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It's Official! President Obama Repeals 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell!'


This is truly a day to be remembered!

At 9:35am this morning, President Barack Obama signed the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal bill into law in front of about 500 invitees, including many LGBT veterans, like Lt. Dan Choi, who were discharged due to the RIDICULOUS policy!

The President reportedly spoke for about 20 minutes prior to the signing, and his sentiments are best summed up by these poignant, true words:

“We are not a nation that says don’t ask, don’t tell. We are a nation that says, out of many, we are one. You are not the first to have to endure this, but you are the last.”

We cannot even BEGIN to tell you how absolutely ELATED and PROUD we feel on behalf of this country and its leaders!

It was a long, seemingly unnecessary fight filled with heartbreak and frustration, but progress is FINALLY on its way! We can only keep moving forward now, and we are confident that we will!


[Image via AP Images.]

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Dan Choi Responds To Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell!'



Lt. Dan Choi, who has fought tirelessly since day one for the repeal of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, has written the following statement in response to the HUGE step toward progress our country is finally taking!

He says:

No revolution towards justice ever went backwards. To all the supporters of equality and Don't Ask Don't Tell's death, I am so grateful. The road has not been easy. We have learned many important lessons about social justice, movements, supporting each other, and speaking out against discrimination.

The mission is not finished; it has only just begun. The most critical mission is supporting and encouraging closeted soldiers to finally access their full integrity, dignity, and humanity. This mission is in keeping with the first lessons learned at West Point or basic training. As the legislation signals a new chapter in our journey, we can be sure that our work has only begun. I call on all soldiers to gain the courage to come out. First come out to yourselves, then tell your trusted friends and family. Tell everyone who you trust and who deserves nothing less than truth. Stop hating yourselves as your country has signaled for so long. Furthermore, your coming out is not for you. It is for all those who come after. Military service is not about rank, pension or paycheck. Climbing the ladder is shameful without true purity of service and I applaud those who give up the superficial artifacts of career in favor of complete integrity and justice.

I denounce the fear-mongering of John McCain and others who do our country a grave disservice by their bigotry and calcified retardation. His outlandish remarks that justice will result in amputations demonstrates the ridiculousness of his entire argument. His silliness proves the fight for justice has no real logical debate; you are on one side or the other. John McCain, you are on the wrong side of history. Your feet wade in the toxic septic waste of rabid hate-mongers who perpetuate America's injustice. It is your argument that has been amputated today; your claims have no legs to stand.

President Obama, you are not off the hook. The compromise bill passed today puts the moral imperative squarely on your desk. Sign an executive order instituting a full non-discrimination policy throughout the military. If you do not, if you drag your feet and politicize this with your theoretical calculations as you have these past two years, you will be guilty of abetting those who loudly proclaim homophobia from their platforms and pulpits. Provide them no shelter or safe haven. Institute justice now.

Do not compare this to the integration of racial and religious minorities in the 1940's and 1950's. Integration of gay people has already happened. This is one inherent difference between our civil rights movement and that of the past decades. We are integrated, we simply fight for our integrity. As each civil rights movement fights for access to a particular resource, it is clear that the gay rights movement fights for access to dignity and our own integrity. This struggle only begins.

I intend to rejoin the military and serve in any capacity I can be of best use. I intend to marry and have a family of my own. We are living in a truly historic moment where we can enjoy the rewards of our efforts. We stand on the shoulders of many who have come before us, from Air Force Technical Sergeant Leonard Matlovich to our present day heroes. We owe it to them to continue fighting. Our loudness does not distract but enhances the fight. Our direct action puts wind in the sails of lobbyists and political elites who do our bidding on the inside. We are one team with one goal: Equality in our lifetime. I do not intend to waver or retreat in pursuit of this new life purpose and mission, and neither should any American who loves justice.

Such an inspiration!

Thanks for the heartfelt and TRUE words, bb!


[Image via WENN.]

