month after being indicted for allegedly spending about $1 million in campaign funds to cover up his mistake mistress and love child.

What do U think of Edwards' mugshot????

Share your thoughts with us below!

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National Enquirer: The Show???

Enquirer Show

So, the tabloid magazine The National Enquirer is pitching a reality series based on their abilities to uncover scandals and shizz.

It would be a weekly show called Breaking It: Behind the Scenes of the National Enquirer, which is pretty long, and we think people will just call it Breaking It anyway, so might as well cut the last part.

Anyway, it DOES kinda sound like an interesting show, if not a little sleazy. But, that's what's pretty entertaining about reality television — the sleaze!

Here's a sample:

A source said the sizzle reel contains a 2008 video from the blockbuster story on John Edwards where he's seen sneaking into the Beverly Hilton at night through a back entrance for his meeting with Rielle Hunter and his love child.

This is where we pose the question: Who wouldn't want to watch that??

Would U??

[Image via WENN.]

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Arnold Never Ordered A DNA Test To Prove Love Child Was His!


Easy, Maury Povich! That doesn't mean we need you just yet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child scandal has had a lot of questions with no answers, but what we just learned is that the most vital question of them has still gone unanswered: is this kid REALLY Arnie's son?

The tried and true way to find out, of course, would've been for them to submit DNA test, but according to multiple sources, neither Arnold not Mildred "Patty" Baena, the woman he had an affair with, ever took steps to have the tests done. Apparently, the fact that Patty's husband wasn't even the country when the baby was conceived was proof enough for him that he was the father. It supposedly became "physically obvious" when the boy was a toddler. He looked so much like the Governator, Arnie's staff used the confused the kid for Christopher Schwarzenegger, Arnold and Maria Shriver's youngest son.

Still, looks can be deceiving! We don't know much about this Patty woman, but you never know who else's husband she might've been spending time with while her own was away. Perhaps the whole adage "better late than never" is apropos here.

[Image via WENN.]

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