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Meredith Vieira Is Hookin' Straight Back To General Hospital!

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Meredith Vieira is most well known for her time on The View and The Today Show, as well even hosting the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but soon enough, she'll be showing the daytime TV world exactly what she's made of…as a PROSTITUTE!

No, we're not kidding!

Those of you who follow General Hospital may recall that around ten years ago, the journalist made her first appearance on the ABC soap as Bree Flanders, a madam running an upscale call-girl business, and on December 14th, she'll be making her long-awaited return!

Only this time, she's not selling seXXXy timez!

As she explains:

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Heidi Fleiss Is Being Evicted

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Heidi Fleiss, the former Hollywood madam, is being evicted from her business in Las Vegas.

Her landlord served her with the eviction notice and demanded she clear the area of her business "Dirty Dog Laundry."

She was served the notice because she hadn't been paying her rent and she turned the place into a dump.

Heidi says she gave up on the business months ago and just had a friend take over the place and take care of it.

Only problem is that friend hasn't taken care of the place at all.

So the landlord is angry now, and ready to clean out the place herself!

Better get on it Heidi!

Where will Vegas dogs get their laundry done now??

[Image via WENN.]

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Heidi Fleiss Wants You All To Lay Off Charlie Sheen!


We're not sure that a woman who made a great portion of her living by providing this mess with hookers has any business defending him, but whatever. We'll see what she has to say.

Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss is speaking out on behalf of Charlie Sheen, and thinks that his hard-pAArtying, wife-beating, and hooker-happy behavior is just a-okay, and people need to lay off - because apparently, she doesn't think that he's an addict, like Lindsay Lohan!

She explains:

"Look, people need to leave Charlie the fuck alone. Do they really expect him to go to church when he is not working? He is the highest paid actor on television — on a really popular show — and he always delivers by turning up on time and putting in great performances, and that's all that matters. There is no comparison with Lindsay Lohan because she is not functional and is an addict with a sickness - I should know because I've been to rehab several times too. It's not as if we see Charlie smoking a crack pipe or anything, the guy just loves to party, and people just don't seem to want to accept that. Also, Charlie is making a lot more money than Lindsay and he should be allowed to spend it whatever way he sees fit. She's the one that has to try and get her career and life back on track. He's doing fine. Really - Charlie Sheen with hookers? It's not a real surprise, is it? Who's fooling who here?!"

We're gonna sit with this one for a second before we decide exactly how we'd like to respond.

…aaaaaand we're off:

All right, listen, just because someone has the monetary means to act however the hell he wants - and with ZERO regard for others, might we add - does NOT make it okay.

And we're not sure what your exact definition of the word 'functional' is, because we're pretty sure that locking a hooker in a bathroom and having a cocaine-fueled meltdown in a hotel room while your ex-wife and CHILDREN are down the hall doesn't fit anywhere into that!

Nor does threatening your OTHER ex-wife with a knife, choosing to ignore your call time so you can run around Vegas at a porn convention without letting the bosses of your show - who provide you with $1.8 million per episode - know where you are and why you won't be where you're supposed to be!

But we digress.

Don't get it twisted, bb.

Just because his behavior is consistently ridiculous does not make him functional or not an addict. It just makes him sad.


[Image via WENN.]

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More Beckham Dramaz! Famous Madam Claims David Was A Client!


Another whore heard from.

This week, In Touch Weekly published a story from a 26-year-old prostitute who claimed to have gotten busy for $$$ with David Beckham. Of course, Becks has his people adamantly denying the whole thing, but there is a new person in the hooker's corner adding fuel to the fire. You'd probably best know her is the lady bits that were attached to Eliot Spitzer not too long ago - Madam Kristin Davis!

The Madam has given new details about David's alleged affair, claiming to have helped her fellow call girl with a special order. She tells In Touch Magazine that ho, Irma Nici, "called me and asked if I could supply one of my girls for a threesome. Per her request, I sent a 'brunette with curves' at the rate of $2,400 cash. The next time we spoke, she informed me that the client was David Beckham."

Is that the going rate these days? Sounds like a really expensive way to catch chlamydia, if you ask us!

We're still having trouble believing that Becks would step out on his wife, considering how insanely gorgeous she is and how mild mannered he tends to be. Still, we have some doubts, considering the kind of year Hollywood's starlets have had.

Fingers crossed for you, Posh!

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Charlie Sheen's Former Madam Comes To His Defense!



Charlie Sheen's former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss is coming to the actor's defense saying that he's not a violent person. Heidi says:

The truth is all my girls loved Charlie and I never heard any stories of him being violent towards them – several of them wanted to marry him actually. He is a very charismatic guy and people love him – that’s why he is one of the highest paid actors on television. I heard some stories of him losing his temper when girls would not leave his house in the past but that’s about it.

“I don’t know the status of his relationship with his current wife but if drugs were involved that could have really changed things. The Charlie I knew loved to party and maybe his wife is into that too but he didn’t have a reputation as a violent person back then."

Well we're sure her opinion really matters! Charlie Sheen testified against Fleiss during her 1995 trial after shelling out more than $50,000 in call girls from her service. Heidi doesn't have any hard feelings though saying:

“Look, I wasn’t happy that Charlie testified against me but that came about after the FBI found his traveler’s checks inside my purse…Despite the fact that he testified against me I hope his court case goes well for him and his wife – I’m sure Charlie will be okay he always seems to land on his feet.”

We'll see!

Prosecutors in the case involving his current wife Brooke Mueller are said to have been trying to interview ex-wife Denise Richards and ex-girlfriends Kelly Preston and Brittany Ashland about Charlie's behavior.

We all know about the gambling, drugs and hookers when he was married to Denise, but Charlie also accidentally shot Kelly Preston in the arm in 1990 and allegedly threw Brittany Ashland on the floor splitting open her lip in 1997!

Yikes — not violent our ass!

Update: According to Sheen's rep: "Charlie did not shoot Kelly Preston in the arm.  In fact, he was not even in the room with her when his gun accidentally went off, hit a porcelain toilet and the
piece of porcelain hit her arm." And there you have it.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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