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Demi Lovato's Heart Attack EXPLODES EVERYWHERE In New Lyric Video!

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Watch out for that word shrapnel ya'll, cause Demi Lovato's lyric video for BRAND NEW single Heart Attack has just EXPLODED onto the scene!

Wheel out the defibrillator and ch-ch-check out DemDem's precursor to the Heart Attack music video (above)!

Now you can learn ALL the words to this ferocious pop ballad so that you can pretend-audition for the X-Factor host with her very own tune! LOLz!

Souped like an Italian wedding to hear the rest of Demi's upcoming new album!

We hope it's simply STUFFED with female-power anthems!

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Justin Bieber To The Rescue! The Biebs Is Right Here With Drake In New Lyric Video!

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Justin Bieber has had everyone talking lately — especially with that gas mask of his — and now he’s ready to bring the focus back to his music!

The Biebs has been teasing the release of his new single, Right Here, off of his Believe album, which features Drake, and now he’s given us the lyric vid!

Check out the lyrical visuals for the track (above)!!

Simple, but still fun! Though, we’re sure those Bieby and Drizzy fans would’ve much rathered some shots of them in the studio!

Beliebers from all over are now trying to get the song to the top of the charts, just in time for JB’s 19th birthday on Friday!

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Justin Timberlake Oozes SEX In Smokey Suit & Tie Lyric Video!

Fetch the smelling salts!

Justin Timberlake's new lyric video for super successful single Suit & Tie is making us SWOON SO HARD!

Take a ride around a black & white tinged El Lay with master of class JT (above)!

Just be careful to not get overwhelmed by all the seXXXiness, and beware of nasty cigarette smoke!

If this lyric video causes our pants to tighten, we're almost scared to witness Suit & Tie's actual music video…

It might just make out brainz explode in ecstasy overload … and we don't even really like the song itself! Just the sight of the delectable JT!

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Justin Timberlake Tantalizes In His Suit & Tie!


Justin Timberlake proves that a reverse striptease can be JUST as sexy with his upcoming lyric video for his song, Suit & Tie!!!

The track, which recently made Billboard pop chart history, is JT’s first new single in years!

Check out a teaser for the lyric vid (above)!!!

While we’re still not too crazy about the song, he can still show us a few things… especially looking like that! YUM!

The FULL lyric video premieres tomorrow morning and we’re holding out hope that he leaves his Suit & Tie all on the floor by the end of it! LOLz!

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It's The End Of No Freedom For Dido! Check Out Her New Single HERE!

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We cannot believe it's been close to FIVE YEARS since Dido's last album, Safe Trip Home!

But don't worry!

Between this and her prior release with Kendrick Lamar, Let Us Move On, she is MORE than making up for her absence from the music scene!

With her fourth studio album The Girl Who Got Away set for a March premiere, the British songstress has dropped its second single, No Freedom, and we simply cannot believe how direly we missed her soothing, hypnotic sonic sensibilities!

Ch-ch-check out the track's lyric video (above)!

Goodness, it's almost like being inside a dream, isn't it?!

Her vocal stylingz always have such a calming effect on us…yet you can really tell - with her latest material especially - how she's really striking out past her comfort zone and experimenting with her sound!

We're glad you got away, gurl, but seriously! THANK YOU for coming back…and with a VENGEANCE!

What do U think?? Are U feeling the latest from Dido??

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One Direction Spells Out Their Love With Kiss You! Watch The Lyric Video HERE!

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Today may be One Direction member Louis Tomlinson’s birthday, but it seems like he and his group mates have a little present for us!

While 1D have been teasing their upcoming music video for Kiss You, they’ve recently released a lyric video to hold us over!

Check out the simple, yet fun vid (above)!!

Pretty basic… we're sure Directioners would’ve much rathered seen some footage of the guys, but we guess this will have to do for now!!

Though, from those previews, the full music vid is bound to be entertaining — and shirtless — when it premieres on January 7th!

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Calvin Harris & Tinie Tempah Drink From The Bottle In Head Smashing New Single! LISTEN HERE!

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Calvin Harris has liquified our brainz OH so sweetly once again, this time with a little help from British rapper Tinie Tempah!

You don't need a glass ’cause EVERYONE is Drinking From The Bottle while learning allll the lyrics to Calvin and Tinie's dynamic single (above)!

This latest tune off of Harris' newly released album 18 Months has a rather insightful message under the electronic hum and crashing beats…

We work and try hard so that we can enjoy life!

How simple and effective is THAT!? LOVE IT!

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