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Chris Brown Saved A Choking Baby's Life! Well, A Mailman Named Chris Brown, Anyway

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a mailman named chris brown saved a choking babys life

No, it's not the Chris Brown that you may be thinking of!

A man named Chris Brown saved the 11-month-old son of Stephanie Cooper this past Friday in Greer, South Carolina, and the family is so grateful they'll be able to celebrate their child's first birthday because of this man!

The scary incident happened when the little boy, named Eli, put a plastic wrapper in his mouth and it got lodged in his throat. It's at that point when the mother, like many people would, freaked entirely out.

Here's what she said happened:

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Dog Fetches The Mail From The Mailman!

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So CUTEz!!!! This pooch would brighten up anyone's day!

A mailman loves delivering to a house with a very helpful doggie….

Wait…a mailman actually LIKES a house with a dog?!?!?!?! LOLz!

But this mail-canine connection is a bit different. The pup knows how to grab the mail and it brightens this particular postal service worker's day!

SO ADORBz!!!!!! Watch the video (above) to see this dog in action!

They should rename this breed the package retriever!


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Dog Goes Completely Insane When The Mail Arrives!

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Bubbles is a very…well…BUBBLY…dog!!!

She likes scratch himself, play with toys, run around…you know…the uze…

Except when the mail comes, it's pure doggy pandemonium!!!!!

Usually, dogs always want a chunk of the mail…Bubbles just wants the mail!

Are U waiting on something important??? LOLz!

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Mailman Suspended For Defecating On Neighborhood Lawn

"During rain or shine, or bowel movement time," isn't the oath.

This is pretty disgusting you guys. A father had been playing with his young son in his home and happened to glance out the window while waiting for the mailman, only to see the mailman dropping trou and defecating in his neighbors yard.

So gross!

Check out the video above for the full report, with not-so-graphic pictures included!

This seems wholly unnecessary, Mailman. At the very least postpone your route for 15 minutes and go find a bathroom. Most people are getting email nowadays anyway, and I'm sure they can wait a quarter of an hour for Reader's Digest and bills.

Not cool at all.

What would U do if you witnessed this??

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Cheryl Burke Reveals That She Was A Victim Of Sexual Abuse

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What a poor thing. Nobody should have to go through something this awful and scarring, let alone at such a young age.

Dancing With The Stars castmember Cheryl Burke recently revealed that during her childhood, she was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a retired mailman who would help out with repairs around her house, and sometimes even pick her up from school.

The man was later sent to prison for 20 years after he attempted to assault her stepsister, and Burke was forced to testify against him in court - and at the age of six!

She explains:

"It was lots of touching. He would pull my pants down in his van or he would touch me in the living room while [her caregiver] Ima was in the kitchen cooking. That was the scariest moment of my life. I felt disgusted with myself for the longest time. I knew what he did was wrong, but I wanted this older man's affection. It creeps me out. My worst nightmare is to run into him. Not until he dies will I be able not to worry."

It makes us sick to think of what horrible things people are capable of doing, and to children!

And it's normal to feel responsible or even confused about your feelings were toward him, but we're glad that you realize now that what that man gave you was NOT affection. He took advantage of and violated a little girl, and we are so proud of you for being able to come above all of the trauma that you endured and be as successful as you are!

So brave of you to speak out about this - we're sure it's still very difficult.

Hopefully your courage will inspire other victims to speak out against their abusers, or at least seek out the help they need to come to terms with what has happened to them.

Stay strong.

[Image via WENN.]

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