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Vince Vaughn Confirms: Wes Mantooth Will Return In Anchorman 2

Yes! Yes! YES!

In an interview discussing the let-down comedy of the year, The Watch, Vince Vaughn confirmed that the "chances" are pretty good for him to appear in the the sequel to Anchorman.

When asked if Wes Mantooth, his character in the original, would be returning, the actor said:

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Luke Wilson Goes For Topless Run With Dog!

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Luke Wilson was spotted recently out for a jog and he was… TOPLESS!

Lookin' sexy there, Luke! This must be a regular thing.

Our favorite part of this pic?

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The Cast And Director Of Old School Are Reuniting!

Old School reunion

At the the Guys' Choice Awards!

Yes, no new movie or Old School sequel yet, but it sure will be fun to watch these guys get together on stage again.

Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, and director Todd Phillips will be inducted into the Guy Movie Hall of Fame on June 2, but the sixth annual event won't premiere until

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Laura Dern's Enlightened Is A Dud!

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HBO usually makes some winners, but Enlightened just isn't one of them, ratings wise at least!

The series premiere averaged 210,000 viewers Monday night at 9:30pm. This was following a 240,000 lead-in with Bored to Death.

The show revolves around Amy Jellicoe (played by Laura Dern) as she attempts to get her life back on track following a very public breakdown, followed by an "awakening" in rehab. Luke Wilson also stars.

It sounds like Eat, Pray, Love mixed with Celebrity Rehab. We're shocked nobody's interested!

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Tracy Morgan Forgets Co-star Luke Wilson's Name!

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Luke Wilson revealed that Tracy Morgan forgot his name while they were both filming the upcoming Death at a Funeral. Luke explains:

"We were together all day long… We'd been working together for two weeks at one point and it was the end of the day on Friday and I said, 'Tracy, I'll see you later. Have a good weekend.'

"He looked over and I was in street clothes. I could tell he didn't recognize me - after two weeks. And I said, 'It's Luke'. He said, 'Have a good weekend, Lou'. He called me Lou."


You'd think he'd at least recognize him as the chubby guy from the AT&T commercials!

[Image via Daniel Deme / Mr Blue / WENN.]

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Someone Wants To Say Hello!

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Greetings to you too, Luke Wilson's peen!

While jogging in Malibu on Saturday, Luke decided to feel the wind through his junk and let it fling free around in his shorts.

Peek-a-boo, we see you!

CLICK HERE so you can see too!

[Image via WENN.]

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Luke Wilson Is Giving Attitude On His AT&T Shoots

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You should read that headline and be ashamed of yourself, Luke Wilson.

When an established actor resorts to doing ads for a phone company, that actor has ZERO right to go all divalicious on anyone, but sources are claiming that is exactly what is happening!

Apparently, Luke is "miserable" during the filmings, talking back to directors and requesting lines be rewritten for him. Insiders on set reveal:

"There were some lines meant to direct the commercial in a certain way, but Luke downright refused to say the lines at all. Luke kept saying, 'I would never say that and I will not say that!' The staff and production teams were shocked."

Us too! Who would have guessed he would think he was such hot shiz!

Oh, but that is not all! Seems he is so picky, he won't even film scenes with any other actors! The insider continues to explain:

"Luke will not shoot scenes with other actors. Any scenes that include Luke and someone else were shot with the actors separately. He would not do scenes with anyone, so doubles are used and the scenes are edited together to make the commercials work … Luke has made the filming process so unpleasant that people dread working with him. Luke is annoyed that he has to do commercials to make money as an actor and he makes the experience miserable, because he's miserable. It's unprofessional and unpleasant."

Well, that reputation is sure to get you a slew of movie offers. Everyone loves to work with an ego like that!

Tsk, tsk, Luke! Better shape up!

[Image via WENN.]

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