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Lt. Dan Choi Accuses President Of "Silent Homophobia"

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This morning, 13 demonstrators handcuffed themselves to the White House's northern gate in an effort to get President Obama to push Congress to advance the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Among the demonstrators organized by the GetEqual campaign was Lt. Dan Choi, renowned for being a gay solider who was fired under the policy. Before they were arrested, they led a chant of "Barack Obama, silent homophobia," and offered their views to the crowd about how the administration is handling this issue. Lt. Choi was one of the ones who spoke directly to the crowd, saying:

"We have served our country valiantly, the defense of freedom and justice, now it is time for our leaders to do the same. After visiting Senator Harry Reid today, the majority leader, his staff telling us that the president is not engaged, at all, in the repeal of the most discriminatory law that bars soldiers from telling the truth. After all his rhetoric I think we must conclude that there is truth to the knowledge in homophobia of both sorts. There is a loud homophobia, those with platforms. And there is a silent homophobia of those who purport to be our friends and do nothing. Loud homophobia and silent homophobia have the same result, they must be combated and this is what we intend to do today."

Unfortunately, sources at Senator Reid's office deny having spoken to anyone in the group today and as we said, the 13 protestors, including Lt. Dan Choi, were arrested.

It's so sad that it has to come to this, but something must be done to prove how serious an issue this is to those who still won't vote for it's repeal. Perhaps this forces some of those naysayers to at least think twice about their opinions.

[Image via WENN.]

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Lt. Dan Choi FINALLY Able To Re-Enlist In The Army!

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This is truly amazing! A day to be remembered and celebrated!

Because of the injunction currently banning the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, Lt. Dan Choi - who has fought tirelessly for gay rights in the military ever since he was kicked out over his sexuality - was able to re-enlist in the army yesterday as an openly gay man!

Although he originally intended to join the marines, he unfortunately found out he couldn't - but only because he was too old!

We're so thrilled to hear the news, and are so proud of Choi for being unrelenting in his fight for equal rights!

A well-deserved triumph, bb!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Lt. Choi For The Win!

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Check out (above) a very heated debate between openly gay Lt. Dan Choi and horrible bigot Bishop Harry Jackson over the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy!

It's unreal to us that people can use terminology like "radical gay movement" in this day and age and believe it to be a real thing.

But we have to commend Choi for keeping his cool and clearly coming out on top!

We don't think we would have managed to be so kind to someone spouting so much ignorance and hate at us.


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Lt. Dan Choi Discharged From The Army!

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So infuriating and unfortunate.

Lt. Dan Choi, the Iraq war veteran who bravely outed himself to fight Don't Ask, Don't Tell, has been officially discharged from the Army National Guard because of his 'violation' of the ridiculous policy.

He says in a statement:

"After 11 years since beginning my journey at West Point and after 17 months of serving openly as an infantry officer this is both an infuriating and painful announcement. My service continues. Remaining silent when our family and community members are fired or punished for who they truly are would be an unequivocal moral dereliction that tarnishes the honor of the uniform and insults the meaning of America. I don’t consider myself a victim. As sad as I am, I’m not a victim. My unit is a victim."

What a courageous man. It truly is our country's loss to lose him as member of the armed services.

We hope this doesn't deter him from his fight for equal rights! We are 100% behind you, bb!

Change WILL happen!


[Image via AP Images.]

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Lt. Dan Choi Continues To Be A True American Hero

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Lt. Dan Choi is at it again!

He and about 100 other LGBT activists protested “don’t ask, don’t tell" across the street from the White House, where six people chained themselves to the White House gates and were promptly arrested!

Even though he was been court ordered to avoid a certain perimeter around the White House, he attended the rally with Howard Dean, Servicemembers United executive director Alex Nicholson and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network executive director Aubrey Sarvis.

The reason for the sudden protest was because of a letter leaked Friday from the Department of Defense secretary Robert Gates to House Armed Services Committee chairman Ike Skelton urging him to delay repealing the legislative action until the Pentagon figures out how to implement new laws.

Sarvis said:

“Most journalists had turned off their computers and were safely into happy hour when the White House issued a statement.

There is a stark and not very flattering contrast here between President Obama, who follows his military, and President Truman, whose military followed him."

Governor Dean also spoke and showed his appreciation for Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, who has been a leader on this issue.

He said:

“Carl Levin is a hero because he has the votes to tack on to the Defense authorization bill, the end of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ That is the right thing to do for America and I want to thank senator Levin for his courage.

Sen. Levin’s amendment, in fact, does what the secretary asked for in the secretary’s testimony. There is a schedule for implementation … I think there’s about a year for implementation, so the implementation is gradual, which is what the secretary asked for.”

The time has come! Equality for all!

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