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Mel Gibson Donated Over $9 Million Tax Free Dollars To His Own Church

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This isn't going to make Oksana happy.

Mel Gibson has reportedly put $9.6 million of his own tax free dollars into a private fund for his church, which has boosted the worth of Holy Family Church to almost $60 million.

This investment will no doubt make his baby momma Oksana Grigorieva upset as she has accused Mel of failing to pay over $20,000 a month in child support for their daughter, Lucia.

Mel's ex-wife Robyn has been listed as an officer of the foundation, however her name was removed in the latest filing.

Hmm, things seem a little shady here, Mel. Hope you're not cheating your daughter out of child support.

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Mel Can't See His Daughter For His Birthday

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mel gibson denies visitation on daughters birthday lucia

Consequences suck, don't they?

Mel Gibson was denied permission to spend time with his daughter Lucia tomorrow for her birthday, as the child's mother, Oksana, objected to it.

Mel has Lucia today and will get to spend the whole day with her. However, Mel is supposed to return her to Oksana in the evening. However, Mel asked permission from their supervising judge if it would be alright if Mel brought Lucia back Saturday morning and instead of his nanny shuttling her back, he would do it himself.

But Oksana put the kibosh on that, saying that Mel has already had too much visitation as it is and that Mel has another nanny perfectly capable of bring Lucia to her. The judge agreed.

Mel = thwarted.

Well, at least they'll have today. And maybe if they get this damn custody trial out of the way, there won't be anymore birthdays lost.

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Mel & Oksana At War Over Birthday Party Ridiculousness!

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mel gibson and oksana grigorieva

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva will be competing in Birthday Party wars as baby Lucia turns 1 on Saturday!

It will be Oksana's day with Lucia (lucky her) and she will throw her a birthday party.

However, Mel is also planning a party, just for a different day.

Which party would U rather go to??

We would probably pass on both…

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Oksana Wants Ten Times More $$$ From Mel!


This is kinda pushing it, dontcha think??

Oksana Grigorieva currently receives around $5,000 a month from Mel Gibson in child support for their baby daughter Lucia. Plus, he also pays for the Sherman Oaks home where Oksana and Lucia live.

But NOW, Oksana is asking for $40,000 a month!! That's almost ten times as much as she's getting now!!

While we think Mel should have no problem giving every dime he has to support his daughter, it does seem like a tough sell for a 9-month-old baby. Especially since Oksana receives "only" $2,500 in child support from actor Timothy Dalton for their 13-year-old son Alexander.

As a source so eloquently put it, "Lifestyle is not an issue for a 9-month-old. Think she knows the difference between a Ford and a Bentley?"

Hmm, that's a good point…


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Mel Gibson's Custody Of Lucia To Double?



Mel Gibson could quite possiby double his custody of daughter Lucia with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in just a few months!

Right now his custodial rights are at 20 percent, but they are set to increase to 40 percent once Lucia turns one-year-old on October 30 according to the $20 million peace deal they originally agreed to.

Although Oksana reneged the deal, the judge in their case said it would remain in effect until they are able to sort things out in court.

A source reveals:

"Oksana is furious… she is convinced Mel is not fit to be alone with Lucia. As the court process drags on — and with no resolution in sight — the one winner in all of this is Mel. Eventually he gets more of Lucia.”

We just home it's a safe environment for Lucia and that he doesn't MELtdown again around her!

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