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Dog Walks 500 Miles Back Home!

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Labrador retrievers continue to prove themselves to be VERY smart and very loyal pups!

Mark Wessells left his beloved Bucky with his father in Virginia when he couldn't keep him in his Myrtle Beach, SC home.

But Bucky just couldn't be without Wessells so he walked 500 miles to be with him!

A foster family found the pooch and took him to the vet. The doc found a microchip and moments later, the smart was reunited with his owner!

After three months and a long journey, Bucky (above) is definitely a guy's best friend!

Check out more of the inspirational story right now!

We're going to hold our dog extra tight now!

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Kanye West Signs On CAA's Dotted Line!


Those lucky, lucky agency ducks!

CAA has secured a MAJOR money-making property in the form of Kanye West!

'Ye has chosen to sign with his former music agent Cara Lewis, who used to work with Kanye over at WME before she moved to CAA in January…

Now that's some commitment, Kanye!

Perhaps there is hope for a long-term future between Kanye and Kim Kardashian, if his loyal relationship with his manager is any indication!

[Image via WENN.]

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Loyal Dog Waits For Two Days After Trucker Loses Him

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A man, his dog, and the open road.

But for awhile, they were on two different parts of that open road!

Trucker Michael Siau and his 9 month old Yorkie, Rambo, were driving along when Siau needed to stretch his legs in Hannibal, MO.

Rambo decided to stretch his legs too, but he didn't tell his poppa.

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Pit Bull Protects Missing Toddler Lost In The Woods!

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A true testament to just how loyal an animal companion can be!

Check out this remarkable story of a Texas toddler who wandered away from her grandmother's house and was lost in the woods for six hours, only to be protected by the family's pet pit bull, Brownie, who didn't leave her side until she was rescued by the search party looking for them (above)!

We know that that specific breed of dog can be considered aggressive and, in some sad cases, even dangerous, but it's clear from this how high their capacity is for love, affection, and protection - and all for a child as young as three!

We couldn't be more thrilled that the little one was found safe and sound, and is back with her family.

Brownie certainly deserves a belly rub and delicious treat for dinner tonight!

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George Clooney Is Such A Good Friend! Goes To See John Wells Get His Walk Of Fame Star!!

george clooney john wells star ceremony

Hot. Distinguished. Talented. Loyal!?!

George Clooney, you may just be the perfect man.

Georgie didn't forget where he came from Thursday when he went to John Wells' star ceremony!!

The producer

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Rosie O'Donnell Bans Piers Morgan From The Rosie Show!


She wouldn't be her without a little controversy!

Rosie O'Donnell recently revealed that although she's started taking Estrogen to help calm down some of her, outbursts, for which she's famous the past few years or so, she still has no interest in having Piers Morgan on her new talk show, The Rosie Show - because he banned her good friend, Madonna, from his!

She explains:

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Simon Opens Up On Why Paula Abdul's X Factor Deal Took So Long!

simon speaks about paula abdul and x factor

Yesterday, we were THRILLED to learn that Paula Abdul had joined X Factor US as a judge!

We were happy for Paula, who seems VERY excited to be back at Simon's side.

Now, Simon has opened up about why there was such a delay with securing Paula's deal as an X Factor judge, and he's blaming the lawyers:

"I would've canceled today (if deal hadn't gone through)."

"The issue was that these conversations had gone on long enough. It's not like I sprung this on somebody. I just thought it's time for everyone to do their job and get the deal done. I couldn't have sat in front of you lot and said (Paula) wanted to do the deal and we couldn't."

"I could just sense that the public would've been disappointed without Paula. You see how we are; we get on really well."

Sources say that one of the issues with the deal had to do with her short-lived show Live to Dance, but Simon was determined to make it work anyway:

"She's Paula Abdul. Nothing's ever easy, but I'm used to it."

All very nice to hear! There's something sweet about Simon's loyalty to Paula. We approve!

Are U happy that Paula Abdul will be joining forces with Simon once again for The X Factor US?

[Image via WENN.]

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